How do I put a picture on myspace or ?

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My first question is: How do I put a picture on myspace or ?

My next question is: -amazing date using on sunday-following wednesday night I call him to say thanks for the date using I had a great time-during said phone call I said "so will I hear from you soon?" and he says "Of course, I promise I will call you after the weekend so we can set up a date using for the next weekend, I really want to spend more time with you"-WELL it's now friday... friday of the week he said he would call... and no call!!My friends say it's because I'm "intimidating"?!?!?! that I'm 100% together career/financially wise way more than most people who are 25 and that this guy who isn't all together in those ways would be scared off by a girl who is so "independent"... that I "appear to not need a man"!?!?!They tell me that I have to find a guy who is more like me, limit myself to the white collar crowd... are they being serious??Is it out of line for me to call him again? I quite like him, and find him incredibly attractive and see that he is on his way to improving his career and totally respect that and find it alluring.. if he is 'intimidated' is that just it, it's over??..

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Your question was: How do I put a picture on myspace or ?

My experience is that few men are good at saying "thanks but no thanks" when they are on the phone with you and you ask them out or ask something similar to what you did.  They will instead say something like this guy did, but with no intention of following up..

That's why I no longer make that "thank you" callI say thank you and make sure he knows I had a great time and want to do it again while we're ON the date, and then I let the guy take it from there.  A guy who's interested will call you and ask you out again.  If you call him, he may say yes, but you'll never know if he's just being polite or if he's really interested..

I wouldn't worry about whether or not he was "intimidated" by youhe's just not a good fit, for whatever reason.  A guy who's right for you isn't going to be intimidated..


Comment #1

Actually you might have nothing to worry about. .

"Of course, I promise I will call you after the weekend so we can set up a date using for the next weekend, I really want to spend more time with you".

You might be mistaken about the time frame.  If you spoke to him this Wednesday (Oct 24th) and he said he'd call after the weekend (which is where we are now)...technically he will call you this coming week. =).

But, if you are not mistaken about the time frame, then you might never know exactly why he didn't call.  I wouldnt listen to your friends about being an intimidating person in your personality.  However, the male ego can be fragile when it comes to income and career, so they may have a point.  Some men can be offput by a woman who is more together than they are.  You dont have to limit yourself to the white collar crowd..there are many small business owners and entrepreneurs who would respect a woman who is financially together..

I know you find this guy's potential alluring, but try to focus on who is he today.  If you fall for his "potential" (just to snag a line from starbuck70) you could end up disappointed if he doesnt reach this potential...

Comment #2

Funny enough... just as I was working myself into a tizzy he called!I'm just gonna relax... I've gotta learn to relax! like him for him and hope he likes me for who I am... an-un-relaxed-over-achieving-nut-case :-D..

Comment #3

Good news!  Enjoy him .... and I'm sure he'll enjoy you.  Have fun...

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I dont know if he's intimidated, there could be a number of reasons you haven't heard from him - you don't know what's going on in his life.  But he said he would contact you so I'd wait and not call. It's great to be assertive and forceful and know what you want but in dating (online dating with situations sometimes you have to hang back and play it cool.

But as to the limiting yourself suggestion - I firmly disagree. Whom you date using is up to you and the person in question and that's it. .


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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