How do the Medifast brownies taste like?

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Hey gang!! I want to edit my next order to include some brownies, but I really hate to spend money only to find out that something is awful. Brownies seem to good to be true. Are they good?..

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I like them modified- they dont taste like regular brownies but they are sweet and chocolaty...

Comment #1

I make mine with 4 tablespoons of water instead of three and I only micro them for 50 seconds, then I put it in the freezer for 5-30 mins. omnomnom!..

Comment #2

They get my vote. Probably my favorite Medifast "meal!" Thank goodness they are developing new meals! Now, where's the Medifast Cheesecake!?..

Comment #3

Yummy in my tummy. I make as indicated on the package, but in the morning, and then let it sit until the end of the day. To me the longer they sit the better. MMMMMmmmm..

Comment #4

Love them!! I love them hot, warm, cool and frozen. I have one almost every evening for my last meal...

Comment #5

I haven't tried this personally, but I read a post that stated Medifast customer service would send you one pack of something to try...?..

Comment #6

I like them once they've cooled and settled a bit...

Comment #7

I make a brownie "cookie". Use 1 T of water and 1 T sf chocolate syrup. mix and put on plate sprayed with pam. micro for 1 min 45 seconds (more or less depending if you want cookie crunchy or not). I usually top it with a serving of PB2. I have this almost every day!!..

Comment #8

I don't like the brownies. I doctor them up with flavored syrups to make them taste better and refrigerate or freeze them before eating. I can't say that I enjoy them even after that. They are not very chocolatey and I rather have a shake or hot cocoa for that sweet chocolate taste...

Comment #9

They are my favorite "meal". I have one almost every evening. Of course, you have to remember that they are mainly a "protien shake" like all the Medifast meals, so you'll have that taste, but everything does, right? For me, they are a treat; and I take itty bitty bites and make my brownie last a long time. It feels like I'm indulging! :-) And they're pretty handy and easy to cook. Good luck!..

Comment #10

I have yet to find the right amount of water to add to them. The packet says 3 tbsps but I find that it comes out VERY dry. So the other day I added more water but then it came out too soupy. Anyone have any suggestions? I've also let them sit for a while before eating them but they are not very moist to me...

Comment #11

I takes a little tweaking I use 4 tbsp water nuke for 1 minute, and let cool...

Comment #12

My favorite brownie is: 1 T egg beaters, 1 T SF Torani raspberry flavoring, 1 T water. I mix in a small bowl spray the brownie tray with Pam, put the mixture in the brownie tray and nuke 1 min. Dump it out on a plate and it is so good and moist. I like it hot so I eat it with a fork...

Comment #13

I love these brownies. I thought at first it may takes awful. But I was wrong. I like my fingers and scrape the little tray crumbs too!!..

Comment #14

I love the brownies! I make them as suggested but eat them straight out of the microwave still hot. A little squirt of whip cream (condiment) and ahhhh.....

I even brought one camping - Made it as normal and wrapped in foil. Brought camping in cooler. Put a dollop of WF marshmallow on top and rewrapped the foil. Put in fire. It stuck a bit to the tray, but other than that - yummers...

Comment #15

Lots of people like them, I don't however! But if you like chocolate then you will love the brownies...

Comment #16

Like it warm out of microwave. Only cook it 45 seconds, but LOVE them cold from the freezer or fridge. Letting it cool makes it sooo moist and tastes like a real brownie to me...

Comment #17

Not just good...sinfully good! I only ordered 1 box, but my next order will include about 4 boxes. It is as close to NORMAL food as I can taste~..

Comment #18

Thanks for all the suggestions!! I have added it to my order for this month. Thankfully I don't need things to be really sweet since starting MF, so I think they'll do the trick when my sweet tooth started yelling at me! Besides, nothing can be as bad as the eggs, right?..

Comment #19

I do the same thing. I nook for 30 seconds though and then the freezer for 30 minutes. Tastes like fudge...

Comment #20

I'm new to Medifast and ordered 4 boxes of the brownies because I was told they are very good. They are so disgusting to me, I can barely get them down. I've cooked them both ways, oven and microwave, and neither helped. Maybe I need a couple more weeks to starve, then I'll like them! LOL!..

Comment #21


Try making one in the morning (microwave) and put it in a ziploc and eat it later in the afternoon or evening. I don't know why or how it changes flavor so much but it does!.

Perhaps you'll be able to tolerate them that way...

Comment #22

I just had my first one tonight. I ate it warm right out of the microwave. It was pretty good. I will have to try all of your suggestions!!..

Comment #23

I had my first one last night and it was awesome. I am only on day four, so it was a very welcome treat! I need to order more!..

Comment #24

I read about someone putting cream cheese on them.. think I may need to try that...

Comment #25

I love the brownies! It is my nightly bedtime snack. I use about three and a half Tbsp of water. I nuke for 55 seconds. I let it cool enough to pop it out of the pan. Slice it in half then put a Tbsp of whipped cream from the can (condiment) in the middle and freeze. A mini "ice cream" sandwich YUM!..

Comment #26

I'm posting about the brownies yet again because I have discovered a way to make them that makes them absolutely irresistible! I make them according to the package directions and then put them in the freezer. When it's time to eat one, I mix a tablespoon of whipped cream cheese with a packet of splenda and frost the brownie with it. It is SO worth saving a condiment and HF! They are seriously divine! I just finished eating one a few minutes ago in fact.

I love having them this way when my family is having a treat because I feel like I'm having a real treat too, and not just a Medifast one...

Comment #27

Yep... you pay a few dollars for each meal. I did that before starting Medifast because I was afraid to order hundreds of dollar worth of food only to find out it's gross. You can order a sample on the website..

P.S. I love the brownies! I order 4 boxes each time and I've had one everynight I've been on MF. I like them warm and frozen... without cream cheese and with cream cheese. I like the variety. Yummm!..

Comment #28

I will have to try letting them sit because so far I don't care for them :-(..

Comment #29

I am still new to Medifast and I think the Brownies are a wonderful treat...

Comment #30

I personally find that 3 1/4 TBS of water and 1 TBS of PB2 make the brownie hands-down the best Medifast meal available. It's a wonderfully indulgent way to end my day..


Comment #31

I am on day one of week 3 and just tried my first brownie. I added more than 3 tbsp, but just judged based on consistency. Cooked for 1 min and ate while warm. I personally liked it. I also just discovered what PB2 and Choc PB2 are and ordered some today. I can't wait to try mixing it into the mix and in several other items.

PB2 -

Peanut butter Powder and Peanut Butter Powder with Chocolate!!!!..

Comment #32

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