How do you know if a girl you started talking to off is really interested?

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My first question is: How do you know if a girl you started talking to off is really interested?.

My next question is: Hi all!.

There's this attractive guy that I've encountered several times at his job (car rental place). I've only seen him like two or three times in the past six months. When I went to his workplace, there was "eye contact"...then, he was very helpful and friendly and he left a good impression. He told me that he remembered seeing me there before. I remembered him, but he never helped me personally, so it was cool that he remembered my face. So, out of curiosity, I searched for him on MySpace, and it took less than a minute for me to find his page!.

My question is this: since I probably won't see this guy again for a while, as I have no need to rent a car in the near future, would it be weird for me to send him a message on MySpace? I don't want him to think I'm a stalker or anything. Of all the gazillion people on MySpace, how could I explain how I happened to come across his profile? I don't think we have any mutual MySpace friends....

Should I message him or just leave it alone?..

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Your question was: How do you know if a girl you started talking to off is really interested?.

If it is your style to make first moves then contact him however you like.  You could also just leave a phone message for him at work with your phone number and see if he calls you back.  That would be a better first move if you are concerned about appearing stalker-like.  If you prefer myspace then you could always say that you were looking for a friend with the same first name and came across his page..."small world" stuff...

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Actually, I think I personally would be WAY more weirded out if someone contacted me at work when we'd never met even if we HAD met sorta kinda through work.  If you'd like, I don't see anything wrong with sending him a "Hey" email on MySpace.  It is a public board after all and I've had perfect strangers contact me when I had a profile up there.  You could say you were browsing and came across his profile and thought you'd say hi.  He might think you're a stalker, he might not - you don't control his reaction.  But if you keep it light and breezy, then you have done your part..

But keep in mind, just because someone is friendly and even flirty at a place like that  in no way means that they are interested or available.  I was at a store the other day and a sales guy was VERY friendly/flirty.  I looked at his hand and he had a wedding ring on.  People who work in sales positions or rental car places, etc. are generally very friendly people - they have to be to deal with customers.  So if you contact him, you never know what his situation is so keep that light as well at first..



Comment #2

Hey vexer, they did meet:.

"When I went to his workplace, there was "eye contact"...then, he was very helpful and friendly and he left a good impression."..

Comment #3

Thanks, I read that perfectly fine.  I don't consider that a real "meeting".  That is passing contact.  Regardless, I would be much more put off if someone contacted me AT work through my work phone/email when they wanted to get to know me socially.  To me that crosses a line and is inappropriate..

And that still also does not change my contention that he could be just friendly due to his line of work. .



Comment #4

Interesting, I would consider anyone who serviced my account or my needs at a place of business to have "met" me.  I also consider that more of a meeting than meeting someone online..

Everyone is so different.  If a guy met me at work and sent me a card with a "let's meet for coffee" or left a generic message with his name and phone number I wouldnt feel that was crossing a line.  If he showed up everyday (to get my attention) and got in the way of my work - then that would be a problem..

But, he could have just been friendly in the line of work...that is true.  It happens all the time to both men and women...

Comment #5

Honestly I work for a rental car agency and that's what we are suppose to do, make eye contact and be happy, salespeople. If a customer contacted me I would be weirded out..



Comment #6

Hi all!.

Thanks for the advice. I actually didn't share that he was friendly because I thought that it meant anything. If we thought that everyone who was friendly to us had romantic interest, we'd be thinking that everyone from the mailman to the grocer liked us...I totally agree that people who work in customer service are supposed to be friendly...I guess I just included that just because....there was eye contact, though..

Anyway, I did message him on MS. He replied back, asking me how I'm, we have a conversation going. I'm not reading anything into it at all. He could turn out to be a MySpace chat buddy, a friend, or nothing at all! I'm ok with whatever happens. I'm just glad that I went ahead, stepped outside of my comfort zone, and took a chance.

Thanks again!..

Comment #7

You could say hi, you were looking up people you've come across recently to see if they're on My Space and that it's nice "running" into him.  In other words be casual and friendly. If you get something back, great.  If not, it was brave to take a chance.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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