Help With Wraps during Nutrisystem

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Any suggestions on how to help the Nutrisystem wraps? I received both the buffalo chicken wrap and the BBQ sauce with pork wrap in my free week. What can I add to either of these to make them tastier? Thanks...

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Your question was: Help With Wraps during Nutrisystem.

I put the buffalo chicken one on a salad...

Comment #1

I put mine in the garbage can..

Seriously, short of starvation and death I simply can't consider those food substances..

The BBQ one (though everyone thinks I'm exaggerating) my dog literally sniffed and walked away from..

I was soooo smart with my final order and didn't choose them.....but the nice folks at Nutrisystem made sure they included 2 of each in my 'free' food. They are very thoughtful that way.

How can you "make them better?" Give them to someone who will eat anything or who thinks they are great. That will definitely be better for you.

One advantage they have? If you like them and run out....Just toss 1/8 oz of a itty bitty piece of pork-like substance, 2 cups of cheap BBQ sauce, 2 cups of cardboard, two shakes of hot sauce, one sliver of a red pepper and a single onion 'bit' into a blenderblend on "puree" for 4 hours, and you'll have yourself 10-12 servings of it. For the buffalo chicken just toss one chicken foot into the blender instead of the pork-like substancesame recipe otherwise..


PS. Obviously I'm mostly just kidding and trying for a laugh, here....

....there is no actual red pepper in either entree..

Comment #2

LOL j! Makes me glad I am on the veggie plan...

Comment #3

Mmmm....ya'll are crazy! Those are my favorite meals on the plan! Half of my order is wraps...

Comment #4

"Obviously I'm mostly just kidding and trying for a laugh, here.." Hmmn. I'm not laughing. Another gross post...

Comment #5

Hahaa that was funny even though I do like the southwest wraps - they actually have substance and you can see the chicken and corn and stuff. Thanks for making me laugh this morning..

Comment #6

Really, taking this stuff so seriously is bad for your liver, friend. It was a joke..

This isn't life or prisonit's a diet plan. Heaven help us all if no one can attempt humor..

But hey, if it fell short for ya, then you sincerely have my apologies..


Comment #7


I do what Gianavel posted, and serve mine over my salad. I like the SW onem, but do need to "doctor" up the other two a bit (I add peppers, onions, cook it in a fry pan to dry out the pastiness of it a bit...). You could try trading 'em on the trade thread too...

Comment #8

Hubby gets an extra carb so I make him BBQ sandwiches out of the pork..add veggies to the southwest one and make a "soup"... play with your food lol..

Comment #9

I like them both. The pork I use 1/2 as a wrap and the other 1/2 goes over my salad. The buffalo chicken, I add lettuce and alittle bleu cheese dressing to 1/2 as a wrap and again the rest goes over my salad. I order about 10 of these each time...

Comment #10

Michelle's Chicken Tortilla Casserole.

Empty the Buffalo Chicken Wrap entree into a bowl.

Add 1 tablespoon FF cheese (free food) OR 1 ounce of fat free sour cream.

Add 1/4 cup fresh pico di gallo (a veggie) (if you don't use fresh, you'll be adding sodium here).

Add 5 diced black olives (fat serving).

Add the tortilla that you have cut into 3/4 inch squares..

Mix and microwave for 30 seconds.

Then add 1 1/2 cups steamed green beans (three veggie servings), mix, and microwave another 30 seconds...

Comment #11

The new Laughing Cow blue cheese wedges really gave it an extra punch for me. I put two of them into it and some onions and peppers. Used my own wrap (flatout) and toasted it under the broiler...

Comment #12


Do the flatouts count as the 1 carb for dinner? They look huge, and would be much nicer than the tiny little tortilla that comes with the bbq....


Comment #13

I had the buffalo chicken wrap tonight and I have to say I was shocked at the color. I like most all the entrees but this one is not one of them. It might have tasted OK over a salad, but it kept oozing out of the tortilla.....

Comment #14

The flatout can count as a carb.

I choose to also count it as a protein option (just a tiny bit over on carbs but everything else fits).

The dieticians have said you can replace the tortilla that comes with it with any low glycemic carb and that it has 80 calories. So that's it's use with my buffalo wraps. I also use it with my hamburgers and sloppy joes as their included carb.

Carb=15g carbs, 3g protein, trace of fat, 80 calories (but can be up to 120 calories).

Dairy/protein=12g carbs, 8g protein, trace of fat, 100 calories.

Flatout Light Wrap.

Calories: 90.

Carbs 16g (over by 4 for protein).

Protein: 9.

Fat: 2.5g..

Comment #15

I didn't really care for the bbq wrap on the first try. The next time, I doctored up the filling in a pan with some garlic, onion, etc. I also prepared a package of the Sloppy Joes. Here's the kicker - mix them together and serve on whatever your carb of choice is. (Note that you eat half of this mixture now and half the next day as it uses two dinners) Add lettuce, tomato, cheese, whatev. I used a toasted ww bun and served it with sweet potato fries and salad. Suddenly, the wrap is a keeper.....

Comment #16

I was told my the dietitian when I called them on this very subject that I could sub either a Flat Out or a Deli Thin for the breads as long as they are the whole wheat/whole grain variety..

Honestly - there is so much 'product' in those pouches I don't know how you could use the little tortilla they send with it!.

I use the Buffalo Chicken one like taco meat and put it on a salad or in whole wheat flatout with a TON of shredded lettuce, celery etc..

On the BBQ Pork - I add just a Tablespoon of reg BBQ sauce and it definitely helps. I also add shredded cabbage to this one...

Comment #17

Good idea to mix the two together, I'll have to try this some time...

Comment #18

I love the Buffalo Chicken wrap, I just add some string cheese to it but I think I'm gonna try Michelle's salad...

Comment #19

I really like the Buffalo Chicken Wrap. I agree, there's too much in that little pouch for the little tortilla that comes with it. I usually just eat some of it plain and then rest in the wrap. Good to know that I can buy the flat out or use the ww sandwhich thins.

My only problem really with the wrap is that I always burn my fingers on the pouch when getting the contents out, but then the contents aren't really all that hot.

I haven't tried the BBQ Pork one. I'm probably going to trade that one with a friend of mine for her meatloaf. She didn't like the meatloaf and I'm not a big fan of BBQ Sauce (it was a free meal)...

Comment #20

After reading this recipe last night, I decided to try something kind of, sort of, vaguely similar tonight with the Southwest Style wrap. It was AMAZING. Here's what I did:.

I chopped up a good-sized slice each of a bell pepper, a tomato, and a red onion. A little of each really went a long way and I would guess that the whole pile probably added up to about a full vegetable serving, or at least most of one. I sprayed a pan with a liberal amount of olive oil flavored Pam (same zero calorie, zero fat content as regular Pam, which is an unlimited product) and sauteed the vegetables with a big scoop of minced garlic on top (roughly one garlic clove if you prefer to chop your own), along with some jalapeno peppers and banana peppers (this part is DEFINITELY to taste I can handle spicy so I used about a half dozen slices of each, if you can't handle spicy, don't use much or leave them off entirely!). After a couple of minutes, I sprayed some I Can't Believe It's Not Butter spray on them (again, zero calories, zero fat).

Meanwhile, I prepared the pouch containing the Southwest Style wrap and the tortilla in the microwave according to the instructions. I dumped in the pouch and sprinkled it all with a little Old El Paso taco seasoning from a jar, not a packet (even if you use the full serving amount, it's a free food, and I used significantly less). After mixing everything and letting the taco seasoning cook through for a bit, I put the tortilla pieces in and added some hot sauce. Something still didn't look quite right. I hadn't used my fat serving yet today, so I added a little mayonnaise (yes, mayonnaise!) and suddenly it looked creamy and just the right consistency. I dumped all of it in a bowl and topped with some fat free sour cream (free food) which I mixed in thoroughly..

With every single bite, I pondered how it was even conceivable that this delightful dish could possibly be considered diet food...

Comment #21

Thank you for saying that - so glad that I'm not alone!.

I actually really like the Buffalo Chicken wrap just the way it is; throw in some celery sticks and I'm a happy girl!.

Adding some shredded cabbage to the BBQ Pork wrap has helped me to like it better...

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