Hi there, I cannot access to the website after upgrading IE to version 7. Why? Please help

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My first question is: Hi there, I cannot access to the website after upgrading IE to version 7. Why? Please help.

My next question is: I just recently started dating (online dating with and have been trying to be cautious since this is the most I've dated since my last long term relationship...The new guy is complete charmer and I think I'm in trouble =)Any advice!..

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Your question was: Hi there, I cannot access to the website after upgrading IE to version 7. Why? Please help.

Hi there,.

I'm not sure what you want advice on; you haven't given much information at all. How is this guy a 'charmer'? What is he doing/saying?..

Comment #1

"I think I'm in trouble =)".

...somebody's gonna get lucky!  I dont see how you need any advice...hehehe...because it looks like it is already too late...hehe...

Comment #2

There's a difference between being a genuinely charming person, and knowing how to say the right things/act the right way in order to get women to fall for him... Keep your guard up until you know which one for sure! Sounds like you are happy though, it is a great feeling falling for someone you like!..

Comment #3

I would recommend checking out "The Real Rules" by Barbara DeAngelis. I kind of wish it was named something different because there is another book called "The Rules" which is about how to get guys by playing with games, and people may confuse the two. This book came out after that one got popular because the author of this one had a lot of experience as a relationship (thru counselor, and she spotted some things in the other book that were very dangerous. She wanted to give women an alternative book for useful dating (online dating with advice. Anyway, what I like about "The Real Rules" is that has a ton of dating (online dating with tips about what to watch out for and how to be careful when you're dating (online dating with so you don't get taken in by the wrong type of guys. It's also a small, think book so it won't take too long to get through it.


Comment #4

Hahahaha...thanks ragingangel08! That's my might be too late...but I really want to wait before doing you know what...know what I that is going to be hard.....

Comment #5

That's great advice eggbertshootsfire. Thank you! I plan on staying cautious.....

Comment #6

Thank you so much for the book advice. It sounds perfect for my situation and I will definitely have to go pick it up!..

Comment #7

"so that is going to be hard... ".

That is exactly my point..hehehe.  I'm sorry, that wasnt helpful..

 As long as you keep your dates outside the house you'll be able to set the tempo as far as physical intimacy goes.  But, if he is a genuine charmer he'll probably charm you right out of your panties.  You see...the best seductions take place without the party realizing that he or she is being seduced - that is how one is supposed to seduce the other - not with all that cheesey crap.  When seduction is done correctly...the one being seduced actually thinks it is his or her idea to have sex with the other, feels intoxicated by the seducer and then starts to pursue the seducer...

Comment #8

Well, recently we got quite close and I do need to keep the dates outside the house...Though he did say "whenever you are ready"...I just don't know...I've only known him for a bit over a month and I just don't feel right yet...I don't know why.....

Comment #9

Advice given to me once:  when in doubt...don't.  If something isnt right at this time period, whereas with other guys you felt more comfortable sooner in the relationship, then take the time to examine it...

Comment #10

Just keep living your life, dont become dependent on waiting for his calls, etc.  Being busy and involved and having him be the dessert, not the meat and potatoes, will serve you well!.


Comment #11

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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