How can i join without a credit card so i can email my matches?

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My first question is: How can I join without a credit card so I can email my matches?.

My next question is: A couple of weeks ago my boyfriend broke up with me. I cared very deeply for him and out of the blue he told me that he wasn't ready for a relationship (thru right now....(after we'd been together for 3 months and I didn't want to get into a relationship (thru and he finally talked me into it after 2 weeks) .

Since then I've gone out with a couple of guys for a drink or dinner. But none of them have called me again for another date. Then something happened last Thursday that caught me completely off guard. I'd met David a couple days after my ex broke up with me (2 weeks ago). We ran into each other about a week later and exchanged numbers. We talked all that week and were supposed to meet up on Friday for a drink.

I agreed to go out. We met at his house where his sister is his roommate with her kids. While we were there one of his brothers showed up with his kids also..

Anyway David and I went and got our movie tickets for later and went to dinner. The whole time he opened all my doors. No one has ever done that for me before. The first time he kissed me was just after we got the tickets and it was wonderful. We had a lovely dinner and walked around the mall for a little bit trying to kill some time until our movie started...which we didn't even get to watch because his sister called him and was feeling really depressed and her boyfriend went out. So I said family and depression comes first. We left and gave our tickets to someone else walking in at the time..

I ended up spending the night with him and going to work the next morning from there. After work David called me and asked me to come over again because he wanted to see me again. I did and we ended up spending the whole weekend together at his uncle's house with his uncle, mom, and another brother. It was a wonderful weekend and neither of us wanted it to end.

David is pulling at my heart strings and I don't know if he even knows it. He made me wear his coat when it was cold, he opened doors for me, he would randomly, out of the blue, give me a quick kiss and a smile and wink just because. You know, all the little things. It feels really good to be with him. We haven't discussed anything as far as a "romantic relationship" goes so I don't know 100% what we are but we just kind of rolled with it when someone called me his girlfriend. I am a little bit afraid to bring it up because last time I tried to talk seriously to a guy about the next step in the relationship (thru he pulled away and broke up with me a week later.

He said "I love you" on Thursday and I said "no you don't." We'd only been talking for a week and only spend a total of about 20 minutes together before that day. He said it that night after we went to bed but it is kind of quick isn't it? All he said to that was "yes, Shauna, yes I do." He also told me before that "please don't run off" I told him that I'm not going to. I don't want to.

I don't want to hold what other guys have done against him because I think he is different and he acts differently but at the same time I'm afraid he will change and I don't want to get hurt again so I'm trying to guard my heart as best as I can..

Any advice?..

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Your question was: How can I join without a credit card so I can email my matches?.

Uh are right to be concerned.  He's full of you know what to be saying he loves you after you've known each other for so little time.  Maybe he's sincere in which case he's living in a fantasy world (not good) or maybe he's doing it to deliberately deceive you (worse) but either way, he's not someone you should be getting involved with.  Instant relationships don't work!  They end as quickly as they start..

Be smart and listen to what your head is telling you..



Comment #1

Boy you are sure on one rollercoaster arent you?.

How annoying - that ex of yours bugging you to get into a relationship (thru with him only to turn around and break up. .

You need to do what you are compelled to do.  That doesnt mean that you only listen to your heart - sometimes we are compelled to do what our minds tell us to do..

I probably wouldnt have cancelled the movie because his sister was bummed that she wasnt with her boyfriend - she shouldnt have interrupted your date using with him. She is a big girl isnt she?  The fact that he did that is something you do need to think about because one day his attention or his time with you will mean more to you than his sister's emotional boo boos.  YOU need to be the #1 woman in his life..

As far as him telling you he loves you - either he is full of crap or honestly believes that he does love you at this very moment in time. .

As we all grow comfortable in a relationship (thru we all do change so dont freak if that starts to happen.  Just keep him honest and hopefully things will go your way...

Comment #2

I agree with sugarbabygal, there is something weird about his sister calling and him leaving a movie and a date using to rush to his sister because her bf is not with her?  A major red flag here..



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Comment #3

His sister calling I didn't think was too big of an issue to me. She and I had a chance to talk for a little while before we left and after we got back. Her boyfriend is a POS and she is trying to get rid of him but she is stuck and he knows it. He has her taking care of a total of 5 kids aged 7 and under, 3 hers and 2 his, while he goes and does whatever he pleases..

I've been battling depression for about 4 years now and I could tell she is going through an extremely low time. I'm the one that made the executive decision to go back early because I could hear in her voice that she needed someone there with her that she knows without a doubt cares about her and loves her..

David told her that we would be back right after the movie was over but I told him that it was just a movie and it wasn't that big of a deal. To me it showed that he cares about his family and that is a big thing to me. I would have done the same thing. When we got back to his house where his sister was I was glad to have skipped the movie because her eyes and face were all red and puffy from crying and she was talking about how exhausted she was and she wanted to go take a bath and didn't care if she ever got out of the tub.

He is a good brother to her, a good uncle to the kids, he has been really sweet and gentle to me. I suppose rolling with it is a good way to go....but it feels really good to be with him and I didn't want to or didn't think I would feel all gushy and giddy and stuff for a while after my break up with my ex because he hurt me really bad. The truth of the matter is my ex and I just broke up 2 weeks ago and I didn't think i'd get back into anything very quickly. Now that I think about it my ex only made me feel giddy and stuff when he gave me a beautiful necklace for my birthday. Past that I was never real gushy or giddy or whatever with him. I always just liked him...

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