How are the Medifast pretzels?

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Hi! I happen to really like the Honey Mustard Pretzels! When you need something crunchy, they are perfect! I also like the puffs and to me, you get more puffs than pretzels but I use both. I haven't tried the Cinnamon Pretzels yet. Great job on your weight loss, by the way!..

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I hated the honey mustard pretzels but I love the cinnamon ones..

Comment #1

Funny how we all like different things with MF! So far, I have liked everything though. Hmmm, maybe that was always my problem with food, too. Ha! :P..

Comment #2

I LOVE the HM Pretzels...I actually am starting to like it more than the Puffs. I don't like cinnamon so I never tried the Cinnamon Pretzels..

Comment #3

I love both flavors of pretzels. I actually had one in my HM pack that somehow had pretty much no powder on it, and it tasted GREAT plain. Perhaps Medifast should make a plain pretzel...

Comment #4

The honey mustard pretzels are one of the two things I can't stand as far as Medifast food goes...but everyone has different taste buds!..

Comment #5

Honey mustard at first and then as my tastes changed I actually liked cinnamon. Having those in an hour - yum...

Comment #6

The pretzels from Medifast compared to regular pretzels... well, regular pretzels taste like dough and white flour. Medifast pretzels have a different flavor... a soy chip/sesame flavor. The honey mustard flavoring is my favorite and I thought the cinnamon tasted burnt. But there might be a time when they taste good to me.

I love them...

Comment #7

I hated the HM pretzels, but love the cinnamon, I eat them almost every day...

Comment #8

Wow, thanks for all the feedback. I think with my next order I will give them a try. I'll keep you posted...

Comment #9

I love the honey mustard & cinnamon mad today though I opened up my honey mustard pretzles and there were about 1/4 of what is usually in the bag and just air...thing the machine messed up...hoping my next one at least has the other half lol... I'm afraid to try the puffs lol... maybe someday... Deffiantly will keep getting enought to have pretzles everyday once...

Comment #10

Cinnamon pretzels are my favorite. I got only one box yesterday and I've already had them 3X! I'm going to order 4 more boxes now. I can't wait until next month to order...

Comment #11

I like the cinnamon pretzels and my next order will be the HM pretzels too. The puffs I like as well...

Comment #12

Delicious IMHO! But tastes Very!.

I say, Keep an open mind, don't expect too much and Go For it!..

Comment #13

I love 'em! The crunch is very satisfying, and I find both the pretzels and puffs to be very filling. Seems like they take forever to eat..

Comment #14

I love the cinnamon pretzels - didn't like the honey mustard so much, and these are my "sweet treat" in the evening occasionally. However, they are hard as rocks and I'm just waiting to hear the crack of a broken denture one of these days! LOL!..

Comment #15

Just tried them yesterday and could not finish the bag. They were disgusting to me but you may feel differently. Sara..

Comment #16

I love the honey mustard pretzels. In fact I just ordered some more on ebay to hold me over until my next Medifast order gets here. The cinnamon ones i'm eh on. They're crunchy, and that's nice, but can't say they're a favorite or that i'm reaching for them much...

Comment #17

Finally tried my cinnamon pretzels today and I must say, I prefer them over the HM and they quiet the sweet need. Just oredered more in my monthly shipment. I also love the chilli nacho puffs too..

Comment #18

I like both pretzels and the chilli nacho cheese puffs too! If I had to pick I'd say I like cinnamon more but the HM taste like snyder's HM pretzel nuggets to me. It is a strong flavor...

Comment #19

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