How do you stay motivated on Medifast?

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Despite everything I've read in the lst 3 weeks about week 3 frequently being a "small loss" week, I still wasn't prepared to see only a 1 pound loss. I'm try ing to stay motivated and I know I'm staying OP but I am already wondering what I can do differently to make next week better. I had planned to start exercising this week but now wonder if I should wait another week. Do any of you vets have any pearls of wisdom for me? I'm sure I don't need to tell anyone how hard it is to stay upbeat when you know you're doing everything right and it doesn't show.....

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My best advice is to look at your average! 12 lbs in 3 weeks!!!! That is an average of 4 lbs a week. Seriously, focus on that. It makes a big difference n my head. My first time on Medifast I was the Queen of 1 lb weeks. So I feel your pain..

The other thing I think really helps is to get something that weighs one pound and think about that not being on your (insert your least fave body part right here!) For example a carton of butter weighs a pound!!!!!!!.

As far as advice about exercising, I truly thnk you HAVE to exercise if you want to 1, lose fat and tone up and 2, learn to keep the weight off. I think on Medifast you can lose without exercise but............(and for me the exercising didn't halt/stall/stop my weight loss. I found that I just shouldn't work out the day before my weigh in..

Now what is that corny saying? Turn that frown upside down? It is ok, you are down another pound!!!!! Think about how horrible you would feel if you were UP a pound!!..

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Hi Happy,.

Keep at it! That's all I can say. Keep on plan, don't stray. Week 3 netted a big fat ZERO when I started. So, 1 pound is great!!!! Don't lose sight of that!! Admittedly, the zero loss was disheartening, but I probably conquered my first non scale victory at that point. I stayed on plan!! In the past, if I saw a zero or a bit of a gain on the scale, even when I knew I had done everything right, I gave up.

Trust me.....the scale will move again for you!.

Also, if you haven't...take your measurements now! At my Zero on week three, I measured, and I had lost some inches. THAT was definitely an incentive and a pick me upper too! So, the Medifast plan shows, just not necessarily always on the scale!.

Keep up your great work!!!!.


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Calm down little miss! LOL..

1 pound down is better than 1 pound up!.

Week 3 is the hardest.... your body figures out... "what ... she isn't quitting this diet thing? Well... I will show her..." generally you start the cravings, want to gnaw your own arm off, you push through but get a crappy weight loss.

I always warn people... first 3 days suck... and week 3!.

You will be rewarded next week! Also... remember... if you have a TOM... is it close? I don't....BUT... everyone says that the week before TOM... they always hold onto water weight with bloating, etc...

It goes away....

This is why I ALWAYS stress the importance of the tape measure. The scale is NOT always our friend.. the tape tells the truth!.

Now... about that working out.... OF COURSE you should! ANd... I will forewarn you right now.... when you go from NOT ... to STARTING...

You will put tiny tears in your muscle...and then your body retains fluids to repair them... so you GENERALLY see a slight increase in weight until your body adjusts and then it will go away. This happens each time you INCREASE your activity or work out new muscles!.

AND finally... for the last bit of GOOD news (hehe)... muscle does NOT weigh more than fat..... a pound is a pound.... HOWEVER COMMA... muscle is MORE DENSE than fat..

So.... as you build muscle and lose fat that scale might not move at ALL...but that tape measure sure will!.

So.... perhaps you need to put the scale away for a week or so... get out that tape measure and then hit the gym. you KNOW you are OP... so let Medifast do ITS job.. and you do yours!.

Good luck... you are doing fantastic!..

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Let me just say this: In a few months when you reach your goal it won't matter one lick that you "only" had a 1 lb loss in week 3. I promise, you will NOT care. So, keep the big picture in mind and hang in there. Don't try something different. Medifast works. It just does.

And, a loss is a Congratulations on your loss this week! And, wow, look how well you've done in the past 3 weeks. Keep up the great work!.

I just noticed how close we are in starting weight and goal weight! So, you have to trust me, okay? How tall are you??..

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Hey HH.....

Words of wisdom?? Hmm...keep at it! If you are 100%, the scale may not respond when you want it to...but it has no choice but to submit sooner or later. lost a lb...congratulations for being 1 lb closer to goal. Week 3 is notorious for being a slow week, but that doesn't change your disappointment when seeing the scale. I agree with Pam...look at those collective numbers. You have lost 12 a very short period of time. Those weight loss pills that are not regulated, not studied and often dangerous don't even promote that amount of weight loss. are on the way and trucking along..

And...don't make me give you the lecture about "just one lb." Ok..I will. So, say if from now on out you only lose 1 lb a week and no more? That would suck, right? But, you'd also be 52 lbs lighter in a year. If you didn't do MF...would you have any chance to be 52 lbs lighter in a year? Maybe, but I doubt it.

I know the feeling of wanting to put off working out because it might slow up the scale. My advice, don't do it. Working out will make you healthier and more fit. Working out is going to build your cardio vascular strength. All those things are going to help you continue to burn fat and lose weight. The more muscle you have when you reach goal...the easier it is going to be for you to maintain.

So...keep on trucking...and just trust that if you do the program 100%...the weight has no choice, but to fall off. Seriously. It can pitch a fit...but in the end, it's gotta hit the road..



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All great responses...encouraging for everyone, not just newbies...I have a low loss every four weeks (it's going to be this week, in fact), pretty much like's like having "week 3" every month!..

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I agree with Lisa. I always had one OR TWO lackluster weeks, but it always caught up as long as I was on plan. So wait it out, you will have a super week in the next weigh in (or the next !..

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Every pound counts. My first time on Medifast I think I lost only 1 or 1.5 the first week!!! And yes, 100% OP and everything... I kept chugging along for 3 months and lost almost 30 pounds. I'm back... because Medifast works... just stay positive and keep up with the program...

A good way to look at it - celebrate the losses no matter how big or how small... and even celebrate simply not gaining. And... might want to start measuring because sometimes you might not see a change in the scale, but you will in the measurements...

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Thanks all for your support and encouragement. Intellectually, I already knew everything that everyone told me, but sometimes the heart takes over, know what I mean?.

Melis108: I am 5'2".

Radiationgirlie (probaby spelled that wrong) No TOM for me anymore, Hysterectomy a year ago although still have ovaries and can still feel kindof uncomfortable at times which may be all in my head..

I am currently sitting hre waiting fo rmy advil to kick in so that the pain in my foot will subside enough for me to get on my treadmill. I have missed it because prior to breaking my ankle in late November, I was on it 7 days a week, and Curves 5 days a week. Now my Curves has closed and although the ankle feels fine, the boot they had me in has done something to my instep so that I still have pain, and some selling and discoloration. If I was a pessimist, I'd think someone was trying to sabatoge me! lol!.

Thanks again everybody. Gotta go make the bladder gladder !..

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All good suggestions you have here - let me throw out my encouragement.....definitely keep your focus on the big didn't put the weight on in a few weeks, it's not coming off in just a few. If you can make yourself think in terms of this being a life choice rather than just a short term weight loss, it helps with those slow weeks..

Take it easy with the exercise - definitely keep within the recommended minutes from MF. I've been running, kind of combining the C25K program and my own training... slowed down my loss a bit (turn your head - 6 week plateau) but the closet fairies have been making my clothes looser, and Jodi's right, the tape measure tells it all!!.

Keep reading the boards for encouragement and keep pushing that water, your progress so far is fantastic!!!!..

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I was on plan before and recall that NO MATTER how much I lost in a week...I always averaged 20 lbs per month. I started again (after again and again and again without REALLY committing) this time and lost 15 lbs the first week. THEN NOTHING. AND NOTHING. I am at the end of week three today and just lost another two lbs. Yea! but it was a difficult two weeks without weight loss.

Let's just hope I lose another 15 in my fifth week!!!! Good Luck!..

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I really don't remember my 3rd week,but I know there were weeks where I lost nothing,and I was already finished with menopause so not the quickest loser anyway,but no matter, I got to where I wanted to be. Go ahead and start light to moderate exercise, per the Medifast guidelines, do the plan 100%, it will all work out. Most of all, don't stress,,your body will only try to hang on to the weight all the more!! You are doing great so far, and you will continue to do so!..

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I had my period the first week and still lost 8 lbs.

I like the idea of thinking in terms of monthly losses during apparently stalled weeks. Thanks for suggesting it...

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I am also on the third week of being back OP. I think I might be lucky to loose 1 pound this week. I am so glad to find this thread...It is helping me feel better about it....I am ok with not loosing a lot since I am sure it will eventually give in and start moving down again...I feel like a week is a week and it is going to go by no matter what so why not be OP and keep this Medifast thing going. I will be closer to my goal every week no matter what as long as I stay OP...

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Im on my third week too.. and Ive lost 11 lbs... and Im happy about that!!!!!!!.

But I stepped on the scale today and it hasn't moved...weigh in officially is Sunday.. so I still have a few days.. I try not to weigh in between but sometimes I just cant help it haha...

So if week 3 isnt the best week.. maybe 4 will be more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Were all in this together..

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