How do you know if a women you met off is interested in you? Have not met yet. Only pics..

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My first question is: How do you know if a women you met off is interested in you? Have not met yet. Only pics...

My next question is: Hey there,.

I joined online dating (online dating with 3 weeks ago and have been chatting to some nice guys.  I have 2 favourites and I had a date using with one of my favourites.  The other favourite hadn't asked me by then.  Anyway, the date using went really well, and I actually really liked him and we said that we'll have a 2nd date.  He's been txtin me lots..

The problem is we had a chat about other dates.....he had 2 dates b4 me and said he's got no more lined up and that he won't now.....but told me I should go on a date using with this other one as we had discussed going on a date using but haven't arranged anything.  I'm really confused, normally I only date using one guy at a time because I'm very busy n also I'd get confused.  I thought, maybe he isn't interested and thats why hes told me to go on another date.  But he was out with his mates the other nite and he was txtin me all nite, and we have txtin everyday since.  What should I do, not used to this online dating (online dating with thing!!  Does he really mean it when he says go on another date using and that he won't be dating anyone else......

Please help I am sooooo confused and don't know what to do.........

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Your question was: How do you know if a women you met off is interested in you? Have not met yet. Only pics...

You need to ask him if he is into dating (online dating with one woman at a time or if he is a multi-dater.  I would ask him before getting intimate with him in any way...

Comment #1

 To me, HappyFeet, and as a guy... YES, he means it when he says to 'date' other guys. Why? Why would you NOT want to? He's dating (online dating with other girls besides you. It doesn't mean he isn't interested in you, he's just smart enough to have a 'selection', and so that why you should have a 'selection' too. Why put all your eggs into one basket?.

 I don't even know that guy you're talking about, but I already like his style of dating. He's in no big rush to be 'committed' and is showing you that he's NOT NEEDY. This is why you may be somewhat confused by this. So, in short, date using OTHER GUYS, along with this guy you wrote about, and if one of them is more compatible to YOUR needs, choose that guy. That's why I think it's very wise to date using more than one person at a time. Be busy with your life/career, and date using multiple men in your spare time.

 I hope this makes sense to you and is helpful. Any more questions, let us know. :-).


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Thanks for your replies.  I'm just not use to a guy telling me to date using other men and it's something I've never done...........I'll give it a whirl, maybe thats where I've been going wrong in the past..

Can I just ask as this is all new to me?  When we do go on our 2nd date using and he asks me whether I have been on this date, what should I say?  And also this other guy, do I need to tell him about the other guy....hope that made sense.....  Thanks..

Comment #3

Unless both people have expressly agreed to be exclusive, you should always assume that both of you are dating (online dating with other people..

Talking about it, however, is completely tacky, IMO.  Don't ask, don't tell, unless of course the other person asks you whether you're dating (online dating with other people in which case you should of course tell the truth.  But hopefully this guy won't be so tacky as to ask you about your date..


Comment #4

 I was taught that, if someone asks if you're dating (online dating with other people, you ALWAYS say "yes"! Why? B/c as a guy, if a girl asks me if I'm dating (online dating with other people and I say, "NO", it could make the girl wonder what's wrong with this guy, that no other girls like him. Plus, when you say you're dating (online dating with other people, you're OBVIOUSLY someone that is attractive enough to have 'other' dates. In the 'sales' business, it's always best to have a 'demand' for something, than a 'surplus' of a particular item. So, in dating (online dating with terms your 'stock price' is TONS higher if you're dating (online dating with others. Even when I wasn't dating (online dating with someone, I ALWAYS said I was..

 If someone asks you if you are, just tell them, 'YES', and leave it at that. No need to go into detail, just smile and say, "Yes I am". That's all.  :-).


Comment #5

Hi All,.

Thanks for all your advice..

Happyfeet x..

Comment #6

I think you should go on the other date.  He specifically said to and one date using isn't enough to say I can rule out other guys.  If you're busy, then he just won't get to see you as often because you will have other plans.  If he wants to see you more - he should make more of an effort..


Good luck and try not to stress.



Comment #7

You've only met one time. That's pretty early for an exclusivity talk.  He would have no right to be possessive at this point and you didn't ask him at this very early juncture to cease and desist when it comes to dating (online dating with anyone other than you. .

Don't be rushed into a premature commitment...   At this stage it's ok to casually meet people. You're a free agent.  Tell him you had fun with him but yes you're going to go on the date.


Comment #8

Hi All,.

Thanx 4 all your replies.  We've spoke everyday and he's away with his mates this weekend, and before he went we spoke about dating (online dating with other people, which I was glad as it's been on my mind.  We agreed not to date using anyone else, so I was pleased.  I looked at this weekend as a kind of tester if that makes be honest I didnt expect to hear off him as we have after all only had one date!  But, he contacted me, so to me that showed he's really keen.  Fingers crossed we'll have more dates to come..

Thanks everyone xxx..

Comment #9

He is 'playing the field', that is to say, he is dating (online dating with around.  He is not committing himself to anyone right now.  Apparently he hasn't come up with anyone he wants to be serious with..

There is nothing wrong with dating (online dating with more than one person.  It a way to find someone who is compatiable to you..

So go ahead and date using two men, you will find out more about them and then you can determine which one is more suited for you.  good luck..

Comment #10

No you don't have to tell him about your other date.  Just enjoy the guy you are with.  good  luck..

Comment #11

If he asks if you are dating (online dating with others, you should tell him...

Comment #12

Yes, communication, clarity, is always the way to go.  Good luck..




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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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