How do I find a Medifast health coach?

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I was wondering what a the purpose of having a health coach is? I am looking for some motivation and a health coach sounds like it could be a good motivation factor for me... Any insights fellow MFers? If so, how do I find one that is right for me?..

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Ok, just so you know what I am going to write is simply just my opinion on the topic. I have a health coach and yes it can be a source of good motivation. It is important to find the right fit for you. When I decided to do this I looked for someone who had lost a great deal of weight as I myself need to do this. I looked for someone who worked the program, has been a success at getting to her goal weight on the Medifast program, and most importantly has done a great job at keeping the weight off in the normal world and catches oneself early on if pounds start coming back and takes action. I looked for someone who is "leading by example".

If you would like to know who my health coach is just send me a PM and I would be happy to share that information..

Best to you!.


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As Nora suggested, spend some time finding one who will be a good fit for you. If for some reason, you realize that your HC is not, you can easily change to another. So, no worries there. Having a good HC can be a wonderful benefit and you are able to discuss things with your HC that you wouldn't be able to on the boards, just given the public nature of the boards. Good luck!!!.

MF is a great program and it really does work!..

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Oh wow. I just asked this question. Now I am totally confused. Well not hard to confuse me...

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Some think they are good to have and some have a slightly different opinion...

Comment #4

I never said they weren't good to have. I said to choose wisely if you decide you want/need one...

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No..Not you Mr. Helper...I should have clarified it. I am reading through back posts and I am seeing different opinions. Sorry for not being clear...

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Just also keep in mind that their primary motivation is to make money off your orders...

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Then the word "HEALTH" should not be in their title. Not trying to upset anyone out there but having "health" in ones title just gives ME and I am only speaking on my behalf myself, the impression that one has some type of medical or nutritional background. Just saying you know...

Comment #8

You would not be the first person to suggest this to Medifast/TSFL...

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Its not whether they are good to have or not, it's if their intentions are for the best. Some just do it for profit some actually want to truly help people. Motivate and support.

Before I picked a hc, I checked how long she was on program, was she steady, how much she lost.

I felt I couldnt become one until I was there as well...

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My health coach is my anchor. She works on my job and believe me is a great inspiration for us all. She has gone from well over 300 pounds to I would say about 190. She answers any questions I might have, supports me when I feel like giving up and shares her time and talents with everyone. She doesn't wait for me to reach out she reaches out to us all. I feel blessed to have her as a coach...

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A Health Coach is not a requirement but is reccommended. If you decide you want to have a Health Caoch take the time and find someone that will work for you. Find someone that knows the program, has been successful on the program and someone you think you can relate to.

Like Sweetmissi10 said there are good and their are not so good..

Some truly want to help people and some just want to make a profit. Find the right one..

My Health coach is the best. She is someone who has been my friend since day 1. We talk everyday, she listens , she guides me and she is always there for me. She does not judge me or put me down if I make a mistake. She is always there to make me feel good myself and to encourage to never give up on myself or my dreams..

She has inspired to become one too!! I hope if you do decide to have a coach you find the right one. There are alot of great ones out there- take the time to find the right one!!.

Good luck on your Journey!!..

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Where do you go to find one - is there a list somewhere? Do you have to order your products from your health coach? I sometimes just order a couple of boxes rather than a 2 week supply - if I have a good supply already. If you put the word out - like in this post - will a health coach approach you?..

Comment #13

I think you should try and find a coach that is local. I am not sure that if my coach were just over the phone I would have the success I am having...

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Health coaches who are employed by doctors sponsoring Medifast are usually nurses or NPs with medical backgrounds who've used the plan to lose weight and/or are trained to be coaches. However, both the doctors and the coaches are compensated for this. I don't know if they get commissions for helping to sell the food, but they do get paid to be coaches..

If you go to the Take Shape for Life site, there is information about joining them as a coach and how that works. They phrase this as becoming financially successful as well as losing weight, as though they are comparable. It sounds just a tad like Mary Kay or Avon....

Personally, I don't think the nurse assigned to me by my doctor has been at all helpful as a coach. I know she "thinks" she is motivating me with her once-a-week one sentence e-mail, and that when I see her at the doctor's office she doesn't remember who I am....

But that's just my experience and I guess it will depend on where and through whom (sponsor) you find a coach...

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Wow it never ceases to amaze me how people give coaches a hard time on this site and RARELY supports them on this site..

Honestly, makes me sad to think that people would even consider that I would only want to do this for the money on orders - Don't you get it - I WAS FAT, STILL FAT, WORKING ON FAT and GETTING healthy for the REST OF MY LIFE. I am in the SAME freaking boat as you are in or were in and DONT want to be in it any more than you..

I WANT to motivate, it motivates ME. My journey is a private one that I work with my coach on. I learn and teach by experience. I do not have a nursing background but I am CERTIFIED in the program and YES that means a certified coach had to pass and pay for a test from the National Health Institute to get that title..

Because I have DESIRE to help, I decided to branch out on my own and pay almost 2000.00 to become a WELLNESS coach and now working on becoming personal trainer so that I can become a CERTIFIED wellness coach. Yes, I will do that for money since it will eventually be a business, but I DO IT for the reason that I ENJOY IT. It touches my heart and soul REGARDLESS of the program that someone chooses to be on!!!.

For people looking for a health coach the boards can be poison, as everyone has an opinion. Contacting TSFL, they will ASSIGN a health coach to you. IF they DO what they are suppose to, it won't matter if they are in timbucktoo - BUT coaching is ONLY WHAT YOU are WILLING to do as well!!!!.

Just my 2 cents to this discussion, I do NOT accept clients on the board as it is AGAINST my contract. I do NOT COACH or MOTIVATE on the board either as those rights were destroyed by the few..

TSFL is the COACHING arm of Medifast - we are free and we earn $, NOT JUST ON THE FOOD ORDERS - we get paid for the TIME and INVOLVEMENT that we spend with our clients. If you feel like you are NOT getting what you need then do something about it, but just don't think that we are all the same dirty lump that you put us in. Yes it is a business, yes it can be any type of business that you want it to be and earn anything you want it to be. You pay a gym membership or a personal trainer for the same reason, it's a business..

I will continue to have my battle and work on my goals privately, with my health coach or without my health coach, it is still MY BATTLE. Heck I even paid 100.00 for a 12 week emotional eating class - NOT because the lack of a health coach because I KNOW my problem is MINE, and I CHOOSE to do something about it and be pro-active. I am a fighter for my own health!.

This is me personally blowing off steam and my disclaimer is NOT to offend any good or bad health coaches or certified or not health coaches or skinny people or anyone on this program for whatever reason they may have. I have the legal right to my opinion as an INDIVIDUAL and this is it!.

Note to self: don't read the boards, don't blog anymore, just log your food and shut up..

Comment #16

I'm sorry but isnt that just alittle steriotypical? I have a wonderful health coach who has become one of my best friends and could care less what I order or where I order it....lets not just group a bunch of people together from a bad experiance. Thanks...

Comment #17

I am sure there are many Health Coach's who are sincere like you. However, there are some who seem to only be in it for making some dough (the kind you spend, not eat). So, just the fact that they recieve no special training other than on how to sell the product, the name Health Coach is tainted. I agree with the gentleman who stated it is kind of like Avon. If you can find a good one that you trust, terrific.

I found support from people who were in the same stage/situation as me and we used each other for guidance. If you are not comfortable with a health coach, look through the boards and find a team or other group to join for support. The ladies and guys I teamed up with were the best.

So if my 2 Linda friends are listening, my hat's off to you...

Comment #18

I'm a newbie, so sorry if this is a dumb question....

Where would one find a local health coach? I personally don't care if someone makes money off my order because I'm paying the same price either way...but I do want some support, motivation, and accountability...

Comment #19

Hi Librajen.

If you call (877) 270-5708 then ask for a local health coach..

Definitely feel the coach out as your style and their may or may not mesh!..

Comment #20

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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