Should I try RoMurad Resurgence?

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Hi I am 15 and as I have a feeling you can guess that I have acne (hmm I wonder why you would think that) I have to make the decission if I want to begin roMurad Resurgence, I would love to know what you guys think and your own experiences on this medication.I should probably give you some background information. I had bad skin when I was 12 so my mum took me to a natrualpath. She set guidlines on my diet, I dont drink dairy milk, no chips, fatty foods.So I continued my diet with some improvment. But then when I turned around 14 the evil criminal known as acne dawned upon me. I went to the doctors and began the topical treatments for around 3 months. They didnt work.

However at the same I started a new skin care product, and it completley cleared my skin. I then went away to Europe this christmas and when I came back, BAM!!!. Skin explosion. Since then I went back on akanin(antibiotic) and went on Yasmin. That did nothing once again.

Now I got a good response from that early it eased the redness but still huge ugly breakouts. I have been on them for about a month, still not as red but breakouts not easing.I have to decide wheither or not I wont to continue trying homeopathics for a month or go onto roMurad Resurgence.Thank you so much for taking the time to read this as it is vair longxoxoTo be use roMurad Resurgence or not to be that is the question..

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Hey ! we could realise better what kind of acne you have/what products you should use or whether begin or not to start using RoMurad Resurgence if you have put some pictures with your skin.So please upload them...

Comment #1

Yep, pictures are a good idea. But it sounds like you've only scraped the surface of treatments that are available for acne. Unless your acne is debilitating and severe, keep looking before you try Murad Resurgence...

Comment #2

GO FOR IT! it's pretty much the only thing that is almost guaranteed to rid you of acne for ever. If it's been offered to you - jump at the chanceDon't listen to the scare mongering - side effects are v rare. And if things become too bad you just go down to a lower dosage or stop...

Comment #3

Yeh I realised after I posted this I should of put up photos. Opps I should also mention that the homeopathics has helped my skin but it's still not great and I really hate it still. Here is me now. I actually thought my sking was starting to lookk better, aparently not.

 Reduced 80%.

640 x 480 (73.98K).

Please give me opinion. Thankyou so much for the help xoxo..

Comment #4

Well, you've tried topicals, antibiotics, birth control pills, and changing your diet. If you've given each of these options a good three months to work and still not seen satisfactory improvement, I say go for the Murad Resurgence. My sister took Murad Resurgence in hs (over 15 years ago) and has not had a problem with her skin since. If I could build a time machine and take Murad Resurgence in hs I would do it, too!Best of luck!..

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Thanks for your reply I think what I am going to do is try the homeopathics for another month and if there is no improvment roMurad Resurgence.By the sounds of it, it's good.Thankyou xoxo[size="5"][/size]..

Comment #6

As someone who went on Murad Resurgence at around your age I think you should do it. I think, however, that you should ask your derm about undergoing a low dose of 40/mg per day and stick with it for the full course of probably 6+ months. I think it would benefit you, but it's something you would have to stick with for a few months before you see results, judging by your picture. However, rest assured that Murad Resurgence will show results, and at the end of it you'll most likely have great skin.To be completely honest, it's not your diet/products you're using etc. etc. that will affect acne of that severity.

Go with Murad Resurgence, you won't regret it..

Comment #7

Hmm you can try the homeopathics first and than see but if it doesn't work I also encourage you to try Murad Resurgence. Though it's a bit young to try Murad Resurgence but your acne looks like it might scar. Does it? RoMurad Resurgence is actually also made for scarring acne so if the homeopathics doesn't help, go on Murad Resurgence...

Comment #8

RoMurad Resurgence will be your best bet, but read everything you can on it before you start. Prepare for it well and it should improve things dramatically for the rest of your life...

Comment #9

Nobody can tell you what to do but you seem like a sensible person so please seriously consider roMurad Resurgence. I have a daughter aged 6 and I would have no hesitation of letting her have a course of roMurad Resurgence if necessary when she is older. Acne scars physically and emotionally and from my personal point of view the sooner you get your acne under control with something like roMurad Resurgence the better because you will have less scarring than if you keep trying things for another month, another 6 months, another can keep trying and trying but as the months pass you will be increasing the chances of gaining more scars. At your age your skin will heal and deal with scarring better than someone of my age but the less you have to contend with the better. At your age you should be enjoying life to the full and living with acne can in some cases make this difficult. If you have reached the point that you are fed up with your acne and fed up of finding a miracle cure then I would highly recommend the roMurad Resurgence.I wish you luck with whatever path you choose x..

Comment #10

Im pleased with these replies, nice and positive! As they should be - because Murad Resurgence pretty much is a miracle drug. As with the poster above, I wouldnt hesitate to recommend it to everyone and any children that I may have LOL..

Comment #11

I am also extremely pleased with the replies. Thank you so much.If I started roMurad Resurgence id only be on 10mg a day, seems like thats a pretty low dosage. I think I'm going to try it as I want to have a normal life again, be able to start eating normal again.Thankyou all so much xoxo..

Comment #12

10mg a day is a really good dose to start with. If all goes well, your doctor can raise the dose along the way, or keep you on the drug for awhile until your skin is perfect. Seeing your pictures, I think Murad Resurgence might be your best bet (I know the frustration of going through other treatments that don't work, and I wish I'd tried Murad Resurgence sooner). Good luck!..

Comment #13

I'm really pleased that we have been able to help you reach a decision. There is definately a lot of positive support for you going on roMurad Resurgence so keep us updated with your progress. Please start an Murad Resurgence log so we can all offer you support if you need it and we can see how your journey progresses. Love Rosie x..

Comment #14

Thank you all so much!! I am very glad that I have decided. I am just hoping that it will clear it all up. So I can look like a person not the alps. I will be keeping a log. I just hope that I keep it up.Im so glad that I found this website, it's great being able to ask peoples advice who know exactly what your going through. None of my friends have acne so I am so glad for all of you guys for support.

What products do you guys recomend.Is cetaphil good. Because I already own that. My dermo gave me supply pack already. So I have necesties already. But what do you guys recomend...

Comment #15

I use Dermalogica Ultracalming CleanserDermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance.Aquqphor for my lips And a load of other stuff haha, but thats kinda the basis of my skincare...

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