How do you stick with Medifast?

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Granted I'm only on day 6, but I have to marvel at those amazing people who have stuck with it for weeks/months/years!.

How do you do it?.

I'm white knuckling it now...

I take hope from all the wonderful people who have stayed with this and say that it gets better...

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I am only 11 weeks OP and it does get bettter but it is also not for everyone. I would venture that for every person who is able to stand strong on the plan there are 10 that don't..

My first month was difficult, very very difficult and I went off plan one weekend and although I cannot change it, I wish I didn't. Now I have no desire to eat off plan and actually find it very easy to stay on plan..

Hopefully you find your groove...

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I understand exactly how you are feeling. I am at my one month anniversary today. Those few weeks were so difficult. I held on with all my might. I came here to see the posts, blogs and success stories to help keep me strong and focused..

I think it becomes a matter of acceptance. If this is what we do to lose the weight, than we have to continue the journey (although it won't be as restricted) after it's gone, and accept that going back to old ways, will mean going back to old weight..

After a month, I am into a groove, and although it's still tough, I know I am taking care of myself by being on this journey...

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I keep a sticky note with me that contains all the reasons I'm doing this. Why is it important to me and what my plans are at goal. That alone keeps me going. I have mini-goals to strive for along the way (two achieved!) and rewards that are non-food but added motivation. It all adds up to make me keep taking my "MF medicine" 5 times a day no matter how much I dislike or am bored with the food...

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Not that I am a Veteran of Medifast or anything, but I want to answer here anyway:.

Those first few days are hard. Really very, very hard - both emotionally and physically. It does get easier - and when you really start to see results, it is SO worth it! I never feel deprived, I love the Medifast food and I LOVE the new me..

I can't say that Medifast is for everyone - but for me, it is a life saver. I simply love it. It is not always easy, and I do cry a lot and have to find other ways of dealing with stress, pain from my past etc other han eating, and that is hard but getting easier. Food is no longer my first thought when something doesn't go my way. (I'm an emotional eater and at times a binge eater)..

I drink lots of water when I feel extra hungry, have a dill pickle spear, keep my self busy. I come to these boards and get inspiration and feedback. I look at peoples success photos, and imagine my self at goal weight..

My advice to you, is to keep telling yourself you are worth it. It will work, you will reach goal and you will never regret it. You will however regret it if you give up, gain weight and your health goes down hill....

How do I do it? One day at time. Some days, one meal at a time...

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I do it one little day at a time.

I always get scared, did right from the start if I think to much about the length of the journey so all I ever think of is getting through the day. Having said that the days are so much easier to get through as time goes on, and everything becomes easier. Medifast just becomes a habit, so much so that when I let myself worry now, it's about transition and maintainance and how I will cope when I don't have this safety net to live in..

I've always like the Medifast food, so that wasn't difficult, and once you are firmly in fat burning status you aren't hungry any more, so all you have to do most of the time is remember to eat...

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Thanks for all the awesome replies!.

A big part of this is emotional.

Food has always been my friend, my comfort.

Fat for my body (from love of food) so I can blame people not liking me, not doing well in something on the fact that I'm fat.

I like being invisible and being fat makes you that way.

What I don't like is dieing, not living life, excusing myself from being all the things I know I can be because I'm fat..

I'm rambling, but I need to address this stuff..

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Wow, you sound just like me, I could've so written this!.

Losing the weight forces us to deal with all these things. I am in the middle of learning the difference between "emotional hunger" and true, physical hunger. The other day, I had eaten my L&G, was full and content until I saw my daughters plate. I then craved her leftover food, and 2 months ago I would have eaten it, thinking I was still in fact hungry. I now have the tools to understand that I was indeed full, and my mind was playing tricks on me!.

In a few weeks you will feel empowered and liberated, so just stick with this and you will reap the benefits!..

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I know it's hard, I was on for about 6 months and lost over 50 Lbs, then I when off and gain alot of it back thinking I could control it. I started back on in February but only started logging a the begining of this month. I hoping I can do better this time to reach my goal. Good luck...

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I've been on Medifast for about 6 months now. The length of time I am going to be on the program freaks me out sometimes (I probably have a good 4+ months left) but it really does help if you just take it a day or even a meal at a time. Just keep trucking along and the time will pass and the weight will drop off!..

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Hi Angela,.

Yes, it does get better. Each and every meal...everyday...that you stay OP and follow the program, it becomes a little easier and it just becomes your way of MFing life..

And the simple answer to how people do simple, but not always easily...just doing it. To me, when I signed up for MF, I told myself there was no other option. I could either do this and do it 100% or I could continue being sick, miserable, tired and overweight. With each day and each decision, I kept that in mind. What did I want get closer to goal or eat what I wanted to eat in that given moment..

I can associate with being an emotional eater. Totally am. Being on forced me to address those issues because I couldn't comfort myself with food anymore. With other days, you have flexibility or the planned in "cheat day" so I could manage my plan to still feed my emotions with food. With MF, I had to find other, healthier ways to cope. I am grateful for the weight I lost, but I think I am more grateful for that...realizing that I am worth not hiding my emotions in food..

Hugs...and welcome to the Medifast journey!!!.


Comment #10

That was beautifully written, Shelley! I think most of us can relate to your post in one or more ways...

Comment #11

That was beautiful, Shelly!.

Even still in the first week, I'm finding so much anger buried under my food pacifier..

I completely lost it today at lunch at my was something small that I normally would have taken in stride, but I let my frustrations at him blow up like a bomb over something small..

I'm not normally an angry person, but I guess I've been surpressing it for all these years..

What if I'm not really the nice easy going person I thought I was? What if I'm really a b**tch?.

Part of it is I'm angry with myself that I've let everything get this out of control that I have to give up my best friend(food)...that I've let myself get this fat, that I've let others rule my life this much, just the general state I've let things get in, Have I been that deep in the denial stage?.

Good Grief, I probably need therapy..

Comment #12

The fear of those first few days keeps me on track! LOL..

Seriously, I take this one day at a time (or one meal at a time, if I cannot wrap my head around the whole day). I do not think of how long, how much, etc., because I would be discouraged. I just plod along, and the pounds come off!.


Comment #13

Judy, I think that is part of my frustration... I'm a big picture person... and I see the HUGE picture of me being hungry for the next gazillion months to get down to a normal size.

I need to just get thru this meal, then the next meal, then the next...instead of looking at the whole thing.

Thanks everyone for listening to me vent.. it's really helped..

Comment #14

Shelly....Wow, yes yes that is me!!.

This thread has helped me so much. I can related to each and every one of you it is unreal. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to know that I am not alone in how I am ...binging...eating for comfort...afraid of failing...etc..

You are all just so great!!!.

Hugs to all of you!!.

I have go home and sit down and really reread all these again and REALLY let all these words sink in.......

Comment #15

How do I do it? Great question! I often wonder myself. I'm not endowed with great will power...even now, after 9+ months OP, I have moments of weakness...but I am tenaciousand that has helped! Last July, weighing in at 280 and feeling pretty low, I told myself I could do ANYTHING for 6 months if it meant I would be healthier and happier at the end of it. I wanted to be "fit and fabulous at forty-five" (April 29th). I literally made a deal that I would do Medifast until New Year's Day...even if I only lost 10 lbs. It was now or never. I see Medifast as my medicine for obesity...I take my medicine from little white envelopes five times a day. I take it one day, one packet, one pound at a time!.

The reality CAN do this and you WILL lose weight. I'm living proof! Nine more pounds to goal...whooo hoooo!!!!!!!.

Put one foot in front of the other and make the journey...each step takes you closer to your goals!.



Comment #16

How do I do it? As I say on my page, don't think about it, just do it! :-).

Seriously, as a previous poster said, it is about acceptance that you are leaving your old life behind and starting a new life. Trust me, living a healthy life is SO much better than my old way. The pigging out, the fatigue, tired feet & back, rashes where my skin rubbed, and so on vs. energy, compliments, looking great in clothes, feeling great..

That acceptance didn't happen over night. Over time as the months passed, this became my new life, and I love it. I didn't set out to, it just happened. Sure there were times when my motivation waned and I wanted to wallow in the food again, but instead I focused on what I was gaining and not what I was missing. My approach has never been a race to the finish line or obsessing about how many pounds I lost or didn't lose each week. It was, for me, getting out and staying out of the food..

Stay with it my dear. You're worth it!..

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The responses to this thread have been fascinating, humbling and inspiring. But I simply haven't taken that deep a journey. Probably because I started from a different place. I have never been a binge eater or, I think. even an emotional eater. I just developed destructive habits that escalated over time (no breakfast, big starchy meals when I got really, really hungry), and I drank way too much wine..

That said, I have been on the program, mostly, for almost six months and I have lost 59 pounds. When I started, I said I'll try it for a month. I liked the food, I was intrigued by the way my eating habits were changing, and I loved the weight loss. Each month, I've had the same conversation with myself. Am I prepared to do this for another month? So far the answer has been yes..

To me, it's all about being in control. Of your diet, your weight, and your own life...

Comment #18

White knucknling it - very funny! I know what you mean though. the first few weeks before it becomes habit are rough but after that it does become very much more just how you live. I found that going to look at the success stories and all of those fantastic before and after photos helped me a lot. It saved me from pizza a few times! and looking through the recipes too. the shake cake has made me a very happy woman - oh and the "crackers" from soup too!..

Comment #19

I have found that if I go to the chat room and talk with all of us who are in the same boat I have a better time of it. I can be hungry, but once in chat room I forget about eating, next thibg I know I have been chatting for 20 to 45 minutes and I am either not as hungry or it is time for my next meal. As a couple of great people quote " Chat don't cheat". Believe me it has saved me more than once!!.


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