How do I get my profile noticed better by women on

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My first question is: How do I get my profile noticed better by women on

My next question is: Ex from "ARE WE dating (online dating with OR JUST FRIENDS" topic is back wanting to date. (So much for everyone's take that he just wanted to be friends.)  I have a new dilema..

He wants to use condoms.  We dated for a year previously and didn't use any, so why now? He says he is afraid of STD's and whether you're in a serious relationship (thru or even married there's always the chance that your mate may cheat and bring back a STD to you. I say this is a serious distrust issue and it's ridiculous to expect to use a condom the rest of your life in a relationship (thru because you are afraid the other person may cheat someday and bring back a STD. I totally understand when you're new to a relationship (thru to use condoms, but is it realistic to be expected to use them for the duration of the relationship (thru even if it continues for years or leads to marriage?? How do couples handle this? ..

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Your question was: How do I get my profile noticed better by women on

I think that you should respect his wishes. Some guys are uncomfortable leaving birth control to an invisible method that they have absolutely no control over. It is unreasonable for you to be insulted that he doesn't trust you. He has reproductive/sexual rights as well and if he wants to err on the side of caution then that should always, always be respected.I also didn't read that he was implying you will use condoms forever...

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Is it possible that he has been permiscuous during the time the two of you have been apart and doesnt want to give you anything?  Maybe he is waiting for some time to pass and get himself tested before he'll have unprotected sex withyou.  Which is admirable.  I personally like sex without a condom better but if the guy is unsure about his sexual history then I would use it eventhough I know I'm clean and tested okay..

If he has had no contact of any kind with another woman for at least 6months and he checks out clean - I dont see why he would want to use a condom with you. .

The only time I used condoms throughout a relationship (thru was with my second exhusbandbecause I didnt want to get pregnant and I didnt want to go on the pill at that time and he was okay with condoms..

Are you on the pill right now or using some other form of birth control?..

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I have an IUD. He's aware of that. He is adament that he is concerned about babies/STD's...

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I agree. This is something both people need to agree on..


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My first born son was conceived using a condom. My husband and I were married for 3 years but were not planning children right away. I have no regrets as I have two beautiful sons that God planned out 3 years apart of one another. The second child was a "Delfoam baby". So, ya see, there is no guarantee you will not get pregnant. No regrets here, tho. I'm so blessed to have my sons.

God works in mysterious ways.  In your situation however, Maybe like the op's said, he could be getting a little booty on the side, or maybe he contacted an STD in the past he is too embarrassed to tell you about.  JMO. Lu.

"IMAGINE" All The people, Living Life in Peace....................,.

"You may say I'm a dreamer; But, I'm not he only one.".

"Be A Dreamer and Imagine."..

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Yes condoms are a good idea and so is honest communication. Ask him what his reasoning is..


And yes, getting tested is smart.


Comment #6

You only live once ! You should go for it ! NO CONDOMS -ENJOY !!!..

Comment #7

The priority is to protect yourself.  Yes something might feel good in the moment but it's essential to stop yourself and ask what the potential consequences might be.


Comment #8

When it comes to birth control and protecting yourself from STDS caution is a very good thing.


Comment #9

Until you are in a serious, committed, long term relationship (thru with someone you trust, condoms are a good idea!.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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