How do you get in touch with yahoo to query why does not recognise UK PostCodes?

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My first question is: How do you get in touch with yahoo to query why does not recognise UK PostCodes?.

My next question is: I have been dating (online dating with someone a couple of months, we get along really well, have alot in common and he treats me very well.  We are both divorced and in our 40s.  I have a good job, in the $60k range.   I recently discovered that my boyfriend earns a salary in the upper $20,000 or low $30,000 range at a job he has been at for a few years, and is happy at it.   While I have no gold digger aspirations, nor am looking for a sugar daddy, I am now having some doubts about this guy. .

I am at an age now where I think about retirement and like to do some limited traveling when the opportunity arises and would like to be with someone who looks at his future in a similar way, with or without me.   From the discussions we have had thus far, this could be a problem for him, and it is kinda becoming a turn-off for me, and I feel guilty for feeling this way.  It is not a gender thing, I wouldn't care if he made less than I do, just would feel better if earned a wage he could support himself better on, in or out of a relationship.  He kinda lives like a college student, his clothes, house, etc. and at first I thought it was shabby chic thing, but now think it is due to not having much money.  .

I was married before, and my husband had a spotty work ethic, so I know I probably have some issues and fears about supporting someone again. .

Do I discuss it with him?   Is it too soon or should you address a possible red flag before you get too involved?   Any advice? ..

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Your question was: How do you get in touch with yahoo to query why does not recognise UK PostCodes?.

I agree with the others.  I don't think talking to him would help because he is probably doing the best he can right now. It's up to you to decide if you can accept him and the situation..

I would also keep in mind that every relationship (thru has it's drawback. You may find someone richer but then not as sweet or cute or you enjoy being with as much.  Or wealthier and not as attractive.  I believe even though we love someone, there is something we must accept.   Also, although I do feel women over 40 do find mates all the time, I think it's harder.  If you have a good man who is good in every other regard, I would seriously consider hanging onto him.  Many older women complain of NO dates or not meeting ANY QUALITY men.  If he has other good qualities that are attractive, I'd strongly consider accepting him as he is an enjoying what he has to offer because your next one might not even be nice..

I would ask myself if it's "enough".  I mean he may earn less...but is it "enough" for you two to have fun on?  How much is "enough"?.

I have a very successful older sister who is Vice President of sales in a brokerage.  Successful in career but not in dating.  She is in her 50's.  She wants a man who earns as much or more than she but I think she is wishing for too much.   She is not gorgeous/attractive enough for this.  Men her age who earn that much usually go for a younger gal who is very gorgeous/attractive to match his income. .

She will always be a lone until she adjusts her standards.  Since she already has "plenty" I would think a nice man who adds fun, pleasure, delight, interest, sex into her life would be a great asset and worth the lower income status he has.   But so far, she won't consider a man like this.  I have found many older women with a list of "musts" that keep them a lone.  I think just finding someone wonderful is a beautiful thing. So you have to weigh all of this..

Of course, if you really have a good choice of men, then let go and find someone you are happy with all around.  Only you know what you can live with..

One last thing....he deserves someone who will accept him and appreciate what he has to offer.  If you can't be this woman, let this fish go to find someone who will..



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