How can I set realistic goal dates on Medifast?

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Hi all,.

I'm just starting Medifast and am trying to makes ome realistic goal dates for myself. As you can see in my signature, I'm got a couple of ideas, but I know that as time passes the weigth comes off more slow and steady than it does at the beginning. As it is really important to me not to get discouraged and make a realistic timeline for me, what do ya'll think are realistic goal dates I can set for myself?.

Thank you!.


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My starting and goal weights are pretty close to yours. I have round about set up goals that are about 10 pounds lost per month. To me, healthy weight loss that will not shock your body into starvation mode is 2-3 pounds per week. I used that guide to determine 10 pounds per month. So far, I am meeting all my goals a few days to a week ahead of schedule.

When you only have 50-60 pounds to lose like you and I do, don't expect Medifast to make you lose 5-10 pounds per week like some are getting.

My husband is a case in point. He started about 6 weeks ahead of me. He lost 40 pounds in the same time frame that I lost 18 pounds. However, he started out with much more to lose that I did and he is a guy and they lose faster because they have more muscle mass..

My husband asked me if I was disappointed when I only lost 4 pounds the first week since I witnessed him losing about triple that his first week. I told him I was happy with it because it was a good start and a pace that could be maintained for the long term without plateauing...

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I agree with Shauna...I think losing about 10 lbs per month is realistic and healthy. I'm trying to loose just about the same as you. I noticed at first I lost more quickly, but now I'm more steady at 2-3 lbs per week. Hang in there it will happen...we can do this!.


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While I agree that 10 lbs per month is pretty realistic and healthy, it does not always work out that way. Remember that if you only lose 1 pound in a week, you are still a loser! A lot depends on individual parameters, such as metabolism, activity level, amount of muscle mass, and time of month. There are other things to watch for, too, such as carbohydrate levels. If you do not lose as rapidly as you wish, start looking at how many grams you are getting each day. That is what I have had to do, and I am hoping that will jump-start my weight loss again. That is one reason I have chosen to set goals without specific dates.

Remember that if you keep working the program, it WILL work for you! Happy MediFasting!..

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Yes, 10 pounds a month is about an average for many people. Not all but many. And I think that it is a fairly healthy rate to lose at. I, personally, don't attach dates to my goals. At first I didn't know if MY body would lose at that rate. Now, as long as I am moving downward I'm happy.

Set goals that you can control. Drinking water, exercising, sticking 100% to plan, getting enough sleep, etc. Honestly, you can't control how fast you lose weight so don't stress over it. Besides, I get the impression that if you don't make that goal by that date you will be upset about it. If this is true, then definitely don't assign dates to goals..

Anyway you do it, you will be making progress. Medifast is a great way to do it...

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I have lost 160 pounds and set a date for the very next weight loss goal...not all the goals down the road. Because if I didn't make one goal by a pound of two...then it seemed like I didn't make all of the rest since would have had to readjust all of them. So just set your sights on your very next goal, be sure to celebrate with a massage, a new fitness magazine subscription or something...then set your next one. Remember to be very generous to yourself with the next goal and date. Congratulations on your determiniation..what an example you are for all of us!!!..

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I know I won't be losing 10 lbs per month for the rest of this journey, so if I were to set that as a goal, I would be VERY disappointed.

I seem to be cruising at around 5-8 lbs a month now, so if I figure 5 lbs. I am pretty likely to feel a sense of accomplishment, especially if I reach that goal earlier..

But you never know my second month on Medifast I hit a big plateau and only lost 4 lbs.!.

So really, now I try to avoid the whole date thing entirely I just make my next goal a reward for myself after each 5 lbs, lost, whenever it happens!..

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Welcome and glad your here!..As for a time line...well I tried that but as much as I planned my body had other I like many others...just set up my mini goals like when I lose 10 lbs..I will get a hair cut..or buy a new CD for a non food reward..At half way I had a make over....It is your choice..what ever it takes ...but sit for a min. and think......can my feeling take it if I miss this goal by this date?.

There are times we miss the great things we have done because of one little thing standing in our way..I was over weight most of my life..So I knew it would take time for my body to give it up....LOL....and like I said before..our bodies have other ideas..Do not let the ticker fool ya...3 years ago I weighed 256 lbs..part of my loss was on another plan that just stopped working..It is a wonder I did not get depressed and gain it all back...but I had to do something and glad I found Medifast and this site...Take it one day at a the plan and do what is best for you....and let us know if we can help..all in the same boat... Later Prez..

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I personally don't set dates for the weight loss but rather concentrate on the loss itself... I know that I will get there when my body is ready and having hit 3 significant plateaus, I believe I would have been more upset had I "missed" a goal weight deadline. Instead, I just concentrated on the fact that I was still developing a healthier me even if the scale wasn't moving as fast as I would have liked...

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Thanks for your input guys! I'm going to ease up on the dates and focus on the progress. My health is my priority, and as long as I'm getting closer to good health, that's all that matters..

Best of luck to you all!.



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I never set dates for my weight loss goals because I couldn't control how fast my body would lose and I didn't want to set goals that I couldn't control. I could only control whether or not I stayed 100% on plan and I knew that if I did I would continue to lose weight. Some weeks my weight jumped up (on a consistent monthly cycle), sometimes plateaued and sometimes I had 'woosh' weeks, but in any 4 week period I averaged about 1.8 lbs loss per week..

I set my goals to plan ahead for the next business trip, vacation, holiday, banquet, etc. and commit to not eat a single off plan bite - those were goals I could control and be happy about when I acheived them - the weight loss always followed...

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Lb1991, What a great goal - "04/01/07 - Third Mini-Goal met (210) - weight on my driver's license!".

It made me smile immediately, knowing full well I lied on mine. I had to run to see what mine said. It was issued March, 2005 at 160 pounds. I WISH! It doesn't expire until Feb, 2013. You better believe I am going to have this reissued at the end of this year!.

Thanks for the idea!..

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Sioban has written a wonderful post that addresses this issue. The responses above are very good too. I started at about 172 lbs. on Dec. 8, 2005 and I was at my goal weight of 135 lbs. by Easter 2006.

This morning.

We are all unique, and rather than just losing weight - important and motivating though it is - we have to change habits, creating new ones that will last our lifetime if we hope to keep the weight off. Losing the extra weight may be a one time thing, but maintaining will be the ongoing work.

Good luck, and don't get discouraged - or I should say, don't let yourself stay discouraged! Medifast does work!..

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