How to deal with constant hunger during Medifast?

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I just joined the program on Saturday. I have been dilligently sticking to the program, but I am finding that I am hungry ALL the time. How long does it take your body to get adjusted the lower caloric level? Also, any suggestions for dealing with intense hunger pains?.

Thanks in advance for your help, and have a great day!..

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3-4 days is the usual time it takes to get into ketosis, and then the hunger goes away. Some people can take as long as a week. It hit me on day 4 - I woke up feeling wonderful, with no hunger and tons of energy. Hang in there, it will happen!..

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Took me about 5 days. Ever since then I have had more energy than I know what to do with and often I will forget to eat and be half an hour late for my meal. If I see or smell pizza, cheeseburgers, etc, I will want them, but it's getting easier with each day to say no. I'm on my 3rd week OP and things are going very well...

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Toreachgoal - there are some of us out there - me plus a few others, who don't get the full feeling. Sorry to say. I hope you are not one of us! I drink a couple of glasses of water, split my L&G, have a planned snack, and otherwise just live with it. Hunger isn't an emergency, it just is, and you know you aren't starving, so it doesn't always require action. Good luck!..

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I found that I needed to learn what physical hunger and psycological hunger was..

Physical hunger was a much more intense feeling for me-usually accompanied by a deep rumbling in my stomach. It usually happened if I got busy and went between 3.5-4 hours from my last meal. I also found I would get "snippy" and focus more on stopping the hunger than my normal feelings..

Psychological hunger (for me) does not have such acute symptoms. Usually a "I think I'm hungry" feeling and an unconscious opening of cabinets doors or stopping at offices & desks at work which have treats always out and grabbing a few pretzels or other junk..

Now that I am eating bars for the majority of my meals, I am finding I don't feel as "full" as I used to with shakes/soups as my meals. Sometimes drinking more water helps me feel full, sometimes it doesn't...

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I found some helpful info from the Medifast site that addresses this. You can read more by going to the Success tools part of the site, selecting "Eat Right" and going to the "Quick start guide" pdf. In there, it says:.

Achieving the fat-burning state on the Medifast 5 & 1 Plan takes two to five days. During this time you may feel tired, hungry, or irritable, and/or experience headaches or light-headedness as your body adjusts. This is temporary, so hang in there. Within about 72 hours you start to burn fat, and youll feel energized and less hungryand youll get the thrill of seeing results..

Here are some tips to get you through the first few days:.

" If youre really struggling with hunger or fatigue in your first days, dont give up: Have an extra.

Medifast Shake, and stick to your program the following day..

" Stay busy and occupied..

" Avoid tempting sights and smells of foods until youre strong..

" Log onto and chat with other newcomersas well as more long-term customers.

who can offer support and encouragement..

Hope this helps! Good luck!.


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I'm only on day 4 and I'm already getting bored or the soups, oatmeals, etc. Are there any other snack options for MF? (Besides pickle spears and boullion?) What about peanut butter?.

Also, this sense of loss (for food) and hunger will fade, right? (nervous laugh)..

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There is hope, the sense of Loss for food fads, probably by tomorrow or at least within the week, so don't give up. I didn't snack, I just drank water when I was hungry and stayed VERY Busy or took a nap. Best of Luck to you. YOU can do it...

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Boy that's what is hitting me right now big time." the sense of loss for food". It's not that I'm so very hungry in between meals, but I just want to grab something to eat. That part is driving me crazy. I know it will pass, and that is part of this awful addiction that I've had with food the past few years. this is hard right now, I'm glad to be here and read so many positive posts that remind...these cravings to want to eat junk food will pass...

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I found when the "rumbly tummy" got to be too much when I first started Medifast dill pickle spears or celery and a glass of water kept me going. I have been on the plan 7 weeks.. down 25 lbs.. the hunger does ease up and the plan does work. Stick with it, after the 1st week or so it does get better!!! I also agree with Mike.. you do have to learn to distinguish between real hunger and psycho hunger. I am still working on


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I like that you said "psycho hunger". It just reminds me of how I am when I am hungry. Psycho..

The feeling for me takes about 5 days to go away. You will eventually stop thinking I have to have something in my mouth and soon enough it's time for a Medifast meal...

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If I am hungry I depend on large/bulky lean and greens..

2 cups romain lettuce ( 2 greens).

Tomatoes, celery, red bell pepper ( to equal one green).

7 oz tuna ( lean).

Pickles ( optional snack).

Mayo or 5 black olives ( fat).

Condiments and sauces (more mayo black pepper or hot sauce).

This makes a meal so large that I could not finish it. ( had to eat the last of it later in the night) you can adjust to less lettuce and add mushrooms or other greens to meet you tastes..

Just be careful with your measurements and condiment servings so that you are still on plan...

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Also the egg beaters as an option for your lean I cannot eat 2 cups of them. Just can't do it!..

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I certainly do not want to discourage anyone with what I am about to say. I lost over 50lbs on MF. I could not tolerate any of the powdered foods and some of the bars gave me many gastric issues. So, for 4+ months, I only drank RTD shakes, the bars my stomach could tolerate and my L/G. Plus, I am vegetarian so my L/G usually consisted of a soy based product and a salad or vegetable..

I was very hungry the entire duration of the diet. It never went away. But I was focused and succeeded. I recently gained some weight back and am back on the 5/1 for a few weeks. The hunger is there again but it is not a problem this time. The key ingredient is to stay focused and you, too, will succeed...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.