How can I stop Medifast autoshipping?

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Hi, I am still in my first 2 weeks on Medifast but I signed up for autoship in order to get the free week of food. I don't like some of the food that was sent so next time I want to choose my food and order on my own. How can I stop the autoship process? Is there a way to change it online?.



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You can change, online, the items in your auto ship to any thing you want or you can cancel your auto ship online...

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I am a newbie, too, and am on week 2. I went on-line to the checkout itemsnot but the main website for ordering. You can change any of the items, add, or delete any items you don't want. I was thinking my next order was coming soon, so I went ahead and did the changes. [My order will not come for another 3 weeks, so I was just anticipating!] Hope this helps!..

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I just did that too. I didn't like some of the foods and wanted to try the chili and crackers I changed my autoship order (about ten times) and then had it come a little early so I make sure I don't run out.


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I personally have never done the variety pack. Call me crazy but I have always wanted to pick and choose, I have tried just about everything at this point but when I have ordered them only, but I order more of the items I like and less of the items I don't or none at all.

For exampe, I actually LOVE to eat eggs and so I order 4 boxes a month. I also love to make muffins out of the chai and apple oatmeal and so I order 4 boxex of each of those. I order 1 box of each of the 70 flavor shakes vanilla, swiss and strawberry, I dont like the soups so I havent ordered those in about a year. But I am willing to try the chili again, it has been a year since I tried that so I have that on my next order...

So feel free to choose and play with your autoship order I do it all the time.... that way I get what I want each time and that way I have a little bit of everything in my pantry!..

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You can also call the medifast customer service and send food back for an exchange of foods you like. I did that and it worked out well. You have to have I think at least 6 packets of whatever you want top send back but I think that is totally worth it!..

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