How do I send a picture to,please help frustrated!!!!!!?

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My first question is: How do I send a picture to,please help frustrated!!!!!!?.

My next question is: I would really appreciate your opinion on this situtation I had.  I went on a blind date using set by a friend's friend couple months ago.  We met for a coffee.  I like to mention briefly of what we conversed about.  It came very easy to him to ask personal questions too quickly; such as when was my last relationship (thru and how long did it last, and what happened, and he specifically asked what happened twice.  It made me uncomfortable, b/c I have always thought first dates are mainly about sharing/learning basic info.  I tried to stay cool, and I told him that our personalities didn't match without specific details.  He also wanted to know how come my relationships does not last more than 2 -3 months.  Are these normal questions??        Also, to me he seemed too negative, discussing his personal issues with his dad, how some of his married friends are not happy,.....I think you get the picture..

Before we actually met, we talked on the phone a couple times to set the date.  On the phone he sounded happy, someone with a sense of humor. .

Anyways, after the date using obviously I was not interested in him eventhough I found him attractive.  I was hoping he wouldn't call.  But he did call 3 days later and we talked for a while, and then called few days later & left a message if I wanted to hang out.  I was so confused about him, so I didn't call him back, then he called back 4 days later, unfortunately I was busy so I told him I'll call back in 10 minutes.  I called back 10 minutes later, rang several times, got his voicmail and I hang up w/o leaving a message.  Three weeks passes, I get a call from friend's friend asking on whether I was interested & why I didn't return his call.  Apparently, he did not get my call. He told the friend how much he liked me.  A couple days later he sends me a text message, and I give a him call.  We chat very briefly, he says 'we'll hang out' and I said sure.  I do not hear from him until 2 wks later- he left a message asking how I was and that he'll talk to me some other time.  Eventough he didn't ask me to call him back, I give him a call the next day, phone rings 4-5 times and no answer and I hang up.  And again haven't heard from him and it has been 2 weeks. I need your help on reading this guy, I think all this drama is making me want him more now.  What should I do?..

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Your question was: How do I send a picture to,please help frustrated!!!!!!?.

That date using you described didn't sound like a winner.  Are you in the habit of continuing to pursue guys you had bad dates with?  Doesn't sound like fun to me, but to each their own..

Keep a level head and remember that something real is based on personality and behavior.  If you want someone who plays games/doesn't know what they want/only likes you enough to call you just every couple of weeks, then go for it.  ..

Comment #1

Clearly, this guy likes being pursued. He also likes being a victim, which is why he told your friend that he did not hear from you. He does sound like a basket case, but if you're attracted to him and interested (probably you are since you posted this message). I would arrange another face to face date. Look gorgeous and confident, if he still acts like an ass, then drop him! :-)I'd give him another chance...

Comment #2

He wanted your baggage inventory instead of finding out all about you and what makes you tick in life.  Not the most romantic way to begin a relationship.  I would probably get turned off on a first meeting like that.  If you find that you are growing more interested with the drama...then you already know what is going on. so why post with   a question?.


Comment #3

I agree with you and thanks for your input. It was well said..

My intention was not playing games; I was just confused, didn't know how to handle his initial call.  But he thinks I played him. .

Since it's christmas and new years around the corner, I am thinking he might call or text me.  Should I ignore it or respond to him and be cool about it.  Respond to him in a way I would respond to a friend and nothing more, or it's just too late to be friends now..

I do not want him to think that I am interested (b/c I am not) but I am considering him a friend.  Should I tell him directly that I want to be friends or just act like one.  How should I go about it?.

Will it be appropriate?..

Comment #4

I would go with acting like a friend first, that's a good idea!  I'd just make sure my responses were totally non-romantic, you know? lol  Like make sure they aren't construed as flirting or anything like that.  If he didn't get my hint and was still flirting/acting romancey, then I'd be straight up and verbally state my desire to only be friends.  But I personally would try just acting like a friend first, hoping he is not dense and gets it! haha .


Comment #5

I agree with blair. Just talk as normal. You do not have to tell him that you want to be friends. You went on a blind date, there is nothing to say that you are committed to each other. However, be prepared, if he doesn't call...

Comment #6

Sounds like so much effort is needed to just speak to him over the phone.  If he is interested why is he making himself so unaccessible?.

I hate playing telephone tags and seems like there are some games involved in your situation.  I'd say forget about it if you're not that interested to begin with. ..

Comment #7

Thank you girls for all your opinions.  I appreciate them very much.

Guess what?? he sent me a text message on christmas day 'MERRY CHRISTMAS' and nothing else.  I was so confused on what to do with that message. I didn't respond to his message.  Now I feel bad for not responding....,,,,,,,,I am really confused with the way he is acting. .

Do you think he just wants to be friends??  It's not like I am expecting anything more of him. .


Comment #8

I'd bet a good amount of money that it was a mass text to everyone in his phone.  I wouldn't worry about doing anything in response..

His behavior isn't clear one way or another.  If you want to be friends, be proactive.  If not, then wait until he calls you and asks you out again, and let him know you don't think the two of you are a match..


Comment #9

As a guy, and being loyal to mankind here for a moment, I'd say you should try contacting him again and to give him a second chance. If I were a girl, however, I'd say just cut and run. Yes, the questions he asked were too personal, especially on a first blind date. I wouldn't think that several weeks' worth of missed or non-communication would pique your interest, but if it has, then again, get ahold of him and go on one more date.BTW, has any blind date using in history every turned out well? I've been on 2 in my entire life, and I remember them for how incredibly bad they were. I'd have to be threatened with bodily harm to ever go on one again...

Comment #10

I agree. It doesn't sound like something that deserves any kind of follow up. There needs to be some rapport, mutual respect, etc. for things to be worth trying to take further.


Comment #11

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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