How do the Medifast eggs taste?

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Has anyone tasted the Medifast eggs? How are they? Has anyone dealt with hair loss or worsening PMS? I found the swiss mocha to be ghastly... any ideas on how to improve the taste?..

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I love the eggs. I eat them 2x a day....lower carbs, yummy w/salsa. Be sure to cook on stove top, not microwave..

No hair loss to report. Same PMS as before, only I don't get to eat everything in sight. Sigh. It did affect TOM - delayed, then one right after another. I think I'm in the groove now....

Good luck!..

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Thanks for the egg tip..Yummy! I will order this week...

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If you like coffee, here is what I do to the Swiss Mocha. I take two cups of cold coffee, put in blender with the shake mix, add some Splenda to taste, lots of ice, and mix it up. It is like an iced coffee treat. You can also add some SF Kahlua syrup...

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ThanKs I will definitely try that sounds really good...I LOVE COFFEE..

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Swiss Mocha and coffee works hot or frappucino style. If you're going hot though, mix the shake with a little cold water first to de-lump it, then add your hot coffee. Or, mix it with cold coffee then nuke it. If you try to mix the shake with hot coffee it's scary...

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Pms bad...very very very bad. worst ive had in a long time...

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I love the eggs. I cook them on the stove and I use also 0.5 ounces of lowfat cheddar. I make a cheese omelet with salsa. It is awesome. The thing with mixing the egs is that when you put the water in. Mix it then let it sit for a little bit.


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Eggs, definite thumbs up. Pms, much worse than ever before....even went to the doc one day the cramps were so bad....but she said it was just really bad pms. My hair is shedding more than usual. I found taking a nail, hair and skin vitamin with Biotin makes a big difference. But I have to take two a day or it starts again.......

Comment #8

I'm confused. Why would Medifast come out with eggs as a prepackaged food when for an extra 50 calories, you can have 2 regular scrambled eggs with NO CARBS?.



Comment #9

Probably for the vitamins and minerals added. An all in one complete meal.....IMO..

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I love the eggs! I actually mix mine with my electric mixer and whip it before I cook it. It makes the eggs flufflier. My PMS is really bad now. I actually can get extreme low back pain which never happened to me before. It can be immobilizing and extremely annoying! Also my TOM was irregular to start with but had some sort of rhyme & reason but not anymore. I can almost seem to skip one and then start again.

I like the Medifast eggs because if I want eggs then I do not have to subtract it from my Lean that night..

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Hey just so yall know I dont know why but when I was like 29 to about 32 I went through a I dont know what you would call it but my hear started to fall out too. I was told it was normal dont know why but it will pass:..

Comment #12

I love the eggs! I am losing hair by the handfulls!! HELP!! It is so baby fine as it is, I am getting really worried about it. I wash my hair and alot of strands are all over my hands. I am not talking a few strands, I am talking a lot!!..

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Eggs- I just had some. I like them for a change in the morning. I mix mine 30 minutes ahead of time so it soaks up, oh, and I put in 3/4 cup water with 1 packet. I microwave it for a minute then stir it, then microwave it one minute more. It should be done and looks like scrambled eggs. I put in 1 tbsp of 2% cheese or a laughing cow lite cheese wedge in.

They are also part of many yummy recipes mixed with the shakes or puddings..

PMS- My monthly system is so out of whack lately I just dread that TOM. Are they making the Medifast with less soy? My PMS was better and I thought it was becasue of all of the soy I was eating. Hmmm?.

Hair fall out- Yes it is thank you! I just keep trying all of the hair products out there and tell myself thinner body and thinning hair is better than fat body and fat hair!..

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As far as hair loss, if you're having a lot of loss, talk with your doctor about having a thyroid function test. That's how I found out I had an underactive thyroid, starting having a lot of hair loss. That was before starting Medifast..

I haven't lost anymore hair, but sure have the driest scalp I've ever had in my life since starting Medifast and it's driving me crazy. I suppose it could be due to the low fat content of the diet, but having a ton of dandruff is not my idea of fun! UGH! I've never had this problem before!..

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Don't know about the eggs but I do know as long as you cook on the stove, they aren't bad. After reading all the posts about hair loss I started taking an Andrew Lessman product for healthy hair, skin and nails that contains biotin. I lost some hair last year before Medifast I guess due to stress or just age, don't want a repeat...

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Okay here's my 2 cents. I LOVE the eggs. As others have mentioned you must cook them on the stove. Mix up powder and water, I put in a little butter buds too and a dash of salt. Let sit a few minutes, stir again and cook!.

I too noticed some hair loss at about the 1 month mark. I asked hubby about it and he said he didn't notice a difference, I am beginning month three and hair loss not obvious. My guess is it's just from reduced calories and fat especially. But, could also be a sign of hypothyroid so if it continues get it checked out!.

I guess I am odd woman out...My PMS has gone bye bye! It was so bad that I was considering asking for medication (seriously) I was horrible, I was a different human being. When your children look at you and ask "Why are you yelling at me?" Of course we always have an answer! But the real reason is hormones have abducted us and we wont be returning untill next week! Everyone would know when I was PMSing! Now they don't!.

Amazing! Also no bloating! So I guess we are all different the soy effects us all differently...

Comment #17

I don't have any hair loss but I have experienced hair loss with low calorie low fat diets before. I did LA Weight Loss once and I lost alot of weight but I did lose alot of hair too. Now my PMS is bad. Not my moods but I have alot of body aches and my period is late I am never late unless I am prego but now I am late two months in a row I was late about a week or so and the pain is unbearable. I am addicted to Women's Tylenol for a week or so...

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Eggs: put in shaker jar with water in the fridge the night before, or at least a few hours before you want to eat them. I was surprised they were good. Actually, I now use Eggbeaters in place of the Medifast eggs.

I'm so glad I'm not the only one with worse PMS and hair loss. I've never had a normal period but now it comes every 2-3 weeks and the cramps are terrible. The week before I'm hungry and pissy and mad. Not fun for me or my husband. It seems to last forever, too. I haven't gone to the doctor yet, hoping it will even out soon.

I'm losing more now than I did in the beginning. I've heard that Nioxin makes a type of vitamin that's similiar to their hair products that I may get to take along with my multi vitamin...

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I think the eggs really taste like real eggs. I cook them on the stove when I am at home or in the microwave when I'm at work. When I'm at home I like to add a little chopped green/red pepper, onions and mushrooms for a Western Omelet..

As others have said you have to soak them in water for at least an hour til all the little granules are smooth and the consistency of real eggs..

I have very thin, fine hair to begin with so I was taking the Nioxin vitamins before I started MF. I have always "shed" alot, but I haven't noticed that it's any more since I started MF..

I haven't noticed that my PMS or TOM has changed much either...perhaps a little heavier and crampier the first day, but I think thats just my age (43)...

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