How do I get through the evenings on Nutrisystem?

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Ok, I am going to be brutally honest here. This is my story:.

I am an HIV positive man. 3 years ago, I got sick and went from 180 pounds (about 25 pounds over what I should weigh at 47 years old and being 5'6") to 120. I thought it was the end for me. The entire year I could not keep any food, diahrrea all the time. Then, 3 miracle medicines came out at the same time, which is needed to control HIV. My immune system came back (it had gone down to nothing).

Your body's imune system builds itself back up, and what happened was this incredible appetite. I could eat 2 dinners at a restaurant and want more food in an hour, even though I was sore from being so full..

Then my hips went and had to have them replaced. So one after the other, was another 6 months on inactivity. In a year, I went from 120 pounds to my now 250 pounds (remember I am 5'6" and should way 145-150). Everything is so hard, walking, doing anything, as I am sure some of you know..

I started Nurtisystem 2 days ago with my mother, who also needs to lose weight (she is 80 and needs to lose about 60 pounds, bad back pain and damage from her weight). She has done well..

Now let me give you an idea of my eating habits BEFORE I started Nutrisystem 2 days ago. I wouldn't eat until usually 1 in the afternoon, maybe 2, then have a lean cuisine or weight watchers frozen dinner. Then I would procede to eat several large bags of Jack Links beef Jerkey. Then I would have dinner at 5, with multiple helpings, and then eat something during my nightly movie, and in bed, at around 11:30pm to 1am, eat another 2 bags of Jerkey. I have had sleep problems so I have had trouble getting to bed until around 2-4am (maybe because of the eating at midnight)..

So I started Nurtisystem and had a great day yesterday, but at around 11pm, I started to get the urge and gave in and had 2 corned beef sandwhiches and 2 pieces of baked chicken (at least I took the skin off lol). Today, I did well until I went to the gas station and got 6 bags of beef jerkey and ate 4 of them this afternoon and 2 more at 11pm tonight. I am feeling very down and defeated..

I talked to my doctor and he says it's just going to take work, that sometimes people get this reaction with the pills. It isn't helping that I live with my mother and father who are 80 and 89 and not doing well and am helping them alot, but it's stressful and sad to watch them deteoriate..

I need help and suggestions on how to get through so I have some successful days. I joined the gym 2 months ago and have not gone yet. It is so hard to even climb stairs I am afraid of a workout. How do I get through the evenings. The days are ok as there is food all day. But after the dessert I am in trouble.

Can anyone help surpport me and help me to find a way to make this work? It's alot of money out of my disability check to buy Nutrisystem and the veggies and fruits, ect...and I don't want to waste, but what's more, my morale is very low after losing my first 2 days..

Sorry for the "novel." I felt a complete explaination was necessary for the situation to be described accurately...

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Your question was: How do I get through the evenings on Nutrisystem?.

Justine, thanks so much for responding. I really needed to hear something encouraging tonight. What a wonderful idea of the stir-fry!! I LOVE it! Taking the all-you-can-eat veggies and making a stirfry, what great thinking. I could make quite a bit and place them in containers. Do you use any flavorings, spice or any sauce or just plain?.

I am going to have to think of creative ways to do this. My main hunger is in the evening. I suppose I am so used to not eating until 2pm and then eating until 1 at night that my body is going to have to adjust and I have to get through 2-3 days for that to start to happen..

Mixing up my meals might be the best thing for me. Maybe I could save some of the items for after dessert at around 9pm. My mom had tried Nutrisystem last year for a month and they told her do not eat after 7:30-8pm, but the counselor on the phone this morning said it's fine, just take a few things from the other snacks or meals and save them for later, as long as you eat everything on there and no more unless it is unlimited foods..

As for the gym, I am making it an absolute must that I go today (Tuesday) and just do a short workout to get my body used to it, and get into it slowly. One of my problems is that I am home all the time, on disability but do graphics work and that's at home, so I need to get out more.

Thanks for the quick post, you said you may not be able to help much but those few words really helped me for tonight. Thanks:-)...

How are you doing on your program?..

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Hi there,.

Just a quick note to say my first week on the program was ROUGH too..

I was coming off being pregnant, which in my mind had been a free pass to eat anything and everything I wanted. I was eating full pans of brownies, and chocolate shakes like they were going out of style. The first week on plan I was so darn hungry all the time! The good news is it got easier fast! I forced myself to stick to the plan 100% because I wanted to see results. My body adjusted quicker than I thought I would, and I soon realized that I really didn't NEED that much food, and that I had been eating for other reasons than actually being hungry.

I started learning how to split my food up during the day so that I would have something for the times I got the "munchies." I stay up pretty late too, and always get hungry when watching tv at night, so I always save my dessert/snack for right before bed, and sometimes I save a fruit or veggie serving too. I've also started to figure out what types of foods make me feel fuller. I like to have roasted or sauteed veggies with dinners along with salad or instead of salad because they are more satisfying to me..

These boards have helped me so much, especially during hard weeks! You will find so much good advicethere are so many Nutrisystem "veterans" that are genuinely supportive and kind people. It's a great idea to come to the boards if you are thinking of eating off always seems to help me..

Good luck, and hang in there. Nutrisystem really works if you follow the program. You CAN do this and you are worth it!!..

Comment #2

Welcome! I would just simply say that you have to WANT this more than you do that beef jerky. You have to want to be able to walk up stairs without getting out of breath! I am right there with you, but once you start seeing results- you can do this!.

Listen to me, YOU have been through SOOO much in your young life. You have been through more battles than most people. You shoulder a huge responsibility with your parents, BUT you are doing it!.

Only YOU can do this for YOU! You have to know that YOU are worth every minute of it. YOU are worth every struggle to stay away from those darn beef jerky.

You can do this!..

Comment #3

I love using flavorings. If I'm feeling lazy, I just use 2 tablespoons of fat free salad dressing (I'm on a honey dijon kick, but I use all kinds). I also use lots of different spices, or I'll mince some garlic and toss it in. Peppers add flavor too..

My husband has a mind that wakes up at night time. It doesn't really matter how much sleep he gets, at 10pm his brain says good morning. His computer job requires he be there at 10am though, it has been tough for him with nighttime snacking. He drinks a lot of tea (decaf in the pm). It helps count as water and fills you.

Have a good time at the gym today! When I first started going it was such a mental barrier to get over being embarrassed about being my size and not knowing how to use the equipment. I found the gym to have an attitude of supporting my decision to be in control of my life and make a positive change..

I am doing well on this program, thanks for asking. The first two weeks left me feeling a bit like a zombie, but I made it and I feel a lot better now...

Comment #4

Thanks for all your responses, it's amazing how much you all can help with a few words....I am feeling more psyched.

Ryder's Mom: Thanks for what you said, that you were also hungry. It's alot of food but it's good to know it gets easier than the first few days or week. I am going to start saving my morning snack for after dessert because that is when I am more hungry than anytime is at night. I'll see how that works and post. Also, I am going to get some unlimited veggies and stir fry a bunch today and place them in containers. That will help too for a quick snack..

Acevedo: You are right, I have been through alot for 47, but if I got through all that surely I can do this. Thanks for your post. All of you :-).

By the way how do you add the weight loss ticker to your posts?..

Comment #5

Robeem, I live with and care for my 92-year-old father (my mother passed away 12 years ago - and funny, it still hurts to say that!)...and I totally understand your sadness and the stress that goes with that. I have always been an emotional eater...just about everything triggered it (and often those little triggers go off NOW)...and I was an evening muncher, like you. I would probably keep your kind of hours, if it were not for a full-time job that starts at 8:00 a.m..

I also understand about the exercise and concern over over-doing it. My knees are pretty much shot - I would love to walk for part of my daily exercise, but right now, as long as I weigh what I weigh, I can't. I do stationary bike every morning...but that's all. People often suggest exercise IN PLACE of our little munching sessions...and that doesn't work, right now, for me and it might not for you..

I'd suggest talking to a counselor...finding ways to recognize those triggers and divert them. Sounds like you're a savory/salty muncher, rather than a sweet-a-holic, like perhaps use the savory Nutrisystem snacks in place of the jerky..

Like Acevedo need to want losing weight more than the temporary gratification that those high-calorie eating binges gives you. You need to ask yourself what exactly they DO give you...and find ways to give yourself something else that doesn't involve food. Find a new hobby or interest that can fill up those hours when you usually chow down....

You definitely have been through so much - you are much stronger than you are there for your must learn to be there for YOURSELF!!! You deserve this!!! And you CAN do it!!!..

Comment #6

Number one stop buying jerky!! It's not even food!!.

Instead, buy carrots and when you need to munch, munch carrots. If you want to add salt - do it. You can even dip them in terriaki sauce if you need to - but stop eating fatty crap..

Commit and you will find it works!! Welcome to the boards (and glad you kicked HIV's a$$!!)..

Comment #7

Hi Robeemn, I have just finished reading two wonderful books and wondered why any one would suggest them to me because of the titles but the information that I found in both were very enlightening to why my body feels the way it does and why I have a hard time loosing weight for years of yo-yo dieting.

The books are titled, "The Cellulite Solution" (it talks alot about body cells and the immune system, you may find it very interesting since you are dealing with AIDS) and "The Fat Restistance Diet" (I do use some of the recipes for the nutritional benefit but I stick with Nutrisystem as much as possible - outside of slips during late night) The second book speaks about chemical embalances that causes the body not to loose the weight and causes other health issues that you may have going on too..

Both do seem strange and you are probably doubtful because of the titles, but it won't hurt to see what the authors have to say. You may find some very interesting tidbits in them for you...

Comment #8

Thanks again for all your posts, what fantastic support here. I made it through today, my first. I did juggle the food around but ate only what was on the list. Here is how I did it, and I am wondering if I saved too much for the evening. That's when I have big trouble controlling my appetite, keep in mind I woke up at 11am today due to my sleep problem of getting to bed late..

Breakfast: 11:30AM.

Nutrisystem: Banana Nut Muffen.

Dairy or protein: Milk.

Fruit: Slice Honeydew.

Carb: slice Healthy Choice all grain wheat bread.

Morning snack:.

Dairy: saved for lunch.

Fruit: Skipped for after dessert.


Nutrisystem: Cheese Tortalini (I love this one).

Dairy (saved from Breakfast) Cottage Cheese.

Afternoon snack:.

Skipped for after dessert.

Dinner: 5:30pm.

Nutrisystem : beef with mashed potatos.

Fruit: skipped for after dessert.

Veggie: Green Beens.

Veggie: 2nd helping green beans.

Carb: saved for after dessert.

Fat: saved for after dessert.

Dessert: 7:00pm.

Strawberry Shortcake Bar.

After dessert (all the items I skipped to have food at night when I am most hungry): 8-10pm.

2 helpings of fruit from morning snack and dinner: strawberries.

Snack saved from afternoon snack- Honey Mustard pretz..

Fat: saved from dinner, 6 large green olives.

Carbo: saved from dinner: 1 slice Healthy Choice all grain bread.

The food that I saved for after dessert REALLY helped me get through the evening. I took all that extra food and spread it on the table next to my recliner, and while watching tv and the movie of the evening, snacked very slowly so it all lasted about 2 hours, so I was eating the whole time, but just little bites. It worked..

My question is, is this ok to save all of this for after dessert in the evenings? I will call support tomorrow and see what they think of my day today and if it's ok to have that at night. But one miracle is that I am not hungry because of it and ate only what was on the list for the day. I made sure I was eating every 3-4 hours (since I got to bed at 3am last night due to my sleep problem, I ate breakfast at 11:30am, lunch at 2:30, dinner at 5:30 and dessert at 7, and then from 8-10pm ate all those items I skipped to save for the evening..

Mamabear, I will look into those books, Amazon has both used so I will order them and give a read, I read all the time anyway. I thought I had fiound a cool way to have a huge salad using the "unlimited" foods and get more dressing. I topped my huge salad with lots of mustard and then a packet of Splenda and it really tasted close to honey mystard dressing, but then I looked in the book (which I will always do now first) and it says one teaspoon of mustard (yikes). It says zero calories, zero carbs, fat, ect on the mustard so I prrsumed it was ok to use alot, but I am guessing it must be the salt content. So I learned from that..

Anyway, made it through the day and alot of it had to do with all of your support so BIG HUGS AND THANKS:..

Comment #9

I am glad to see that you made it through the day today. That is awesome! I made a salad a few days ago that I truly enjoyed. If you like raw spinach give this one a try. 3 cups of spinach, an apple, a hard boiled egg, 8 halves of walnuts. The dressing is 1 teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil or walnut oil, juice of 1/2 a lime, and 1 Tablespoon of unsweetened pomegranate juice. This is all naturally sweet.

I have eaten this twice already this week because I have enjoyed it so much. Good luck with tomorrow, taking one day/one meal at a time...

Comment #10

Robee- hook up with ApolytonGP, he says you can eat till you go to bed and if that's what stops the cheats, then go for it! You stayed on plan, you ran it 100%- I'd say you rocked today..

Get up and do it again...

Comment #11

Hope you hang in there. I get in a habit of saving afternoon fruit/yogurt for later too. I like a little something extra with the Nutrisystem dessert. I'm just in a habit of truly feeling full after dinner time I guess....but I have to watch it on some days where I think I'm storing too many foods for dinner...

Comment #12

Hey Robeemn! Glad to hear you made it through the day..

Don't forget about your 2 veggie servings at lunch! Fiber in veggies can really help fill you up during the day. In a good week, I try to get my veggies prepared ahead of a rushed week I'll throw together a salad or eat carrot sticks at lunch.

For me, it has absolutely not mattered what time I have eaten atI have lost weight every week I've been on plan since November! I often save foods throughout the day so I can make a big dinner (I like to add ff cheese to most of the meals!) and like I said before I usually save a fruit and dessert serving for night time, so I can feel like I get to snack when I want to. If it is working for you to save food until later in the day I would stick with that and see how you do. Guaranteed that you will be better off eating healthy late in the evening than eating junk food!!.

Good luck, and I hope tomorrow goes just as well!..

Comment #13

It looks like you skipped your lunch vegetable servings. Add a big ole' salad to your day - it helps. Also, with breakfast, your dairy serving is milk which is fine, but you can choose something more filling, like fat free cheese, or an egg, or Greek style yogurt..

Regarding eating in your recliner - nothing 'illegal' about it, but understand it may be a bad habit having nothing to do with hunger. Add a couple glasses of water to your spread - lots of water..

Keep up the good work!! The plan does work!..

Comment #14

I put aside food for night time too. I always get hungry right before bedtime. I tend to crave a sweet so I save dessert or some fruit for that time. And whoever said to add water, definitely do that. I add Crystal Lite to mine and guzzle it all day. I find that when I think I want something to eat, drinking that water down helps me realize I'm not.

However, for me I eat all the veggies I want, usually tomatoes. I'm not too worried about eating too many veggies...

Comment #15

Yep, definitely make sure you get ALL of your veggies in...they certainly help fill you up. And I save my "snack" - the fruit and protein/dairy for my very last meal...usually right before bed. I nuke a chopped apple with some Splenda, cinnamon, a spritz of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter spray, and a drizzle of Torani SF Caramel the microwave for about 4 minutes. Then I pour LF Vanilla Silk over it...very yummy!.

I spread my meals out, as well. Breakfast 1 is the Nutrisystem entree (this morning it was the maple oatmeal), then about two hours later I have 8 oz. of Greek yougurt, mixed with FF/SF jello cheesecake pudding mix, a packet of Splenda and water packed fruit cup - mandarin orange segments, diced peaches or mixed fruit. Very filling! Keeps me until afternoon. Then I usually have a salad with the protein (LF turkey or LF cheese shredded in the salad), and about an hour and a half later I have the Nutrisystem lunch entree and my additional veggie. I'm good after that until dinner...then about an hour after dinner I have my Nutrisystem dessert...and that holds me until the nighttime snack.

You go for it however it works for you!!! Great first day!!..

Comment #16

Wow, how supportive, thank you everyone who has posted. I made it 2 more days, I ate everything on the plan and nothing else, but saved more for after dinner..

Today, I took my 9 year old nephew to the grocery store for a treat (for him lol)....of course if you read my first post you know my MAJOR weakness is Jack Links bags of Nuggets and Teriyaki jerkey, often would finish 6 bags in a day, many times 3 right in bed. Well, on the way out, of course Jack Links is always at the checkout, my nephew decided he wanted for his treat a bag of my favorites. It was a real experience walking by that and putting his bag on the checkout counter and none for me. But I didn't really think twice about it. Then on the way home he opened the bag and I had to ask for a little piece, so he gave me a 3 inch by 2 inch piece, I ate it and that was it. So I did skip my protein on the list because of that, but I know that I cannot use that food as my protein because I cannot have it around, it's my major addiction..

I am going to print these threads out and read them tonight in bed, and use some of the great suggestions here. Thanks, and I will report in in a few days. Linna62 I will contact ApolytonGP, thank you...

Comment #17

^^ you can use lean beef for protein though, right? Maybe if you use a little bit of BBQ sauce as a poor man's version of those nuggets...

Comment #18

First off - Congratulations for winning the fight with HIV Also, Great Job for recognizing a problem with weight & food and coming to Nutrisystem for help..

After reading your posts and others responses, I don't think anyone needs to encourage you to save foods for your late night binging. Aren't these what got you here in the first place?! I suggest you change your whole eating routine from what you were/are doing. Try to break out of the old habits and start new better ones. I feel that skipping or delaying eating causes you to overindulge later because your body has been deprived all day. Try to eat something every 1-2 hours throughout the day AND drink at least the minimum (64 oz) of water every day - more if you can. Don't forget to get some kind of exercise, too - even if it is taking walks inside your house, use stairs instead of elevators, park your car farther away and walk, etc..

Last, but definitely not least, DO NOT BUY ANY MORE JERKY!!!! Replace it with something that you can have a lot of (celery, carrots, broccoli, salad greens) or start chewing gum. Ask yourself if you are really hungry or just eating out of habit / mindless munching...

Comment #19

I've been doing alot of thinking about your post since you wrote it and it really makes alot of sense to me. I guess for the first week I needed to juggle around some of the foods for the evening because I screwed up the first 2 days because I was so hungry at night but now I am trying to do everything as scheduled. Thanks for that post. It makes alot of sense to me..

One of my big problems, if not THE problem is that the hiv meds I am on are creating hunger, it is documented as side effects of 2 of them, which is why many hiv'ers are gaining weight and extra fat. It interferes with the brain chemicals that make us feel full. For instance, I could eat 2 dinners at the same time and physically feel the stomach being full, but the mind wants food. It is an awful side effect, as before I started these HIV meds I weighed 160, now I am 250. I am using all my strength to fight it, because there are no alternatives to the medicine...

Comment #20

It sounds like you have a lot of stress in your life. It also sounds like you are trying to fix everything at once. Are you being too hard on yourself? Forget the gym for now! Maybe get up every few hours or so during the day and walk around the block. Don't try to transform overnight. Maybe you walk around the block just once per day. In a few days, you will feel like walking a little further or more times during the day.

Now, about the eating. I am most hungry at night too. I could eat a horse! Unfortunately, for me, it is an emotional habbit, not really starvation. May it be that for you? Can you save your food for later in the day? If you don't eat until 1:00pm, that's ok for now. Don't try to change everything overnight.

Good luck....don't be so hard on yourself......

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