Hi, has anyone taken the VitaminShoppe collagen drink before? Does it work?

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My first question is: Hi, has anyone taken the VitaminShoppe collagen drink before? Does it work?.

My next question is: Hello has anyone brought from ampsntabs are they good products and reliable. Thanks..

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I thought the 10ml vials were really cheap like the 10ml sust only ** pounds...

Comment #1

Its not over priced at all, it's very cheap... just takes 4ever to arrive like 40 to 60 days.. stuffs good and price is cheap....

Comment #2

No they r not scammers, don't get me wrong I don't like them, but ill be honest you will get your stuff...

Comment #3

First off, I am completely objective - I do not use AAS, and I have no personal connection to anyone who has used ANT. I have seen the following things:.

1) ANT removed/re-added on source lists due to bad customer service..

2) Lots of complaning customers, with incomplete/missing orders..

3) Unprofessional language and behaviour from ANT when confronted..

On the good side, I have never seen their products accused of low quality. Take this as you will...

Comment #4

Has anyone used the antabol 20mg (d-bol) thats on the site if so was it any good?..

Comment #5

Its also higher priced than almost all domestic sources...

Comment #6

Bought gear from them in April, told had been sent, still nothing..

Anyone bought stuff recently had probs ??.


Comment #7

Same old, Same old... you will get your stuff mate it just tabkes longer and I did tell you that earlier. I too have ordered something that my supplier can't get and I'm happy to wait the 2 to 3 months it will take to get it..

The stuff is cheap and ok, I just had a bad experiance with there test..

Now stop coming on here and opening the thread up cos you should be emailing AnT and asking him when your gear will arrive...

Comment #8

[quote=Ali M;210083].

Now stop coming on here and opening the thread QUOTE].

First time I've been on this thread mate ! I was only asking..

Blimey, I though we were here to help each other.!.

I HAVE emailed Ant 4 times. ! Been told, ' Been Sent' then ' being sent tomorrow, sould get it in a couple of days,' then,,,.. 'was sent Weeks ago',... now silence ??.

I don't mind waiting, it's the different stories I'm getting that bothers me..

I've asked many times for help with sources, and because I got zero feedback, I ended up going to AnT.

What's a guy to do,..??..

Comment #9

Thornton we are here but can you explain what anyone on this board can do to help you get your gear from AnT labs??.

To be fair mate why would anyone refer you to a source other than those on the net?? it is a trust thing and no one is going to risk being set up.....

All board sponsors are legit and can be trusted...unfortunatly AnT labs have a history of being slow with deliever unfortunatly you will just have to wait...

Comment #10

I brought the new anabolics 2007 book the other day and there were no ampsntabs products on there at all. As all who have the book know that nearly all the steriod companys in the world are listed in there with pictures at the back...

Comment #11

Just because it is not in the book does not mean it does not exist or is sh1t gear there are no Hormone Solutions gear in the book either but that stuff is definitely good gear......

Comment #12

J-Man, remember it is basically a book aimed at the american market, written by an american.

I know some pro wrestlers in the USA who buy their gear from the UK because the stuff is top drawer and cheaper than american sources and it lowers the chance of them getting set up..

Its funny because they phone me and say "I've been offered Product-X but I don't know exactly what it is or if it's any good, do yoou know of it?" So I look into it for them if I don't know of the product, they don't pay any attention to the book..

Its not a bible, just a reference book for (mailnly) American users...

Comment #13

Just have patience mate, my order too forever to arrive but it did arrive. Their Dbol looks a bit strange cos their small round pink tablets? but have faith...

Comment #14

I do not understand you guys that order gear of the net and take a risk,obviously you go the gym .listen guys just go to the biggest guy you see in the gym,not straight away mind .leave it a couple of weeks ,say hello now and again then ask him,. do you no a source.that is the way to go because you will get your gear in a few days and you wont have to pay up front..

Comment #15

I just got my AnT "gear" yesterday. Took only 2 weeks here in the U.S...

Comment #16

1 week into cycle and noticable difference already. Maybe psychological but I doubt it. Also they use a solvent instead of oil which makes the inj. painless...

Comment #17

Hi marcus, whats your avitar pic about bit? just wandering...

Comment #18

Its from Team America where they disguise one of the characters (Gary, An Actor, Who gets told to 'Use your acting skills Gary') to infiltrate a Terrorist group....

My last one was Kim Jong Il from the same film...

Comment #19

Has anyone ever tried the stuff out of Canada? I have and found I was a little disappointed in the results from the gear, as compared to other. Was using test E 400..



Comment #20


If your referring to AnT Labs gear from Canada, we dont have a lab there, and we have never produced Test E 400..



Comment #21

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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