Hi!!! I need reviews of people who have used VitaminShoppe pro performance Thermo Burst.?

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My first question is: Hi!!! I need reviews of people who have used VitaminShoppe pro performance Thermo Burst.?.

My next question is: Hey dudes. been on test en and deca for a week now - both pharma grade - I'm loving it so far. it's going to be a 12 week cycle in total - 8weeks of pure all out bulking and then 1month trying to cut up. Im going to Cancun for spring break so I'm trying to get in real good shape for that. I'm looking to put on 2 stone during the bulk phase and then try and maintain all those muscle gains whilst reducing and excess fat in the last month of the cycle. I just wanted to run through my diet on a typical bulking day with you guys and see what you think to it - so here goes - (this was my diet yesterday).

8.00 - MRP shake (300cals).

9.00 -2 toast with 2 eggs and half can of baked beans..

12.00 - large chicken curry with rice.

3.00 - MRP shake.

5.00 - bag of nuts(400 cals).

8.00 - large lamb steak with potatoes and veg.

11.00 - 1 toast with 2 eggs and half can of beans..

So what do you think guys???..

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Your question was: Hi!!! I need reviews of people who have used VitaminShoppe pro performance Thermo Burst.?.

Richtries, uncooked eggs cause digestive problems due to the biotin, hence nobody downing Rocky Balbao shakes any more!.

Whats a "synthetic shake"? Do you mean a protein drink? If so lets look at this, cows, pigs, chickens are there for us to eat by chance, we didn't design them for a particular purpose, true?.

A well made and designed protein drink has all 22 amino acids unlike and beef or poultry, it will be on a time release basis just like a solid food is as the body breaks it down. The shake is convenient, easy to prepare and needs no cooking..

Astronauts aren't sent into space with chicken and beef but with protein powder and vitamin tablets, why? Because it's scientifically designed to supply the human body with all it needs..

My Mrs won BNBF Natural Miss Britain after 18 months training on 5 shakes a day and 2 meals, Steph Sinton won the Pro Nabba Uni on 3 or 4 solids and 10 shakes a day, I could go on and on but wont..

Good shakes ARE food...

Comment #1

I respect your opinion Extreme, and the examples you give. But for me personally (and alot of other people I have encountered), adding a protein shake into my daily schedule whilst keeping my diet/training constant has no affect on my gains. They are ok for convenience but in no way are they a replacement for real food imo. An exception is creatine, in terms of strength I have used Kre-alkalyn with some success.

I have been eating raw eggs for ages and have had no ill affects, and I know alot of other people with healthy digestive systems who do. On the other hand, alot of protein powders contain many ingredients that can be harmful to your body. In order to make these "meal replacements" into powders and to be able to be stored for long periods of time (for shipping and sitting on the store shelves), many chemicals and preservatives must be added. When you add foreign chemicals and preservatives, substances that are not from nature, your body does not handle well those types of unnatural substances. Instead of making you gain muscle, alot of time all you will get is a bloated stomach, diarrhea, and even fat, since your body doesn't digest it well. How many times have you drunk a protein shake and 30 minutes later you start to get "gas"? That's your body's way of telling you that it cannot handle that shake.

Which are found in real food..

Just my 2 pence...

Comment #2

Hi, I'm tempted to start with some form of steriod and after research - a light use of deca is more appealing, is that true? What is the "test en" that Sitries mentions, is that stacked with Deca?..

Comment #3

Protein shakes arnt essentill but I cant imagine any 1 serious with there training would go without a good whey powder. ive noticed a difference from training with protien supps than without. they do help get good quality protien into your diet and also when you only want protien without all the callories. a very good invention and I cant imagine training without them now...

Comment #4

Protien shakes are good around training times. Any Shakes I take during the day I mix with 2 whole eggs and 6 egg whites...

Comment #5

Test en is testosterone enanthate which is a fairly long acting esther of testosterone. This is a very popular product..

If you're determined to take steroids then I would stack Deca with some form of testosterone. If not then I would definitely use proviron daily if using deca solely to avoid 'deca ****'. I would say 25mg proviron daily would suffice...

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