How do you measure certain fruit on Nutrisystem?

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Like 1 cup of honeydew melon, and cantaloupe? Or 1 1/4 cup of strawberries?.

Do you cut up pieces to make a cup (say in a measuring cup) or do you weigh it on a scale?..

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Your question was: How do you measure certain fruit on Nutrisystem?.

In the online tracker, you can click on details for a veggie or fruit and then click on "cup" for a drop down menu where you can click on oz. Weights are more accurate than cups IMO...

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This is perfect timing because I wanted watermelon today. thanks for the question and answers..

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I have always measured chunks in a cup. I know this is not the most accurate, but I find it easier (usually). I do weigh meats and things like that, but I don't know, I usually have my fruits in a smoothie, and I just find it easier to measure the fruit and yogurt in one cup and be done with it. Usually I measure a little under the cup sizing given, just to allow more room for inaccuracy to be rectified, if that makes sense. LOL..

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Since I cut mine & put them in a measuring cup your idea might be good for me too..

Is your scale from Target digital? Or just very accurate?.

Thank you...

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I weigh pretty much all my fruits. It is really easy and you can use a cheap kitchen scale. I have a digital also that I used for ebay when I was ebaying and my little cheap kitchen scale is just as accurate. Even for grams it is pretty accutate...

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I weigh as much of my food that I can because for me it seems more accurate than measuring cups.........

I bought a nutritional digital scale and think that it works just fine for me. I use sites like the calorie counter, or calorie king and find the info for grams for the item I am measuring and then measure the item.

The scale gives me the calories, fat, fiber, etc. of the items which was great when I was on WW and measuring points......


I bought mine on QVC a long time ago but I don't see it on their site anymore. I did find it on amazon but I'm sure you can find it elsewhere and maybe less expensive too....Or you can use any scale as long as it is accurate...

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If you have a scale that tares that isn't an issue. Put cup down, tare. Put first item in, tare. Put second item, tare. Just keep building it and then mix it up...

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I weigh most of my fruits too. I find it much easier to measure 6oz of strawberries than 1 1/4cups. And 3oz is a whole lot better than just 15 grapes. I wasn't eating enough because my grapes tend to run on the small side. My husband discovered that 4oz of raspberries is way to much for him to eat at one time, but that is what a serving is...

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I never weigh anything. Sometimes I'll buy the diced watermelon or fruit already packaged in containers from a grocery store. Estimating, it looks like a cup or 2. If I buy sliced apples in the bags, it tells the serving size on the bag, so that helps me. Also frozen fruit is usually 3 servings per bag, and I see on Nutrisystem where you can have 3 servings. I ALWAYS sub out that 3rd dinner veg.

I know that if it's 3 servings per bag, then I kinda divide the bag by estimating. Either way, you're not going over the limit by eating the whole bag throughout the day. Frozen fruit is so convenient sometimes...

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There's a lot of great answers here. Yet, the "tare" thing I don't get.

As for the drop down box in the online tracker...I've found that it doesn't always give an option to choose between oz, cups, grams etc.

Now I see why I could be getting too much or too little fruit. May need the scale...

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Tare means you reseting the scale to zero. This way you get the true weight of something even if it's on a heavy plate or on top of already heavy ingredients...

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