How to deal with hunger from Medifast diet?

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This is the beginning of my 4th week and I have been so hungry the past couple of days. The first three weeks I was in heavan because I thought wow! this is great, I am totally satisfied. Has this happened to anyone else? I am so worried that i'm gona give up and I don't want to. I really want to succeeed like all the others I see on these boards. Should I have an extra meal instead of being tempted to eat something else? Any suggestions? Please help..

Thanks Laura..

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Hi Laura, Don't fret, by all means have another Medifast meal. That will not hurt you. You can also have an optional snack, 3 stalks celery or 2 pickle spears or sugar free gum or sugar free mints. It's in your Quick Start Guide. You might make chicken bouillion celery soup to tide you over. Just prepare the boullion, but with two cups water, prepare in skillet with three stalks celery sliced and saute, then when reduced to about 1 cup, pour in a bowl and eat slowly.

Try these two options and drink extra water if you can. Then hopefully your hunger will subside. Hang in there. YOU can do this. Your L&G aren't that far off.

Always here to help...

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Seems like everyone hits a time early on where they feel extra hungry and tummy gurgling. Some say it is just before a big loss as long as you don't give in!! Take the advice about the broth and snacks and push through!!..

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It's time to break out the EggBeaters. It is a HUGE meal. I save them for when I get really hungry. An OP serving of EggBeaters is 2 cups. That is alot of eggs! And then you have to add in your green servings.

My BIG OP meal is: 1 cup EggBeaters (1/2 serving), 3 MorningStar Farms Sausage Links (1/2 serving), 1/2 cup mushrooms, 1/2 cup tomatoes, 1 cup spinach and 2 TBSP salsa.

Try having a really good OP meal and see if the hungries don't go away. Hope it helps..



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Thank you everyone for the advice. the hunger seems to have subsided for now. did not experience it yesterday. wew...i made it through..

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Hi I am new to this board, also a restart. I have a tendency to sabotage myself. I will go for a few days, lose a few pounds, then eat late at night b/c I am hungry. Today, 7/22, I have decided to stay OP and see what happens. I like to read the advice from others on what to do when hunger strikes. I will try!!!..

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Good luck, pes. Save your bars (if you like the bars) for your evening snack. They pack a little more protein and can help get you through the night time munchies. Also, don't be afraid to eat the Medifast approved snacks (crisps, crackers) or the allowed green snacks like the celery stalks and/or pickles.

One sentence of advice: "Embrace the hunger.".

It takes time for your body to adjust to the nutrition plan and new calorie level, and your stomach will eventually shrink. The hungries always seem to hit me around mid-morning, so I decided to do the celery stalks then, and eat the bars for either breakfast or mid-morning and that got me through it...

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I like to think that when I am hungry that it is my body switching over from food to fat burning I hope it helps you also..

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I was searching last night and found this to be so helpful. It got me through the hunger and I was rewarded at the scale this am! Added a pinch of cayenne just to rev things up!.

Thank you!..

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Another boardie told me about licking a boullion cube to curb salt cravings. It works! Just thought I would throw that out there lol..

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Both my mom and I noticed that we started getting ravenous hunger within an hour of drinking the new antioxidant shakes! She experienced it first and I didn't believe it could be that until it happened to me after my new order got here with the new products. YUP! Happened to me too! Don't know if it affects everyone like that, but I do know of one other person who's experienced it outside of th family. Something to be aware of, anyway..

Hope you're doing better now! :-)..

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Please feel free to contact me, PM, anytime I can give you specific help. Don't know if anyone has helped you, personally, yet..


Certified Health Coach..

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I believe it is better to eat a snack/MF meal than go hungry. Please correct me if I'm wrong but not feeling hungry is a sign of being in mild ketosis. So if you get hunger pangs, it is better to address it rather than suffer through so your body can go into the fat-loss mode again.

When I am having a tough time I find myself getting on the Medifast boards and that really helps!.

Good luck,.


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Hello Everyone,.

Just started four days ago and I feel like "help I'm so hungry!" I've not gotten all my info on yet but I need to lose between 30 and 45 lbs. I've been trying to lose this for 4 years! So, loved reading the encouraging words. I'm sticking the program but added 1/2 cup of exra lettuce last night to dinner. What does that do? I don't want to sabotage my progress. One coach said to have an extra Medifast meal? Does that work to get me through a rough day? Rather that than eat something really off program..

Any more advice would be so appreciated!.


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Okay, this might be too late to be helpful to the original poster but maybe not too late for Brenda or someone else looking through these threads. My doctor is supervising my weight loss. She is an internist who specializes in bariatrics and has many patients using Medifast supplements...she recommends eating protein when the 5 and 1 is not enough...the protein helps us feel full without adding carbs since the principles of Medifast means lowering carbs.....

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I agree. I add a little more protein and it seems to help when I am fighting the hungar on a particularly challenging day. Sometimes I am suprised that I lose a little more weight after I do this especially if I worked out hard that day. I think sometimes my body does need a little more calories, but not on a daily basis.

I am not sure if this is true but I always have thought keeping the carbs under 85 is the most important thing. Of course it is good to keep the calories below 850 for me as well, but sometimes I have gone higher and been okay. If I ever kicked myself out of ketosis with too many calories as long as I stay on Medifast then I can get back into ketosis the next day. If I eat way too many carbs then it takes a lot longer to get into ketosis (three days). I do use the strips and they work for me to monitor the ketosis, although I have heard they don't work for everyone.

Good luck with the hunger..

I just chug water when I get hungary or chew orbit gum...

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Hi Everyone,.

It looks like a bit of extra protein is the way to go from time to time. I hope to experience all the success that you all have. It is pretty amazing. What about an extra Medifast meal as well or would you suggest a bit more protein in the crazy hungry times..

Thanks! Brenda..

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Im going thru the same situation, I'm on week 4 and today I was really hungry. but I think I know why I'm hungry. because in four weeks I'm down 38 lbs and I feel great! in fact I can move so well now that I was out chopping wood, moving dirt with the tractor, hauling hay to the horses, all stuff I would make my son do!, well dang I was hungry because I was burning all these calories.....

Maybe you found yourself exercising more and it has contributed to your hunger. I also found that on days I force myself to drink at least a gallon of water, I'm much less hungry..

So maybe slow down a little bit if it helps stay op.


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These notes on hunger have been so helpful! Some days are easy for me, and other days I am starving. Is that normal? When I get really hungry, I feel tired and just want to take a nap. How do you deal with the low energy level when really hungry?..

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O.K. I am fairly new - what's an OP meal?.

I am entering my second week and get more hungry by the day. Yesterday I almost said 'the hell with it' This is really not as easy as so many of you make it sound, especially when you have a super stressfull day at work...

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I like how you think! I will remember that during the frequent times that I am hungry during the day...

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