How do I speed up weight loss in Medifast?

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I have 2wks before I have to go to a function and wear a bathing suite!!!! Any Ideas on what I can do to speed up my weight loss these next 2wks? Can I skip a meal and have a shake? should I exercise 3 times a day???? Please Vets,, I need your help...

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I have found that if I eat more fish, eliminate beef, do without Medifast bars, limit diet drinks, and drink extra water I can lose faster...

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Ditto the above! LOTS of water!.

Extra exercise doesn't seem to do much for me in the short term as far as losing pounds (but it feels good)...

Comment #2

Thanks. I wonder if just chicken would work and no bars. I really wish I would like fish, but just never did.. and I'll cut out the bars.. how about walking 3 times a day?..

Comment #3

Yep all of the above..

I also find that getting some extra sleep helps. I seem to lose less weeks when I'm burning the candle at both ends...

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Chicken is a better choice than beef or pork. Excess exercise may work against you. Remember the Medifast plan suggests that you not begin an exercise program early in your journey because such low calories with great amount of exercise may cause your body to think it is in starvation mode and you won't lose any weight. I guess it depends on how much you are already exercising...

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I usually just power walk at lunch for 30min. Last week I lost 5 pounds and i'm scared now that it will go back to 1 or 2 pounds these next 2 weeks....

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If you look in "The Salon" board there are some threads about body wraps. I have never done this, but the info on the threads say this is a way to lose some inches quickly. It will be temporary if you continue to consume toxins from what I understand..

Good luck...

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... all of these are good suggestions but let me add my two cents worth (since you asked!). Be patient. It is fine to change to chicken/fish but do not shave off any Medifast meals. You are in this for the long haul and a bathing suit event is not worth jeopardizing your health and long term results over. Two pounds a week is an average weight loss where you are in your journey. Have fun no matter what!..

Comment #8

Bernadine, Congrats on your loss already, you are doing great! Try not to focus too much on the one event, but like Mission says, you're in it for the long haul. And you've already lost 15, so you're going to look great!.

My weight loss followed a pattern (following my TOM). I would have a bigger loss right after TOM, then followed by a couple weeks of 1 - 2 lb losses, then a small (or no loss) right before TOM and the cycle would start all over again..

For exercise, your power walk seems good. You might start some strength training and situps/crunches to tone things faster. When I was losing, I did a light walk (15 minutes) morning and evening and a 30 minute lunch walk each day. Nothing too strenuous, just keep the metabolism going. Then on the weekends, I would do one longer/harder walk each morning (60 min).

Good luck and I'm sure you'll look great in your swimsuit! Becki..

Comment #9

Thank you guys so much!!!!! what a help. I really started stressing and forgot how far I've come. I am not very patient...That is the hardest part of the program, and also believing that once I reach goal I wont have a big ol' stomach! Does it really go away?????..

Comment #10

Mine has since I am 60 there is some sag but I fit nicely into size 10 and some 8's. Couldn't do that with a huge tummy. I especially love getting on my back and feeling my ribs stick out further than my tummy!..

Comment #11

Mission's right. Take it slow. it didn't come on overnight and it won't go overnight. I know we get impatient and want instant but steady is better. hang in there and the results will be worth it...

Comment #12

Just an add on the what's already been said. Go bathing suit shopping and find the right suit that makes you look good. Different suits look good on different bodies. This will definitely help your self-esteem.

Question for veterans - would it help to eat 6 Medifast meals and bypass the L&G meal?..

Comment #13

No it would not as you would not get enough protein and other nutrients. It would put your calories too low. Don't do it! Those who do must be monitored regularly by a physician..

There have been doctors who have suggested it for very obese patients (again with strict supervision). You don't fit that category...

Comment #14

I agree with the cutting out of bars as well as avoiding anything remotely salty (diet drinks, commercial salad dressings). I find that taking my cal-mags-zinc supplement helps me eliminate water better. And water weight is what seems to weigh a lot. Keep up the good work, and don't focus too much on this one event. Long term success is much more important..

Comment #15

I do lots of crunches with an ab routine I have developed (email me privately if you'd like me to explain)...of course being in the military I have to do about 80 sit ups in 2 minutes! Yikes! I find exercising and weights is the only way to actually change your "shape" and even though you may gain a bit because you are building muscle you will tone and lose inches and eventually your metabolism will get faster thus burning fat faster. Remember fat doesn't burn fat, muscle helps do that! Drink lots of water and do your walking or jogging. Keep your end state in mind and don't over-obsess about the bathing suit (even though I'm doing the same right now cause I'm leaving for Vegas on Monday). I also decided to do some tanning which always helps you look slimmer/better in a suit. I take a diet supplement and cream as well that has helped me lose inches from my thighs. Good luck!.


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No.. That could put you in "starvation mode" which will make the weight come off slower... (Been there, done that, now sticking to the 5/1 plan rather strictly...).

A lot of water, and a bit of exercise will do the job most efficiently......

Comment #17

My 2 cents is to watch your sodium level, the diet drinks, soy sauce etc...

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