How do you do Nutrisystem on the road?

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I've been following Nutrisystem for 2 weeks and am loving it!!! The food is great, for the most part, I've lost 7 lbs so far and I'm never hungry!.

So I've gotten my husband interested in starting. The problem is that he is a sales guy who works a territory an hour from home, and he's always in his car. He doesn't have access to a microwave or hot water..

How would he manage lunch? Would he just prepare lunch in the morning and eat it cold in the afternoon? I'm sure there is a way to do this on the road, but I just can't think of it..

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Your question was: How do you do Nutrisystem on the road?.

Lunch bars, celery, string cheese, yougurt, V8. Those are all portable lunch items...

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The small cans of V8 juice could be his vegetable, a Nutrisystem lunch bar or Nutrisystem tuna sandwich could be his entree, a string cheese could be dairy/protein, and add a piece of fruit...

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He can prep the lunch in the morning and keep it in a thermos (don't do this with the cheesy potatoes though). Easy to add steamed veggies to a number of the lunch cups and keep it warm in a thermos. Some eat the entrees cold - the ones in the trays and cans are fully cooked so no issue with this although personally it doesn't appeal to me..

He could always get a cup of hot water from a convenience store (just pay for a cup of tea) and some places may even let him use the micro, but the thermos is the better way to go..

Easy enough to keep a cooler in the car with some ice packs or they even have plug in coolers...

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If he is packing his lunch - he can use the lunch bars and pack a cooler with a large bowl of salad greens and veggies, ff dressing. He can top off the salad with some lf/ff cheese or a hard-boiled egg. For his afternoon snack he can pack yogurt, a hard-boiled egg, or lf/ff cheese and fruit...

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Just a FYI, the men's program is different from the women's. The guy's don't get the dairy/protein at lunch (I think it is mid-morning for them) and their afternoon snack is actually a Nutrisystem dessert entree (yep, the guys get two desserts AND carbs ). But still good suggestions on portable items...

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I also have a job where I'm eating my lunch in my car. Some days I have time to actually pull over and eat a salad, the Nutrisystem chicken salad maybe, a protein etc that I've packed into a cooler. However, most days M-F I end up having the Nutrisystem bars as my entree I pack raw carrots, celery, radishes, a piece of fruit, string cheese, turkey or ostrich jerky (or light Muscle Milk or lunchmeat), a big bottle of water, a can of diet soda, and I'm good to go until I get home for dinner It takes a little prep work in the morning (or the night before), but it's very "do-able" Good luck to him!.

(edit) He can also pack his Nutrisystem snack (forgot the boys get one of those during the day!), and the cheesy potatoes are pretty good cold..

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If he has time.... truck stops sell hot pots that plug in to your cig lighter. heats water or beverages pretty quickly. We drive a truck over the road and I love mine. Truck stops also have micros near thier beverage machines and have carried stuff in to heat when my micro died or my inverter is out. Most convience stores have micros now too.. or Thermos has all kinds and sizes of food jars, even one that lets you pack several containers in one jar...

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I use a thermos, one of those heavy duty metal, I will put any of my warm meals in there, if it is like the lunch fettucine or something that you need to add water to, I will fill my thermos with hot water and let it sit while I am heating up my meal, put it in my thermos and it stays warm for about 8 hours, actually it is even better cuz it's and gets creamy and good...

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