How do I view profile for amateur

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My first question is: How do I view profile for amateur

My next question is: Here's the deal. I'm in my mid 20s & I met a guy in a class I was taking. It was very obvious that he liked me & I would always see him checking me out. He'd go out of his way to talk to me & made it a point to hang out with me during lunch breaks. After a couple of weeks he texted me to hang out outside of class, but I told him no (I had no interest in him at the time, & frankly found him annoying). Then he asked me again & I said yes, partially out of boredom, but I was also intrigued.

When we're not together, we're on the phone or texting. He's super flirty with me some days (he gives me nicknames, holds my hand, puts his arm around me, teases me etc.), but other days we're more like good buddies. There have been times when he's practically begged me to hang out with him. I got tired of the mixed signals, so I asked him if we were just pals or trying to be more. As soon as I said this he looked like he saw a ghost & got all quiet.

Now he's been toning down his flirtations w/ me & I feel like we're just old pals, which sucks because I do like him more than a friend. We hve tons in common & there's never a lull in our conversations. It's just frustrating b/c I thought for sure he felt the same way, otherwise I wouldn't have jeopardized our friendship by asking him point blank. A few days later he left me a voice msg saying how he admired my ballsiness & not to worry about being embarrased about what happened. It's so annoying because I didn't even like him to begin with..

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Your question was: How do I view profile for amateur

What's the question?  You just want an opinion?.

Well, he told it to you straight.  He's been on/off because he's still hung up with an ex.  He likes you, but he's not like falling all over himself in-love with you.  You can either deal with that or move on..

You're annoyed by his message saying he admires your courage and tells you not to be embarassed.  Well, he's right on both points-what's the problem?  Sounds like he's just trying to reassure you. .

It seems like in you're mind, you feel like he has the upper hand because you revealed something of yourself-that you actually like him back.  That's an IMMATURE way for you to view the situation.  And it's playing games.  Dont play games..

A grown-up will just acknowledge that both of you are being honest about your feelings which is a good thing..

So my advice is:.

1) Grow up..

2) If you're so annoyed by him all the time, dont go out with him anymore!..

Comment #1

Thanks for your reply, Blair. I reread my original post & it does read as if I were saying I was annoyed by his message about being ballsy, but I wasn't. I'm annoyed by the fact that he pursued me & then when I tell him I like him back, he shrinks away. I really am appreciative of his compliment on my ballsiness & am relieved that he's still even talking to me. I honestly thought I scared him away!..

Comment #2

Girl, listen, dont ever be afraid of driving x person away.  I do what I want and say what I want and if he doesnt like it, he doesnt have to hang around (and vice verse)  .

Just be yourself (and hopefully that is a direct, honest and respectful person) and it'll be ok...

Comment #3

You have already disclosed your feelings for him and now you have to make a decision as to whether or not to continue socializing with him .  If you find that it is too uncomfortable or too painful to do so.. then just be as straightforward as you were before .. he obviously likes that about you.  If he is wishy washy about breaking up with his ex it is best to let him go to figure things out for himself. The last thing you want to do is put yourself in a competition with her for his affections...

Comment #4

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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