Hot cocoa Medifast Diet problems?

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I cannot get the hot cocoa mix to disolve within the water. I'm following the directions, and yesterday I stirred it for about 20min just to have some big chunks of bottom sludge. Does anyone have any suggestions?..

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The best way to make the cocoa is put the contents of the packet in a mug, turn the hot water on from the faucet and stir as it is going in the cup, then microwave...

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I mix the water in with the hot cocoa and then I mix it with decaf coffee and slenda. It's great! No lumps......

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I mix cocoa and water in shaker and the pour it in mug to heat. It turn out just like hot cocoa without a problem...

Comment #3

Use the shaker jar, it knocks out the lumps....or mix it into a paste with a little of the water before adding the rest of the water..

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I pour hot coffee into the blender, then my Hot Cocoa, give it a quick whirrrr in the blender and it is perfect! Hot water would work the same as my hot coffee...

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If you add just a little bit of water, and stir the cocoa into a "paste" like thickness...You will eliminate the lumps. Then keep adding water slowly. Then microwave it and enjoy!! The paste method of adding water works with the cocoa and the creamy soups as well..

Good luck!!..

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I mix mine with hot water from the faucet mix it with my hand blender and then micro. If you haven't gotten a hand blender yet, try Wal Mart. They have some for around $20 and it is money well spent. On this diet, it makes the shakes, cream soups, cold and hot drinks smoother and creamier. It will also crush ice in your shakes to make them more like a milk shake. I have tried the shakers when out on the road but mine were still lumpy and I got a headache from shaking the dang thing too hard...

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My advice, buy a larger shaker jar. I find the little jar just doesn't give it enough room to shake all the lumps out!..

Comment #8

You ladies are fantastic! Thanks for saving me from all of the gagging. I never thought of mixing it with coffee (duh!). I've since stopped drinking coffee because I have to have it flavored (lots of cream and some cocoa). This may do the trick for me to get rid of the clumps and have my much needed wake up juice when I get to work at 0500. Ugh! Again thank you so much..

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I think the magic bullet is the best for the hot cocoa. I heat up a mug of water in the microwave, then pour the water into one of the magic bullet handled mugs and add the mix, put on the blade & on the base & then just pulse a few times. It comes out perfect without a single lump!..

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