How can I see a full profile on MATCH.COM without subscribing!?

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My first question is: How can I see a full profile on MATCH.COM without subscribing!?.

My next question is: Hi so here's my relationship (thru history, I want to know if I need to bring up exclusivity again with him:.

1. met at a christmas party.

2. talked again at a friend's bday party when we got back to school, (early jan)  he told my friend I was cute, asked for my last name from her, friended me on facebook, and sent me a message saying it was great to see me again, would I like to hang out sometime? I said yes, what do you propose. he offered dinner that saturday and I went and had a great time.

3. he had people to his apt. for the superbowl and invited me over, went and had a great time..

4. we started hanging out/ hooking up regularly (i told him I wouldn't sleep with someone I was not exclusive with. period. he said that was respectable and he was glad I was a classy girl).

5. we've hung out since then (so...the last two and half weeks) about four times a week/two dates a week. we've also talked every day but one since he messaged me in january ( and the one day we didn't talk I had stayed over the night before so I saw him the morning of that day...).

6. He took me to his frat formal..

7. about a week ago he brought up the fact, out of the blue, that he was not hooking up with any one else or dating (online dating with anyone else and wanted to know if I was, I said no, and he said, good because I wouldn't be ok with that. (meaning..........).

8. he asked me to be his valentine- we did lunch and desser later around 8, and hung out that night..

9. he got uneasy when I went to another frat formal, was proddin around to see if i'd hooked up with him, askin if my date using was cute, did he get me flowers, etc.

10....and most important: we had sex for the first time sunday night, both sober, no pressure. we'd hooked up 10+ times already, it was bound to happen. he was very respectful, asking if I was ok with everything, etc we cuddled all night, and was still super cuddly and kissy the morning after. called me later that day and tuesday (yesterday) I saw him again last night. we got icecream and then hung out with some of his friends and had sex again last night, though I did act a little distant cuase something'd been on my mind:.

Do I need to say "hey just want to check that we're exclusive" or from his actions and our conversations is it ok to just let things roll how they are?..

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Your question was: How can I see a full profile on MATCH.COM without subscribing!?.

Hey Collegegurl,.

It seems that he is on the same page as you, but if you are having concerns - you should talk to him.  If the two of you learn to talk now, you will have such a good relationship.  Pick a good time and bring it up.  Maybe even be light hearted..

Good Luck,.




Comment #1

Thanks for the imput...but some other responders to my post, (on ask mr. answerman) didn't seem to think going to another formal with out really giving him heads up was there any damage control I should do for this?.


Comment #2

Yeah, I agree.  Talk to him and let him know that you feel bad about that.  Clear the air.  I think both of you will feel better..



Comment #3

Yes, bring it up as a "just checking" kind of question because unless it is spoken you cant assume that you two are monogamous AND exclusive.  northwestwander did educate us that monogamous means no sex with other people and exclusive means that they wont go on a date using with anyone else - you need to make sure that you two are both monogamous and exclusive...

Comment #4

I agree, you should talk it over him just to clear the air and set things straight.....

Comment #5

Hi Pinkstar2008,.

Welcome to the board!.



Comment #6

Take the risk - communicate.  If you can't talk to each other honestly how can you possibly grow closer?.


Comment #7

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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