How do I load my picture on the computer for computer dating? If i just send my picture into Match.c

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My first question is: How do I load my picture on the computer for computer dating? If I just send my picture into Match.c.

My next question is: I recently entered into a new relationship (thru in early July. He is the perfect guy in so many respects, yet he never offers to pay for me when we go out (to dinner, for drinks, etc.). We are both students in our early twenties, so I understand that his money supply is limited, but I've always been a believer that men should (at least on occasion) pick up the tab. Have dating (online dating with trends changed? If not, should I be concerned by this?..

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Your question was: How do I load my picture on the computer for computer dating? If I just send my picture into Match.c.

I had the same issue with paying when I was with my ex.  I finally had enough of him asking me to go to dinner, and either expecting me to pay, or spliting the bill.  I was fine picking up the tab now and then, but I think that whoever made the plans should pay..

I had finally had enough, and talked to him about it.  He didn't realise that it bothered me.  I also had issues because he was living at my house on the weekends, and never offered to by food, but would sure eat! .

So my advise is to talk to him.  Being young and broke is hard for both parties, so talk to him.

Hope that helps!..

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Did he not even pay for the first date?  I agree that he should pay for some.  Like the other person said, I would tell him talk it over with him..


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I would DEFINITELY be concerned. Of course he should occasionally treat. Was this a topic that ever came up in conversation? Or did he ever bring flowers, do something sweet? It's not about the money spent per se but financial and emotional generousity are tied together and if someone is not generous in the beginning of a relationship, the honeymoon period, what will it be like later?.


Comment #3 the old world of courting the gentleman would pay, open the door, pull our your chair before you sit down to dine.  But in the past, the men also tended to be the bread-winners, earn better salaries.  Heck if we go back far enough in time the men solely owned the property and the bank accounts.  So these courting traditions carried forward even while times changed.  I agree that a date using should open the door, pull our your chair, and if he wants to be really cool, stand when you arrive at the table.  But as to money and who pays, well I think it depends upon the circumstances.  .

As college students in your 20s, I just don't see any problem with dutch treat.  It's a financially stressful time for students, and it can be tough paying the electric bill.  My daughter & her boyfriend are college students in their early 20s.  Her boyfriend is a smart and ambitious but he's a college student and he really has no money.  If she were to ask me if he should pay for her, I would tell her that no, it's alright to go dutch.  I just don't think splitting the bill detracts from his interest in her but it just rather reflects the reality that he is under financial pressure and stress.  I guess for me, I'm thinking about the traditions but I'm also thinking about what is fair to this young man.  In my mind, it's really fair (and kind) if she carry her part.     .

In the business world, the same factors come into play but the old traditions are there at the beginning.  Most of the men I date using will pick up the tab, particularly on the first date using and several dates in.  And if they didn't, I would have issues.  But that's because they have the financial ability to do so.  Somewhere along the way, I will start picking up the entire tab and eventually we become balanced.  As a matter of fact, I'm going out tonight and I promised this evening would be my treat.  I suppose if the guy I was dating (online dating with lost his job, I'd carry the tab for awhile.  I know for a fact with this guy, if I lost my job, he would pay.  So for me, I guess I just think it depends upon how the finances play out.     .

In my opinion, in the college years, when finances are so tight, co-pay is fine and fair.  That's assuming everything else is wonderful and that he is, for example, holding the door for you.    ..

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