How can you afford Nutrisystem?

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Ive been on Nutrisystem but for only a month or two. This was about a year ago., It worked! it really did..... I lost 10lbs while I was on it. I gained it all back and I want to try again. I quit because I couldnt really afford it with all the extra food. If it was JUST the nutrisystem food then it would be ok.

It looks like the food options have changed. Looks like Im still going to have problems with finding lunch options.

So how to people with families, single mothers, and just people in general afford the system and the extra food?..

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Your question was: How can you afford Nutrisystem?.

True...I bet if I add up all my times I eat out and stop by and get snacks and everything. It may even out. hmmm something to think about...

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I am doing this on a VERY limited income. Over 1/2 of my income is going to Nutrisystem and for the add ins but it is still less than I was spending on fast food, diet cokes, lunch out and late night binges. I just decided to focus on me and count my pennies while I am losing the dreaded weight...

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I save money with NS. I no longer eat fast food, buy take out or call and order pizza. One drive through at McD's will cost more than a day of Nutrisystem food. I rarely buy meat so the money spent on fruits and vegs is less than I used to spend at a grocery store. Besides, I can't put a price on my health...

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I come out about the same or saving on this. We used to spend way too much money on eating out...

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All great points. A "typical" Fast Food lunch would cost me around $7 if I purchased the drink...still arount $5 if only a sandwich. We all SHOULD be eating the fruits and veggies in our lives. French fries are not veggies!.

I think when we become more aware of what we are spending on food it "seems" to be a lot but the mindless snacks and drive thru dining adds up even more. As a society we got used to instant gratification when it came to food and the Fast Food Fix caters to that.

I also feel that I spend about the same and probably less overall on NS. The most expensive part is buying new clothes that fit! Gladly!.


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How can we not spend the money for NS? Buy your add ins based on what is on sale. Look for 99 cent fruit and veggies, use coupons. You don't have to go to Whole Food and spend a lot of money. I go to whole foods as a treat, and limit myself to $20 at a time..


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There's a supermarket chain called Aldi's that is super low cost and has great cheap produce (example - bags of salad mix are always 99 cents). I get better produce there than at my regular supermarket, much cheaper. You can also stretch out your auto deliveries with suitable substitutes like Quaker Weight Control oatmeal, Hebrew National FF hot dogs, Boca Burgers, etc, and Nutrisystem Nourish meals at Big Lots (on sale this week), as well as finding deals on the trade/sale thread here and Craigs List...

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As others have said, I actually save money when I'm on NS. I think it's just a shock, and seems like more, because it's all at once. When you go through a drive-thru, it's "just" $5...or whatever amount. We tend to forget that isn't the cost for a month.

I think you would be very surprised if you write down EVERY penny you spend on anything that goes in your mouth...even for a week. I know I was. Every $1+ for a soft drink from a machine or gas station really adds up.

I agree with looking for sales. Local vegetables will be here soon. You can usually get good deals at local farmer's stands..

If you add in the cost of medicines that Nutrisystem will hopefully get you off of, or prevent you from ever needing...just feeling better...PRICELESS!..

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It's definitely a stretch for me. The cost was part of the reason I stopped buying the food in 2008, and the roll back pricing promo was the deciding factor that got me back this time. I couldn't even use the saving money on fast food justification, because honestly I didn't do that often. I just cut back where I can - look for sales on groceries for add-ins, as well as sales on other necessities like paper towels, etc. I'm thinking of joining one of the warehouse stores like Costco to see if I can save a little that way too. I also make a little extra cash on the side by selling old clothes, books, CDs etc on eBay.

I just figure this is about the most important expense I'll ever have. It's literally saving my life...

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I actually spend less now than I did before NS. I am single and have some major bills from my college expenses, so I know how it is...

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Yup, I'm saving money. At first I thought it was more but now....definitely saving. We haven't gone out for dinner once in 11 weeks. We would have normally gone out once per week and it would have cost anywhere from $50-$100 each time. Plus buying lunch at work and once a week fast food trip. My hubby told me he misses taking me out but I just don't dare right now.

Good luck. I hope you find a way if it is what you want and need...

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I agree with Amy. I too am saving money. I thought it was more expensive especially with the add-ins but when I factor in all the money I save from not eating at the cafeteria, stops at Starbucks and DQ Blizzard runs on high stress days. It's less..

I'm not losing a lot of pounds but I am doing well in inches and fitness. Folks are saying I'm losing a lot of weight and although the scale doesn't say it- my clothes are looking better...

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I can afford NS; I can't afford the effect of being fat and eating unhealthy...

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I don't have much cash at all and Nutrisystem makes things tight, but I figure I'm saving big time on what I'd spend on medical bills in the next few years...

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