How are your experiences on

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My first question is: How are your experiences on

My next question is: I'm a single 30 year old female. I am VERY attracted to a man at work. We work at two different hospitals and rarely see each other.  At one point I thought he was about to ask me on a date using - he asked if I was working that weekend, but then didn't ask me out. He almost never makes eye contact with me but yet when he sees me at work - he'll come over and talk to me???  I've never asked out a man and am not sure if it's the right thing to do - will I look desperate?  And if not, how should I ask him out? .

As a side note, I found out he had been dating (online dating with (but no longer) another female at the hospital. She is attractive, 8 years younger than him, bleached blonde hair, breast augmentation. I was really surprised as I didn't think she would be his type.  I'm attractive but not the "LA type". I went to an Ivy League school and am attracted to this man because he is so intelligent. He seems shy so maybe she asked him out? .

Any advice is greatly appreciated!.


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Your question was: How are your experiences on

I agree with the others..

As a side note, you may not want to focus on things like what the other girl looks like, and if her hair/boobs/whatever are fake. Even if you are a very secure and confident person, it comes of as insecurity, KWIM? I say this because some women go as far as to ask a guy "What did you see in her?" Just my 2 cents..

CL - Women of Color  ..

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Each situation is different. .

"At one point I thought he was about to ask me on a date using - he asked if I was working that weekend, but then didn't ask me out. He almost never makes eye contact with me but yet when he sees me at work - he'll come over and talk to me???  ".

If he comes over to talk to you .. it could be that you are a coworker and he is someone who is friendly with coworkers and makes sure he is part of the social network at the office. It doesnt mean he is interested in dating (online dating with you..

The only way you'll know is if you somehow bring up the subject of dating.  You could ask him a simple question the next time he talks to you - PROVIDED he does have personal conversation with you during those times he comes over to talk - you could say something like "my friends and I are divided on this issue - do men like women asking them out?"  And then he'll answer and then ask him to personalize the answer - "what about you?  How would you feel if a woman asked you out?"  And see what he says...

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This is tricky but I must tell you that there is nothing absolutely wrong with asking him out but the issue of being cheat as you mentioned is well considere..


I really want you to know that you can ask him out,ok? But the way andmanner you go about it  is very important.Dont be too eager to let him 'notice' you..

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Hi, well on this subject only thing I can say is I have asked men out I'm over 40 and I can't wait for them to ask me out anymore Yes I get SHUTDOWN,no big deal Smile and say never hurts to ask, If they say yes then I make it a Dutch lunch,dinner date  for those of you that don't know both pay for your own...that way it is more like friends going about if you think you might like another lunch, presser...leave it at that.....

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When you run into him just ask him for a casual cup of coffee. Perhaps there's some advice you'd like to ask. Men love to feel needed. Good luck.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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