How do I upload pictures from a Kodak picture CD to like my Yahoo 360 blog, or my profile?

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My first question is: How do I upload pictures from a Kodak picture CD to like my Yahoo 360 blog, or my profile?.

My next question is: I have been in a relationship (thru with a great guy for a year and a half.  He's funny, considerate, sweet, and my parents love him.  There's just one problem; we never have sex.  He tells me how attractive he finds me and we have had sex before but now he just seems uninterested.  When we did have sex there was almost no foreplay and was terrible for me..

Before we got together he told me he had been with about 30 women.  I just don't understand how he could have slept with that many women when he has no sex drive..

I have asked him if this lack of sex is because of religion, over worked, and every other thing I can think of.  He assures me that everything is fine.  Having sex once every few months is not fine!.

I am going crazy. I love him but I could never marry someone that won't have sex with me.  He is the perfect guy except in this area..

Any suggestions??..

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Your question was: How do I upload pictures from a Kodak picture CD to like my Yahoo 360 blog, or my profile?.

First and foremost, I hope you are not having unprotected sex with him.  If it's true about how many different women he has been with an STD is a real possibility..

Are you sure that he is not seeing someone else for the sex part of a relationship, could he possibility by bi-sexual or even gay?  You did not mention age, but a lot of men in their 40's start having sexual dysfunction for various reasons.  Is he on medication of any type?  Does he drink alcohol to excess or do any type of illegal substance?  All of those can lead to lack of sexual desire..

If the answer is no to these then I would question your relationship..




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Comment #1

Okay this is an important area.  Has he had a medical checkup - is he on meds that might inhibit is sex drive? it sounds like he's not acknowledging this is a problem....  What do you really know about his past relationships?.


If he won't explore this problem, admit that once every few months is not enough for you, well... Houston, there is a problem..


Comment #2

Thanks for responding.  There are alot of factors that play into not having a sex drive.  We are in a committed relationship (thru and he has been tested (I have seen the proof) since we got together. He is clean.

He is not 40 he is 25. He doesn't do drugs and he hardly drinks and he is not on any medication..

I don't think he is getting sex from anywhere else.  He used to use porn but he decided to go to therapy and to my knowledge isn't doing it any more.

I'm not gross or anything. I guess he is just uninterested ...

Comment #3

If he is not depressed or cheating on you or masturbating to porn instead of having sex with you...then itmay just be that the two of you are not compatible in bed.  In that case you should weigh the pros and cons of the relationship (thru before you move forward with it.  You are still young, there's a lot of sex still left to have...

Comment #4

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