How can i find Joan Rivers on

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My first question is: How can I find Joan Rivers on

My next question is: Ok, So here's the terrible situation I've created for myself.I meet this girl online for Facebook (no big deal) and we have met up twice in last 3 weeks I asked her the last time we met up if she liked the time and she happily said yes. I haven't been able to really talk to her in the last week because she was very busy with work and school and now she's got Finals this week and apparently she's just really busy this time of the year.The problem is that I think I may have shown that I'm possibly needy or boring by trying to talk to her almost everyday through her AIM or texting; Two days ago, I made up some bs excuse to call her (my phone got wet, froze and wasn't being good with texting.) and we talked a little bit about when we could meet and that's when I found out she was busy this week too with school and that she'd be enjoying various birthday parties with friends this weekend as well. I tried to text her and called and left a voicemail on her phone (since she said that I could and that she'd get back to me later) later that day hoping to talk to her more in depth about when I could meet her and what we could do possibly Today, I sent off a text to her today around noon and haven't from her since.So my over-arching concern is: What and how should I do to get her to respond to me, get her attention again, and to meet with her later before she leaves in a few weeks for Christmas stuff...

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Your question was: How can I find Joan Rivers on

Sounds like you are trying too hard. Quite frankly, my view is that if someone wants to talk to another person, they will AND they will be engaged and reciprocal in the conversation. Sounds to me like she's simply being 'polite' with replies.You can't make someone talk to you if they don't want to and you can't make someone like you if they don't. The harder you try to talk to her, the more likely it is to turn her off if she was lukewarm to begin with..


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Thanks for that.I was wondering because I just recently thought about this.If I were to want a few days like until Tuesday or Wednesday to call her or try to contact her and talk to her about when I'd like to meet her again, would that work out or is there a better way to go about this?..

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Wait a while and then ASK HER if she'd like to go out again and then ASK HER when might be good for her - it's not about when YOU want to see her here. Give her that option - if she says anything other than yes, she isn't interested..


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I dont think you established yourself as needy by contacting her everyday.  Most women who are interested in a guy love the idea that he would call her everyday.  It is a genuine expression of interest. If this girl does perceive you as needy because you contact her everyday then she is not the right person for you because her level of interest does not match yours..

If she is just in a bad state of mind because of finals and all, then she should tell you that she loves the attention you give her but she is overwhelmed with life right now so please dont take it personally.  That would be the decent thing to do.  Has she done that for you? Given you any indication that she is truly interested but life is just overwhelming right now?  If not then maybe she is not interested or she is just a social clod..

Most people in your position would probably just give up and stop calling her.  Others would try to have a conversation that basically says "Im interested in you and would love to date using you but I cant tell by your actions if you feel the same way. If you dont, that's fine, just say so."..

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After you have tried to contact her,lets see, a couple of times...  don't contact her any more... give her space, time, a little distance... If she is interested, she will look for you...   She has your phone, your email, and facebook.....   You have to in some way also show you are secure about yourself, and that your life does not just revolve around her.. you have other interests as well, and other "female" friends you like to hang out with...  =)..

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I'd say back off and leave the poor girl alone for a few days. Finals are absolutely ridiculous; I know, I've got them too. I've been putting my BF off for a couple of weeks now!!! Believe me, I usually LOVE it when he pays me more attention, but when I've got to study I find myself hoping he DOESN'T call so I won't have to hang up on him/blow him off. Wait 'til finals are over, give her a couple of days, and THEN call. DON'T text, don't AIM, just let her be. Not only will she appreciate being able to focus on her studies, she will probably start wondering what you're up to and where you went, which a much better place for you to be in..

***If you don't know where you are going, any road will take you there. Lewis Carroll (1832-1898)***..

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