How do I subpoena records from

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My first question is: How do I subpoena records from

My next question is: Thanks for reading I know this may seem childish..

My boyfriend and I had another fight.  Over the last 8 mos we have spent almost every Saturday nights together at his place. .

My boyfriend is a homebody.  We haven't been out on a date using in months.  Going to work and hanging out at home is his life.  He's loves to cook. Our routine every Saturday night is eating dinner and hanging out watching television.  It gets boring at times, but I love him and it makes him happy..

Today, I spoke with him on the phone and as usual asked are we on for Saturday.  He said NO because he's planning to do some work on a rental property he owns.  Usually, if he's busy Saturday during the day, we always get together later that night.  He said he just wants to work on his property, hang out  in that general area and not feel rushed to get back home to spend time with me. He said we can see each other another day.

Also, he told me that there will be some Saturdays that we won't see each other.  He said that all his Saturdays aren't reserved for me.  What happened? We've done this for 8 mos. .

I asked him point blank if he had a date using planned with someone else.  That comment made him very angry.  He doesn't think I am ready for a relationship. He may not call back..

Am I overreacting? ..

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Your question was: How do I subpoena records from

I can totally relate to your problem. My boyfriend and I have been dating (online dating with for almost two years. He is not a social being...and we pretty much only see each other on Saturday or maybe an extra day throughout the week. I've never had the feeling he was cheating on me, though. I did find out a few days ago that he has social anxiety disorder and gets very, very nervous and physically ill when going to restaurants and other public places (weddings, church services). Had we spent more time together, I probably would have noticed all of this long before now.

If he is making plans with you during the week or such, to make up for his being out of town, I wouldn't be that worried. There are times when my boyfriend and I cannot hang out on the weekends, but he always plans time for us to spend afterward. I think your boyfriend is trying to tell you that you can spend time together at other times, not just on the weekends. He feels like that, if for some reason he can't continue the Saturday routine, that you will become upset (which you have become upset over it).

At this point, I really wouldn't read to much into it. Just be honest with him and continue to communicate! That is the problem my boyfriend and I have had- lack of communication! That's why we are having all these issues now.....

Comment #1

It seems like HE is the one who is not ready for a steady serious relationship (thru and wants to turn things around on you by trying to get you to think you have the problem.  He wants to hang out in the "local area" of his rental property?  hehe He isnt very smooth .. is he?..

Comment #2

 "Am I overreacting?"   .


 YES! Isn't it obvious by his reaction?..

Comment #3

"It gets boring at times, but I love him and it makes him happy.".

Well, obv he's not that happy since he just dissed you..


"He said that all his Saturdays aren't reserved for me.".

Snap, that is harsh!  I wouldnt take that from my man.  I'd be like - "Huh?  You better rephrase that.   As in totally reverse it."  lol  My bf knows to never speak to me that way.  If he wants time with the guys, he can phrase it in a respectful manner. .

He sounds kind of over you to me.  But hey, that's just what I got from your single post.   ..

Comment #4

It sounds like he's just as bored with the Saturday routine as you are.  The way it was going, one of you was bound to find something else to do on a Saturday to break the monotony. I do believe that he could have found a better way to put things over though..

Start making other plans on Saturdays sometimes. Make time for your friends and don't be available to him EVERY Saturday..

CL - Women of Color  ..

Comment #5

No, you are not being childish..

What he said was off putting and would make anyone wonder their status with him..

He may not be into you anymore OR he may just be feeling your boredom and uncomfortable with that and want to stir things up a bit to stop the discomfort..

I know if I had someone over on Saturday night over and over again I felt they were bored...I would want to change something to. I'd feel kind of embarrassed and uncomfortable myself..

However, he didn't do it in a loving way...but he has social phobia and is social skills is not is strong point.  IT does not necessarily mean he doesn't love you.  It could mean he is just embarrassed..

I would go along with it and watch and wait. Stir things initiate doing something on Saturday night without him. Watch and see how he reacts...does he want to see you more or less?  If less he is probably distancing himself. If more...then he wants to still be your bf..



Comment #6

It really does sound like he's hiding alot from you. Why are you putting up with this? Once you decide you deserve to be treated with respect you won't attract people who treat you like an afterthought. Good luck.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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