My take shape for life coach disappeared

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Hey everyone..

Kay I have been on the Medifast program for almost 5 weeks, and joined the Take shape for life and had a coach. The problem is no one has contacted me since Dec 21, 07.. After sending many emails no one has answered..

Has anyone else gone through this and how should I get another coach???.


I want a coach, I need a coach and would love a female coach to help me along the way...

Thanks Kimlaree..

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Why don't you contact TSFL & request a new coach. MyMedifast Support gave this information in a post a few days ago about how to contact TSFL & get a coach. Hope this helps you. Good luck!..

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Another great number to call would be 'Health Advisor Services' - at (877) 270-5708. They can actually hook you up with a new Health Coach in your area or who will match your needs..

Just tell them MyMedifast Support sent you!..

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Thank you so much I will call. And will request for a new counselor..

I didnt even realize how much it paralized me and the fact I was numb for awhile..

But I did press in and stay the course myself for MF. I would love to thank others who have PM me and kept me in their prayers..

I didnt face the fact that it hurt to be dumpped by a counselor I just didnt expect it ya know. I have to say the counselor called late the evening I posted this, but I was out with my family... And it was a little to late.

To those who have lost a counselor my heart is with you as well..

Blessing, Kimlaree..

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My TSFL Coach is Ted Hasse. He was on the Medifast infomercial and I can't say enough wonderful things about him. He ALWAYS calls every week, has a great email letter and keeps an eye out for me regarding dsicounts, bonuses, etc....

Here's his website if you'd like to contact him.


Hope this helps!.


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Thank you I will give him a email.. I surely need a coach.. I never realized how much it impacted me to see mine disappear.. Will not give out name, being respectful..


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Kim if you would like a recommendation and would like to use a female mine is a doll. She calls every week and e-mails me all the time. Plus if you need extra help, she is there. I guess all of them are like that..

Hope it works out for you,.


Margaret McGrath.

Certified Health Coach.


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Purplegoddess is mine, and I think Radiationgirlie is also a health coach. You could contact them as well...

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My coach has helped me more than I can say I would be happy to email you her information. She sends me DVds and books and even free samples of food!.


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How does one get to be a TSFL coach? Does it become a career or a hobby?.

I'm new to all of this and see that you can order through them - so I'm guessing it is a career - sort of multi-level marketing type thing?.

I'd love to have a coach - right now I'm on autoship through the regular medifast site..

Thanks for the answers!..

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If you haven't already made a move, mine is awesome!!!!.

:-0 PM me...

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Hi I'm new to MF, just one week. What is a coach? What do they do? What does it cost? So far I haven't seen anything about coaches here..

Thanks appreciate the info help...

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Since I see there's an interest, I'm pasting a message I sent to someone privately last night who asked me about becoming a TSFL coach.

I am a coach, but honestly do not do this as a full time job (Many others do) so I only put into this what my people need. To each their own, as they say..

I became a coach at the suggestion of my friend who joined the medifast diet because I did. She said, hey, you inspired me, you can inspire others. I protested that I had just made my first mini-goal, but she said hey, you helped me lose 20 lbs, you lost 20lbs, your mother lost 30lbs, and your husband lost 40 lbs, which = 110lbs she said I could take credit for losing!.

I'm still on the diet, I just met my first real goal, which was to take off my baby weight from my son, which was about 41lbs. I feel so glad that's over with. My next goal is to get to my starved wedding weight, which is another 11 lbs, approx. After that I'll see how I feel, may consider having more children - we'll see. I just got home from a wedding, and I felt great. I bought this stunning size 16 shirt (from the regular macy's dept, not plus size) and I dieted until it fit! so proud of myself for making it..

So yes, as I was saying, I became a coach to inspire others, and save myself & them $ on medifast, since I think it is too expensive. I have a great sponsor (the person who helps you with becoming a coach yourself, you need one) MaryJane Medlock. She's very sweet, and not at all pushy. Some people will drive you crazy to meet different goals, or try to push you to invest more than you're ready for.

I just started with the $99 pack, and have made less than $500 so far I'm sure, but I don't care, anything is good, and the people I care about on the diet are saving money too. My husband, mother & brother all started recently, so I was happy to give them a money off incentive, just because I want them to be healthy..

I have major thyroid issues, and this is the first diet that's worked for me. I've figured out how to work it into my life so I can lose weight quickly (30 lbs in less than 3 mo). I hope to keep losing, until I get preggo..

Let me know if you have any other q's. I had to take a test online, but I didn't find it hard (they have practice tests online, and they tell you what you did wrong, and I learned from that for the real test, and got a 93). I didn't need most of the books they sent me, I already knew most of the info from the diet itself..

Def. be a coach, but make sure you do it through a sponsor who isn't pushy, unless you're ready to make this your full time job, and harass every fat person you see. I have a good full time job and don't really need this money, so I enjoy doing it for a little discount on products and for others.


Feel free to PM me if you have any questions, or would like me to be your "sponsor" or "coach". I'm not about to sugarcoat anything, and I tell it like it is. Also I wouldn't call my people every week, I think that's a little invasive (unless they want it)!!!.


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Just started Medifast 3 weeks ago. What is a TSFH coach. Are they recommended by MF? What is their purpose? Do they help you lose weight faster?.

Thanks for your answers...

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Just like to chime in on the coach thing. I too became a coach, right away. I did have a little bit of a pushy sponsor, and since I have become a coach she has dissappeared! Not my idea of supportive..

It's worth doing if you are around a lot of people and can help others lose weight. I am not around a lot of people so not as easy to find clients. Hard to walk up to strangers and say "hey you could lose weight, sign up for this!" LOL.

It is a fun thing to do when you have clients that you want to help reach their goals. The excited phone calls are worth it!..

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A health coach is a great and can help you along on your journey with continued support, motivation, inspiration and help save you money. Mary..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.