What Medifast food to eat during hot weather?

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Back when I started Medifast there was snow on the ground, and oatmeal for breakfast and soup for lunch was great! My other meals were usually hot drinks too. Yesterday, the thermometer topped 100 degrees and soup was the last thing I wanted for lunch (so I had pudding instead!).

I know that many of you live in areas of the country where it's hotter all the time or for much longer than it is up here in NH, so I'm looking for recommendations on good "hot weather 5" combinations. Do you stick with mostly shakes and cold drinks? Do you eat the hot soup regardless of the outdoor temp? What's your menu?.


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It's not hot here for most of the year but it's getting there now! I'm in Illinois. This weekend I made a frozen "hersey" bar. Hot Coco with just enough water to make it pastey and a packet of splenda. I shaped it into a rectangle (just like the real thing) and threw it in the freezer overnight! I used a styrofoam plate so it peeled right off but you might want to spray a reg. plate. You have to eat it right away though other wise it thaws out FAST. Would definetly make a good after work meal...

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You know me myself I still like the soup in the summer months too cause I feel like I'm getting a 'meal' call me weird... You can make muffins etc from the oatmeal. And me I like to take my diabetic choc shake mix it up and put in a Ball brand plastic jelly freezer jar that you find at Wal Mart put it in the freezer and by my shake time I take it out and it is like eating a fudgesicle...yummy...

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The Medifast fruit drinks are great for this time of year. Try pouring one into an ice cube tray with some cellophane over it and toothpicks poked through, and put it in the freezer for mini Medifast popsicles. You can also do the same thing with any of the shakes for banana/vanilla/chococicles..

Several of the soups can be consumed "gespacho" style, which means you can nuke them up hot then chill them for a half hour to an hour in the fridge. This works well with the beef vegetable, the crab soup and the tomato soup. The extra soak time also softens up the dehydrated veggies a whole lot..

I have two favorite L&G's these days: Romaine lettuce wraps and shrimp enchiladas.

For the lettuce wraps, you need four medium sized leaves of romaine (about a cup and a half in volume if you chopped them up). I like to use about 57 grams (1/2 cup) of the boca or the morningstar farms soy ground "burger" mixed with a teaspoon of generic dry powder taco seasoning. Add two tablespoons of water and mix in the powder and nuke for about a minute, stir, then nuke 30 seconds more. Then, I take two wedges of my favorite laughing cow lite cheese, smear half a wedge on each leaf with a spoon, add a few spoonfuls of the burger mix, and just roll it up. They're perfect, crunchy and wonderful..

For the shrimp enchiladas, I use:.

1 low carb/low fat whole wheat garlic and herb tortilla (la tortilla factory).

1/4 cup diet cottage cheese (south beach living).

1/4 cup shredded fat free cheddar cheese (kraft free).

1/4 cup finely chopped broccoli.

1/4 cup finely chopped cauliflower.

2.5 chopped black olives.

3.5 oz. cooked or canned shrimp.

2 tablespoons enchilada sauce.

1 dash each: garlic powder, salt, pepper.

First, peel and wash the shrimp, pat dry on a paper towel. Take a small bowl and mix the cheeses, the garlic powder, salt, pepper, veggies and olives with a spoon. On a microwave safe dish, place the tortilla on the plate and spoon on the cheese/veggie mixture and smear it evenly along the bottom 1/2 of the tortilla. Add the shrimp on top of the mixture and roll it up from the edge into an enchilada shape. Take the two tablespoons of enchilada sauce and drizzle it over the length of the enchilada. Microwave it for a minute and a half to two minutes or until the cheese is thoroughly melted..

BTW, the wraps from La Tortilla Factory described above are only 50 calories with 14 grams of fiber out of 19 grams of sugars. Publix carries them. Look for the whole wheat low fat/low carb on the label...

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Back in February, when it was a chilly 60 degrees, I ate soup from time to time.

I am perfectly happy eating the same things all the time. My favorites are - the fruit drinks, shakes, pudding, and hot chocolate (mixed with just enough water to get it wet and PB2. Most people roll it into balls and stick in fridge. I like eating it "raw." Yum!) However, the best BEST thing is to mix your chocolate shake with PB2 and some ice in the Magic Bullet. SO GOOD! It tastes just like chocolate peanut butter ice cream - AWESOME!!..

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I eat Soups, Muffins from the Oatmeal, Shake Cakes, Brownies, Cappuccino, Hot Cocoa. Yes it's hot most of the year, but I'm in air conditioning most of the time so Hot versus cold in the summer isn't an issue. Just crank the air conditioner and get it about 60 degrees and warm up with a cocoa! LOL!.

BTW I'm in WPB..

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I find that even the hot drinks are great used ax sa cold shake. I started making soups aheafd of time (45 min( and letting them cool down to room temp. Works for me..

Also most of my L&G are grilled fish, meat, turkey etc. cut up into chunks (cooled) and added to a sumptuous salad....fresh for lunch or dinner when that temp is high. Using the oatmeal as pancakes I think is a treat. I also make crisps out of the cream soups and they are great crumbled into a salad or for a cook snack/meal...

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I love love love the Medifast Ice Cream recipe and the shakes and drinks made with water/coffee/ice and whirred in the blender are awesome on a hot day...

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Thanks for the great suggestions. Here's what I've got working:.

- shake cakes.

- CoT chips.

- Iced Cappucino.

- Fruit drinks with extra ice and extra carbonated water (or a diet sprite)..

I think "eating" vs "drinking" my shakes and soups helps me with my water consumption, too..

I haven't tried the ice cream recipe, but I have had a frozen shakes. They are pretty good if you make them early and give them time to freeze..

L&G at our house is almost always a fresh spinach and broccoli slaw base with the lean of the day on top. (Salmon, chicken, beef). The lettuce wrap recipe is one I'll definitely try. (My track record with cooking shrimp makes me hesitant to try the shrimp recipe!)..

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Hi Cheermom!.

I've been enjoying shakes, fruit drinks, and iced cappy a lot the last couple of weeks. I still have my soup when it's not ninety degrees, I just let them sit forever until they are not so hot..

I did make a "truffle" recipe out of a hot cocoa the other cocoa, 2 TB water, 2 TB WF chocolate dip (although I could taste the WF dip, so I'm trying to play with that)...mix together, drop by TB or so on wax paper and freeze for 15 minutes. MMMMMmm.....

Last night I did my faux DQ vanilla shake with 2/3c water, 8 ice cubes, WF marshmallow dip, french vanilla capella drops, and 1/2 packet of cherry crystal light. It whipped up thick like a frosty. I'm getting hungry. LOL!.

Oh, I have a no-fail shrimp cooking recipe. I buy the frozen uncooked deveined shell-on cocktail size shrimp. I take out what I want to cook and thaw them (overnight in fridge or a couple of hours on the counter...I know I'm not supposed to do that, but I'm impatient.) I boil a big pot of water and when it comes to a rolling boil, add the shrimp. Bring it back to a boil, then shut off heat and let sit for 3 minutes (I set the timer.) Then drain and rinse in cold water. Refrigerate shrimp IN THE SHELL for a few hours. There is something about letting them cool with the shell on that preserves their sweetness...very, very good.

Talk soon!..

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