Medifast recipe for Hot chocolate and Capp.?

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I bought quite a few boxes of the cappichino and hot chocolate and I hate them, they make me gag! I cook them very well, I even use a wisk to make sure everything is disolved. By the time it's cool enought to drink there is this gross sediment at the bottom of the mug that makes me want to barf! Any hints? Dont want to waste the money and throw it out, this stuff is too expensive! HC..

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How about making fudge out of them. Or how about no bake cookies. Have you added SF syrups? Add your skim milk allowance for the day. It helps...

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I make shakes with my cappuccino. I havent tried the hot chocolate yet, but will probably do the same with it...

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Oh, Yes, the fudge is really good!! Try the Vowl Awesome Fudge recipe. I had to stop using cause I would eat the WHOLE thing and then some!..

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Or just send them my way!!!! I love them both. The secret is to mix the powder with just a little bit of cold water to make a paste then top up the rest of the way with hot water! YUM! As for the residue...stir in between sips I guess. Or try a magic bullet. I understand it makes those drinks even better. Good luck...

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I make everything ahead of time (night before) in a shaker jar and then just re-shake it for a bit when I'm ready to drink it, then microwave to re-heat. I have found that this helps with the taste, consistency, etc. Also, you may want to try adding a little more water that directed. Hope this helps!..

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Can anyone share the recipe for th no bake cookies and the fudge both sounds great. I tryed to make the oatmeal cookies and they turn out rubbery...

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I love the hot cocoa by itself. I usually mix both with coffee to help with the taste. I continually add water to help dissolve the proteins that settle to the bottom of the cup while it sits when you let it set. Cocoa coffee is the best. I never knew Capp-cofffee was gonna be great also. Hope this helps...

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I add a little instant coffe to mine. Much better!!..

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I zap my hot cocoa with my hand wand thingy. (As per directed when I couldn't get it right!) Mixes everything great! Then I nuke it for about a minute and a half, stir and drink. I don't have a problem with sludge. It makes all the difference in the taste and texture..

Give a mixer/blender a try!..

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I LOVE the cappuccino... have it every day. I like it better than the other hot drinks because I find that it completely dissolves, unlike the others. I don't do anything special to it, just stir with a spoon. I do add 2 tablespoons of fat-free french van. creamer to it after I microwave it. YUM!!! I look forward to having it!..

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I'd read a post about someone hating the cappacino and was reluctant when I tore open my first pouch this morning. I put it in my blender with about 6 oz cold water and then added a tsp of instant coffee and about 1T SF Chocolate syrup from Davinci. Then I added a bunch of ice and made a smoothie out of it. Wasn't bad at all. I haven't tried this with the cocoa but I have added some of the flavored syrups (all SF) like German Choc Cake, Almond Roca, and even raspberry to the cocoa. Another way I've tried is one I read off the recipe boards.

They called this Mexican Cocoa and it was delish! Good luck. Now I need some ides for broccoli soup...tried using it for making crackers. That didn't appeal to me at all. That is the first Medifast meal I've trashed because of the taste. Any help?.


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I love the hot coco, the capp I could do without and the chi tea I mix with 1 tsp of carmel flavored syurp. I would rather drink the coco than the shakes...

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I Am Very Fond Of All The Hot Drinks. All I Do Is Put Them In The Magic Bullit With 8 Ounces Of Tepid Water And Blend, Then Microwave For About 1 Minute Until Hot. I Do Stir The Drinks Several Times While Microwaving. If I Drink It Slowly, Then I Do Get Some Sludge. If I Finish It As Fast As I Really Want To, Then No Sludge. Always Have At Least One Per Day. Gail..

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No sludge at all when you make the hot cocoa in the magic bullet it is one of my favorite meals!..

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Chocolate No Bake Peanut Butter Cookies.

1 pk Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal.

1 pk Chocolate Shake.

Tsp. Cinnamon.

1 tsp. Splenda.

2 TB Peanut Butter (crunchy).

1 TB Vanilla.

2 TB Water.

Mix all dry ingredients first then slowly add wet ingredients.

Batter should be firm and thick.

Roll into balls and flatten with a fork..

(Count Each Serving as 1 Meal and 1 Snack).

No Bake Fudge Cake.

Stovetop Low Heat.

Small Pan.

2 pkt Hot Coccoa.

2 pkt Pudding.

3 Tbs. Davinci Syrup (choose your favorite).

1 Tbs. Vanilla.

4 Tbs Creamy Peanut Butter.

1/2 cup milk (or water w/coffee creamer).

Put wet ingredients into on the stovetop then add the rest and blend it all together till smooth and hardens up a little to form a dough..

Spoon into a tupperware container and pat it down with a spatula..

Refrigerator for about an hour then cut it up into 4 equal servings. Also after chilled you can roll into truffles and dip into crushed peanuts or coccoa powder too..

(Count Each Serving as 1 Meal and 1 Snack).

Store in Refrigerator...

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I put 6 ozs of cold water in a blender and a few ice cubes...they are great cold or hot...the cocoa has more chocolate flavor then the shakes...give it a try...I do both this way..later Prez..

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I make all cold drinks...just not a hot drink kinda girl. I make a cap. shake and add some DaVinci choc syrup...yum!..

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Anyone have that Fudge Recipe? I've been trying to find it...

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I absolutely hated the cappuccino the first time I tried it. But then I brewed a cup of decaff the night before and left it in the fridge. Put the cold coffee in the big container of my Magic Bullet, the capp mix and enough cold water to top up (about 6-8 oz). Mix it all up really good..

Frothy/foamy and very yummy frappuccino. I'm drooling for one right now!.

I find it tastes much better if you brew the coffee rather than just add the instant granules...

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