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Hi everyone. This is a duplicate posting that I just did in the recommit section, but I thought I'd ask some of you Medifast veterans.

"I tried Medifast last fall and lost about 12 lbs. Then came the holidays and I just 'played' w/MF and didn't stay totally on plan. My weight is creeping back up and I want to stop that now and lose this 30+ lbs. for good!! So I'm recommitting. Began again on Monday and have been on plan all week so far.

Having said that, I have a question about traveling (which we do a bit of). I have enough RTD shakes to get me through this weekend. Does anyone know if airport security will allow these in your carry-on (not checking bags), or am I better off just bringing the dry packs & a shaker and trying to buy the water as I go? I also have a bunch of muffins ready, but I don't want to have it all confiscated!!!!.

I'm leaning towards the dry packs/shaker thing, but it seems like such a hassle and a mess (especially while flying)I was just wondering if anyone has experience w/this kind of thing.

Thanks for any help or advice you can throw my wayI really want to stay on plan this weekend!! ".


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I was gone for 15 days to DC. I packed the RTD and packets in a checked bag. No problems. I carried on a pudding packet and bought water in the airport. I also brought lots of snacks for my two kids and there was no problem bringing them through security. I will tell you that I accidently had one RTD in my carry-on bag on the return trip and they either didn't notice or were more concerned about my flip-flops and my computer.

I stayed on Medifast for the trip athough some of the meals I ate were not strictly Medifast allowed. I just didn't let food control the meal or the trip. I lost 7 lbs so I was pleased with the entire experience.

Have fun and good luck...

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I took my oatmeal bread,and bars with me on the plane plus packets of shakes to mix in my bottle of water. It wasn't a problem. The rest of my food went in my checked baggage. Will do the same thing when I fly next month..


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I don't like to check my bag so I carry on bars, powders and snacks. I have never had an issue with any of the dry packets at security. I also bring a spoon and container to shake everything up and that hasn't been an issue as yet either. Good luck...

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I'm on a trip now, and I travel regularly. Some airports will not pay much attention to liquid you have in a carry on bag and some will. I'd suggest taking the dry packets because, like you said, you wouldn't want it confiscated..

I planned my travel days so that I have a premade shake before I go through security then a bar on the plane...

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Thanks for the suggestions, everybody.

I'm going to take a bar for each day, my muffins and use those while on the plane. I'm also packing the powdered drinks & pudding along w/my shaker to use when we're "on land.".


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I was wondering about this too. My family of 4 (all of us on Medifast for the past month) are taking a cruise, of all things, at the end of August. The cruise is 9 days and then we'll be in NYC for 4 days. I would love suggestions about how to manage as best we can. I can take a small blender for the cruise, but I'm pretty sure a microwave will not be available on the ship. Anyone have any suggestions?..

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Just flew home from france today. I wasn't ablet to get RTD shakes onboard, take the powder and buy water after you get through security and mix your own, same with pudding. Also bars are good, and oatmeal made into cookies. The rest of the food I packed into my checked baggage and made it while I was away. Its easy to get water anywhere...good luck!..

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Great info. Traveling can be really sabotage a really structured diet sometimes and it's wonderful to hear your strategies...

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HiI'm back and updating you on my travel 'dilemma.' Once I knew that the RTD weren't going to work, I made a bunch of muffins. I used while on the plane (I had this huge fear of mixing a shake on the plane and having it explode all over everyone in my row!!) I packed bars,drink, shake & pudding mixes for the other times.

I managed to stay on plan all 3 days and upon weighing in Monday a.m. I lost 2 pounds!.

Thanks everybody for all your help. I would have probably just given in and not stayed on planthanks for making it sound so easyand it really wasyou just have to do some planning.



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That is so great Susan! I am so glad your travel with Medifast was a success for you!!.

Great news on the 2 pound loss too!!! You are doing great!!!..

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Thanks Larbec;.

I remember your name from last year (I was pretty much a lurker then)boy have you really come a long way!! How great for you.

I'm a little enviousI'd love to lose 15 lbs. in 1 month Oh well, here's to losing it all this time around!!.


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Susan that is great news. I'm going on a cruise next week and this inspires me to stay on program and continue losing...

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Worldawind, please let us know how you went about working the plan on your upcoming cruise. I'm going on one in September and I am trying to figure out how best to work the program during those 7 days.

Thanks and I hope you have a wonderful time!!..

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Thank you all for all your suggestions. I am going to travel soon and these are great ideas. I was even going to look for a hotel with a kitchen maybe or at least just a microwave for my late-night-hot-soup meal. I'm sure a lot of people benefited from this threadI mean, who doesn't travel?..

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I travel each week for work and pack my "magic bullet" with me. Works great at the hotel in the morning and evening and then leave soups and a bar for the rest of the time. I have found that large gas stations / convenience stores have hot water spickets by the coffee and often don't charge so I stop by to get bottled water and a cup of hot water to make soup on the way to the next appointment...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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