Hints and Tips for Hunger Struggles during Medifast

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Hello everyone my name is Ilona and I'm on my first day of medifast..

I just wanted opinions on how many people struggled with hunger their first day. I'm struggling a bit at the moment >< does anyone have any helpful hints or suggestions??..

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Drink lots of water..

Remember you are allowd one approved snack per day.

Take naps..

Water again..

Get up and do something to distract yourself..

Welcome to the group!!!!!..

Comment #1

Oh, oh I see and you're right, I drank 2 cups of water and felt better.

I'm looking forward to my salad at work today ~~~~..

Comment #2

I just started Friday. All went very well over the weekend. My main advise is to drink the water. Soup for lunch is filling. I added a squirt of tabasco sauce and it tasted better. If you space out your meals 2-3 hours apart you should do fine. Good Luck!!..

Comment #3

It's my first day too! I was good up until an hour ago, so I'm off to get a water refill! Good luck!..

Comment #4

Yeah I added garlic powder to my soup today for lunch o.o my mother and I are going to go to the store later and find a salt substitute..

Salty things are my weakness >< if I can add just a little bit more saltiness to my soup It will go down easier..

Comment #5

My first day as well. I had a hard time getting around to eating my medifast meals. I ended up eating two oat-meals for dinner and I don't feel hungry, but I am feeling deprived! I'm used to my usual after work wine and cheese fest! Just have to keep thinking about being healthy for my daughter.

Good Luck everybody!.


I don't know how to post all the signature stuff- is there a thread on that?..

Comment #6

Be good to yourself. It took me 4 days to get past that initial "detox" phase at the beginning. I won't lie, it was hard. And memory of how hard it was is the single biggest weapon I have against cheating or taking "time off". I just don't want to go through that again. My head ached, I was weak, faint, tired and ever so hungry.

On the 5th morning, I sat up and it was like flipping on a light switch. I didn't feel good, I felt GREAT! My energy was crazy. I was bright eyed and clear headed and not hungry. I haven't had that gnawing hunger pain since.

Take care of you. Understand that your body is going through changes and adjusting... but it will adjust. Sleep as much as you can, hot baths and lots of water. You'll feel better soon...

Comment #7

I feel a little better today, still kind of hungry but I'm already making changes I drink a bottle of water with every meal except for my snack :3 we went to mongolian grill today and for anyone who doesn't know what that is you get to choose your meat and veggies you can add noodles to your dish but I just had a little bit of chicken with some really fresh veggies cut out the unecessary carbs and added just a pinch of sauce it felt good to be able to eat out eat well and know I'm staying in my lean green budget.

Score one for me :3..

Comment #8

Welcome! Stick to it and keep drinking that water!.

I'm curious - are you splitting your lean and green? "A bit" of chicken is probably not nearly enough if this was your total L&G for the day. 6 oz of grilled chicken breast is quite a lot! I am finally getting a good idea of how much 7oz of fish, 6oz of chicken and 5oz of beef is so when I do eat out (very rarely), I can judge whether I need to augment with another lean and green later on or order more of something at the restaurant. Shorting yourself on L&G could lead you to feeling hungrier, plus you need those nutrients.

Congratulations on staying on plan so far. The first five days were HARD for me, but I kept thinking about how much $$ I had spent and stuck to it. I slept a lot, distracted myself a lot and just worked through the cravings and hunger. Now I can't imagine going off plan because I feel so good...

Comment #9

Welcome to all of you newbies. I have been doing Medifast for 2 weeks now and for the 6 weeks prior to that, I was doing Weight Watchers. I thought I would die from the withdrawal headache the first 3 days, but on day 4, I felt great! Some days are harder than others, but you can do this..

Buy some boulion (sp) to add to your soup. Just a little bit makes it taste a lot better. The chicken noodle is my favorite. The chili however makes me gag! Find MFmeals that you like and in the future, buy those. The shakes and puddings are good. The cappucino is fantastic! I add it to my cup of coffee in the morning and it tastes like hot chocolate!.

If you don't like water, which I hate, buy some Crystal Light or the store brand of drink mixes and add them to your water. It helps get it down..

Make sure that when you eat your lean and green that you are getting enough protein!!!.

Again, welcome to the boards! This place will help when you need a nudge!.

Good luck! Rose..

Comment #10

Rose_snow - welcome to Medifast!!.

I wanted to caution about using too much crystal light. It does say zero carbs per serving, but that just means it has less than one gram (in other words, it is not actually a zero carb additive). If you add crystal light to every glass of water you drink in a day, you could be adding 8+ grams of carbs to your intake without even realizing it!..

Comment #11

Today was my 1st day. It went better than I expected! I did drink lots of water. I have a bit of a headache. Planning on going to bed early. I have never used blogs, chat rooms or boards before. I may need some help to get the hang of it and to figure out how it all works...

Comment #12

Welcome to all the new members! You've made a wonderful choice to get yourselves to better health and a new life. Come often to the boards; there are lots of incredibly supportive and knowledgeable people here who will help make your journey easier..

Cikoffat, I just have to say I LOVE your user name. LOL! Aren't we all indeed sick of fat!! (And, boy, do I hope I am reading your name correctly, or I will be very embarrassed!! LOL!!)..

Comment #13

I started awhile back, got distracted,,so, I have decided that w/ my new order arriving yesterday that this is really the real deal,,so today is my first day, and I have a good 5 days to feel the "good", I remember that as well. But good gosh it has to be better then getting down on myself all the time and clothes look like crap, which make me stay in sweat pants, my family notices these things and my husband is wonderful and knows that I hate this weight,,so it's time. So I am going to be coming here alot, since I think that was my downfall last time, not asking for help and trying to do it alone,,not this time,,so this is going to be my morning noon and night site,,I realize that I am worth it,,,Happy First Day To Me!!!!..

Comment #14

Looks like I need to go back and figure out gow to redo my Join date as I feel today is my first day,,,..

Comment #15

Hi, I just finished my first week and I'm happy to say I lost 5 lbs. I was hungry a few days and I would have a cup of tea after a meal. It made me feel fuller. If you space your meals 2 - 2.5 hours apart it keeps you feeling full. I put the shakes in the freezer to make a slushie and that felt like a treat. Good luck..


Comment #16

Yeah I haven't tried putting my shakes in the freezer but there is a certain way that I blend it in my blender that makes the consistency feel like an actually milk shake. :3 it's called... MASH AND FRAPPE in the end it's really just a lot of air and bubbles...... but it makes the texture amazing, I always put a little bit of ice in my to make the blend smoother and the shake colder. The only one that I really am liking is the Dutch Chocolate one, which is really weird because I'm not a fan of chocolate D: but tomorrow will be week 1 for me I dont know how much i've lost yet, I decided not to weigh myself because when I start to weigh myself, it literally becomes and addiction, I start to weigh my self every morning, I can tell by the loose fit of my jeans that this actually works :3.

Ahhhh I'm so happy x3..

Comment #17

Welcome to all new MFer' glad you are here on this journey with all of us on the Medifast boards! Here, you will find so many supportive Medifast members who will cheer you on to your journey..

Take care all,..

Comment #18

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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