How do you handle being sick while on Medifast?

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I'd love some input from the vets around here..

I'm in the middle of my 4th month and I'm sick as a dog. I love Medifast and have no problem sticking to the plan but now I'm wondering if that is the wisest thing to do?.

I'm wondering that because even with my visit to the doctor and even with the taking all the meds I just feel like I am staying sick a heck of alot longer than I should.

My family is starting to say that I should go off Medifast to build up my strength and I am starting to agree with them..

What have been your experiences?..

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Well I am with you in the sick as a dog department. I went to the doctor yesterday, and I have a severe throat infection from my sinuses and allergies, the post nasal drip I have has caused a viral type infection. My throat hurts, I'm tired, and I feel like I may be coming down with a cold to boot..

I know Medifast is nutritious enough if we just stick to it like you are aleady doing and continue stay on plan, we will be getting what our bodies need nutrient wise, so no worries there. Just being sick takes so much out of you. I would recomend and I need to take my own advice cuz I am so bad about this...getting extra rest and taking naps, drinking plenty of hot tea and water andjust slowing down a bit to give your body time to recoup..

You are doing so well and have lost so much. I would hate to see you quit just because you are sick.. I bet you just need a little extra rest to get over this hump..

Hang in there this is a healthy plan I know it is because I feel so much better when I am on and sticking to it like glue, it is when I deter from the plan that I feel crappy and low energy..

Best wishes to you! I'll be thinking of you!..

Comment #1

Thanks larbec. I've already missed a week of work and still feel lousy. I too have a wonderful throat infection so even drinking water is a horribly painful experience..

I'm doing the tea thing and sleeping when I can. I'm in the "so sick" department that it is even difficult to sleep because I feel so lousy. Sigh..

I hope you feel better soon! And thanks for the pep talk!..

Comment #2

I'm sorry you are so sick, loungeboy! One thing I've experienced over the last year, is that I am sick LESS often after becoming healthier with MF. I've actually only been sick a couple times.

The time I got sick with a stomach virus, I had to go off Medifast for a few days, because the soy seemed to upset my stomach - the only things I could stomach were things like apple juice, bananas, toast, etc.

But when it's been a cold/throat/cough thing, I would try to stay on MF. Try to eat the "throat-friendly" foods - shakes made with lots of ice to cool your throat... hot cocoa... chicken noodle soup, Medifast "ice cream", etc. It might be tough to get in all your water (I hate water when I have a cold), but you need to get lots of liquids. So try tea, hot water with lemon, etc.

Are you congested? Sometimes the post nasal drip can irritate your throat and stomach. I use a saline solution in the nose to help with that, I think it works better than the OTC drugs.

I also like to take super hot baths and showers when I'm sick. Its a good way to clear out all the gunk from system (if you know what I mean). Hope you feel better soon! Becki..

Comment #3

Loungeboy if you feel that sick and you think that stopping the plan for a couple of days is going to make you feel better - than do it. You can always go back to losing weight.

That's my humble opinion...

Comment #4

I posted a question about this same topic in the recipe forum at the beginning of the week and didn't get any response. It appears that this would be a better forum....

I was out of work sick Tuesday with a bad upper respiratory viral infection. I am just getting back to normal today. As much as I wanted to stay on plan, I spent most of the day sleeping. I got up about 4pm and searched the Nutrisystem board for sick eating tips and found that the cold drinks would work as "clear liquids". Those did not appeal to me. I wanted something hot.

Later I decided I wanted soup and was concerned about getting clear fluids and vitamins and building my immune system. I use a great Vincent Price soup recipe when I am sick. It is really a delicate, gourmet soup to start off as first course for a fancy dinner party, but I like it when I am sick. It is only about 80 calories and has the natural antibacterial action of garlic in it.

It works with the new plan since we can have 3 whole eggs for our lean for the day. That means 3 helpings of this soup throughout the day (watch the sodium content of your boullion though). Eggs are so nutritious and will help you keep your strength up as well. Not to mention, when you are as sick as I was, eating is the last thing on your mind, so you won't get hungry having eggs instead of meat as your lean for the day.

1/2 tsp olive oil.

2 tsp wet minced garlic.

1 tsp beef boullion (I use better than boullion to lower my salt intake).

8 ounces water.

1 raw whole egg.

Heat the olive oil in a sauce pan. Saute the garlic until just starting to brown. Add the water and boullion and bring to a rolling boil. Crack the raw egg into a soup bowl. Pour the boiling soup over the egg. Use a fork to puncture the yolk and stir the egg into the soup so that it cooks (like egg drop soup).

What recipes do use use to try to stay on plan when you are under the weather?..

Comment #5

Since I don't appear to be getting better after a week, my better half came home with a ton of prepared food and pretty much begged me to eat, eat, eat. The arguement that perhaps 900 calories a day is not the optimum intake to keep the body functioning AND defeat a miserably tenacious virus really did make sense to me....especially since all I could do was nod because my voicebox is still swollen shut. Since I cannot afford to miss any more work and because I've tried everything looks like Medifast will be on hold until my health returns..

Thanks to everybody for their input. I nver thought that this journey would be interupted by a darn little bug...

Comment #6

You know what loungeboy, you have to use some common sense. If you body needs something different so it can heal, then that is what you need to do. BTW, what are you doing out of bed after midnight? Go back to bed and get well!! (finger wagging).

I hope you feel better soon. You can always go back to weight loss when you have recovered...

Comment #7

Shauna, your soup recipe sounds really good! If you used chicken broth instead of beef I bet it would taste a lot like egg drop soup and thats a favorite "sick" food for me. It may be odd, but when I have a cold/sore throat, I like spicy foods - the first bite will burn my throat but after that it seems like it clears things out. OK, I might be a bit odd on this one, but I would probably add some cayenne pepper to your soup recipe.

Hope you all feel better soon! Becki..

Comment #8

You gotta do whats good for you. Let us know how it goes.

Just fyi, there is something nasty going around California too, my housemate has had sore throat and bronchitis for almost a month and she's not on a diet..

Get better soon! You have been doing great and one little "vacation" from Medifast isn't going to stop you!.

LOL And I know you weren't up after midnight, you're on Hawaiian time right? Your post said 9:30 here in Cali...

Comment #9

I think I posted that at around 6pm my time. Even when I'm well I rarely see midnight!.

Today (5/10) will be my first full day back on MF. I actually came to work today too. What was I thinking?.

Anyhoo...this virus is horrible and wouldn't wish it on anyone..

It was nice having some comfort food while not feeling well but I am really anxious to get back on MF. I haven't worked out in 2 weeks and probably won't even attempt to start that again til next week....but I am eager for my weigh in on Sunday!..

Comment #10

Just an FYI I get chronic bronchitis and upper respiratory infections. My dr. knows I am on medifast, and found me cough capsules that didn't have any sugar in them. He really went out of his way to find medicines I could take while I was on Medifast...

Comment #11

When My chest gets really tight, I like the 'shower soothers' you just drop them in your tub as you shower and they steam up to clear your head & chest..

As for sleeping, johnsons makes a soothing lavendar baby bath that works on grown-ups too..

I am sorry you have been so sick. Hope you feel better soon!..

Comment #12

Hey gang. Well, after 11 months on this plan, I caught a cold for the first time. I must say that this is the longest I've gone without getting a cold or the flu in my life, so I really don't think I can blame it on Medifast and, everyone else I work with had it, so it was probably inevitable. Anyway, I agree, it stinks to be sick and stick to the plan. I know some of the cough, throat stuff I've been taking has carbs/sugars in it, but we must do what we must do. And, as my sister says, colds last @ 10 days no matter what you take or do, so just wait it out and try to suffer through. (I'm on day 4!)..

Comment #13

Have you ever tried Zicam?.

The kind that look like Q-tips that you swab inside your nose work amazingly well. As soon as you feel a cold coming on, you start with the Zicam and it totally knocks it out. I have never had a cold last more than 3 days when I treat it this way.

I tried the oral melt away Zicam tablets once and they were not as effective, but it took a few extra days to knock out the cold...

Comment #14

I've had to go off for the past two weeks due to a medical problem. Not sure if Medifast is the cause or not but felt it would be better not to take any chances. I've been following a low carb, protein plan, eating small meals every three hours and I'm still losing. Medifast is great but sometimes you have to do what's best for you and if you believe that going off for a few days will help, do it, you will get back on and you might be lucky like me and still lose. Good luck and hope you feel better...

Comment #15

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