Hiya Im on this on yahoo uk personals, is there any way to view my emails without joining

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My first question is: Hiya Im on this on yahoo uk personals, is there any way to view my emails without joining .

My next question is: Met someone a few months ago.  He seemed ok.  He is divorced and has children from that marriage. We went out.  We had a long discussion and I found out he was bipolar.  He called me a few months later-apologizing for his actions and explained that he was in the process of trying to come off his meds back then.  He is now back on them.  He said that he had over a decade of good times before that.  My family does not want me to see him.  We have gone out twice since he called.  I enjoy his company.  Should I continue to see him?..

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Your question was: Hiya Im on this on yahoo uk personals, is there any way to view my emails without joining .

I was in a very painful roller coaster relationship (thru for 4 years with a bi-polar man who kept going off his meds.  So my initial response would be NO WAY...but if this was sincerely the first time in 10 years he went off his meds, then maybe he now realizes that he can't do that.  I would talk to him in detail about his decision to try to go off them and see if he really gets that he cannot do so..

And educate yourself as much as possible about bipolarism..


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I was engaged to someone who had bipolar. My experience with him was not a very positive one, so initially my response would also be NO WAY. In my case, he was very verbally abusive and selfish. I would learn as much as you can about bipolar and make the decision if this is something you can handle. It's not a simple disorder, and by no means should it be used as excuse to treat you badly in any way.My advice would be just to know what you're getting yourself into before you get involved...

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Run like the wind! I have been in relationships with bipolar guys before and it is not fun. If he is back on his meds then that is better but you have to think about what will happen if he misses them or goes on a trip and forgets them at home or has some sort of episode. He could snap and hurt you or his kids or if it goes far enough your kids should you two have any. One of my ex's had bipolar. It was scary because there was this one incident where I was sitting in the living room with both of HIS kids and he came out of the bathroom and when he was closing the door he didn't move his hand in time and the door bounced back open because his fingers were in the way. The very next thing that happened was him screaming, punched a whole through the door, went into our bedroom, came out after about 5 min calm as could be.

When I pointed the door out to him all he said was "Ya I guess it was" and went about his business like nothing happened. It scared me and the kids. I stuck around for a little longer to take care of the kids until their mom got back from deployment so she could take them back. I hate to imagine what would happen if I hadn't been there or if it were one of the kids that somehow triggered a reaction like that from him.

Another more recent example was about 6 months another boyfriend of mine, who was also bipolar, beat me to the point of having to quit my job and didn't remember doing it the next morning until after he saw my face and sat down and thought about it.

Bipolar disorder is a deal breaker for me in relationships, as a strict rule, from that point on...

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Yes there are lots of people with bipolar who are able to live "normal" lives so long as they make a daily, concerted effort to take care of themselves.  Is he is therapy? That's an important component. Perhaps the two of you can have a few sessions with a couples counselor.  But he has to make the decision that he needs his meds to function..


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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