How can I get back on track?

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Hey All! I posted this one on the New to Medifast site and probably should have posted here. Anyway, see my drama below..

Well, I had been doing really good on the Medifast plan (after some initial hiccups that is) and then 4 or so weeks ago my husband started in on the diet plan with me. He had been on Atkins and saw that I was losing and decided to change over to "my plan." I had some feelings of (all things) jealousy. Like, how dare he start up with my plan when he swore by his plan. OK, so after a week of this I was fine with it. Happy that he had saw that change could work..

When my hubby is on Atkins, he will take a day or two off and then get back on to his diet and be a success, I mean he still losses weight doing this..

After a few days on Medifast I noticed that he was not following the plan like he should. I became the diet ****, telling him to go to the website for some guidance. He was eating more protein and veggies than was allowed and then after two weeks he went off and did like he would while he was on Atkins.

This time around after 9 weeks on MF, I went "off" with him for two days and got back on Medifast right away. I noticed that food did not taste like I remembered it tasting and figured I could just get back on the plan. Well week 10 we did the same thing, after being on plan for 10 days we went off a day and now week 11 has come and we are doing the same thing. I had so much more success before my hubby decided to join me as I stuck to the plan and did not deviate.

This week we are planning a trip to San Francisco and I just know that it will be difficult to be on vacation and stay on MF. I feel as though my hubby has become my main sabatager or at least is contributing to my failure on this plan. I was doing so well before he decided to jump on the band wagon..

Any ideas on how I can get back on track? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! ~Nichell..

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I don't have any experience with doing a diet in tandem with a spouse, but my instinct is to say that for me, this Medifast diet is a personal decision and really comes down to me and the plan. Maybe you could re-focus and know that this plan does work really well the way it is constructed, and remember the reasons why you started this, and what successes you have had when you were on-plan. I find family can mean well but can change the way we look at things... if we let them..

I just know you can climb back on the Medifast train! You know it works, so maybe consider letting your DH do his thing with diets and you just do yours... and then share with us all of your great stories on these boards!.

Good luck in whatever you choose!..

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I think you have to go back to thinking of Medifast as "your" plan even if he's on it. He may want to do it his way, but you know that sticking to it is what works for you. You may have to get used to seeing him eat off-plan, while you're eating a bar or drinking your shake.

I find that sort of mentally "rehearsing" such scenes makes it easier like picture yourself in a San Francisco restaurant ordering a salad while he eats something else, or even just drinking iced tea because you're having your shake for lunch. I went on vacation with a friend for two weeks and did exactly that. Lots of iced tea!.

If you plan ahead, you can do it! If you have time, order the ready to drink shakes they really help when you're tempted to go for something "easier." If you can't do that, you can bake up Medifast muffins or brownies and take those, they'll last a few days in a ziploc bag..

Let us know how it goes I think you did the best thing by coming on here and posting about your dilemma... you're not alone in this!..

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Nichelle, that stinks that your closest partner isn't the best support. But he's got his own motivation to worry about. Now that you know he's not your "diet support", recognize that and look elsewhere. This weight stuff goes much better with support, and you know that..

As you travel, make your eating plan your priority. If you were diabetic, it would be a priority to follow your food plan. This should be the same..

I went to a museum in Ottawa while on the 5&1, and knew I'd be in there for hours. So I put a bar and a RTD shake in my purse. I never felt guilty eating as I walked through, I considered it like a medical issue. In my mind, my life and health depended on sticking to the plan..

You're doing great, read all you can for motivation and support!!! Keep on going!!!!..

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Try messaging 'Radiationgirl', I think she has similar situations with her spouse, but she just sticks to the plan and ignores it...

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Very interesting Nichell!.

I just had my husband say to me this morning :why don't you just order double of that and I will just eat what you are eating.......

All I could think was "THIS IS MY PLAN AND I DON'T WANT YOU ON IT!!!!!!".

He is not overweight in the least, and it is almost an insult that he would want to go on MY plan. I was amazed at the emotions that sprung forth..

My plan is to ignore what he asked, and move on. I'm not sure what I would do if he actually starts on MF!.

Good luck and keep us posted!..

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You need to make sure you are not using him as an excuse to go off plan. If this plan works for you then just stick with it. Ignore what he does. We are all only in control of what is put in our mouthes. You can't fix him if he doesn't want it...but don't let him derail you. Pretend he is not on Medifast at all.

Don't let it bother you if he messes up....just stay the course for your own benefit..

Good luck.


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Good advice can eat just about anywhere and find something on plan...I know, I eat out 4 out 7's all about making careful choices..

Go online and check out menus....

No one can sabotage you but you!..

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Hi Nichell,.

Sorry to hear you're having issues with this topic.

One thing I wanted to point out is how many times you mentioned on plan and off plan as if it were a temporary state until you can go "back" to whatever your normal was before MF..

I hate to be a stickler for words, but really think about this part. Are you only doing this temporarily? Or are you really ready for a lifestyle change? This can be the key factor in sorting this all out in your head. If you're ready for a lifelong lifestyle change, then hold your guns. If you're into Medifast for just a temporary thing, then it will be more of a challenge to stay on plan, all the time..

Of course, this is a personal journey. No one gets there the same way as you or I. However, having been at this point (deciding if this was something I wanted to chose to switch on and off or just stick to it, no matter what) before, the Medifast route has been a whole lot smother for me since I decided that this is it. No matter what.

I wish you all the best with your decision. Remember that you, and only you, hold ALL the power...

Comment #8

Hi All!.

Thanks so much for your kind words. San Fransicso was fun and I did not make it the whole time keeping to MF. The wine country got me!!!! I am re-committing today. Thanks again for your words. ~N..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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