Why am I so weak and tired under Medifast?

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Can anyone tell me when they stop being hungry and weak? Also, any suggestions for feeling better? I have been on plan for five days and have not cheated. However, the last few days I am very weak especially in the morning. When I get up my arms even felt heavy when I lifted them to wash my hair. I tried eating a bar before I get out of bed. As the day goes on it is not as bad but not great, this evening I am feeling weak again. Not tired just weak.

Thanks for any help. I am not tempted to cheat which is strange considering my hunger...

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I'm sorry you haven't received any responses. My suggestion would be for you to wrtie nutritional support. They are great in helping you find solutions. I hope you stick with it, this is a great program...

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I'm no veteran of MF, but I can tell you I felt like garbage on days 5 & 6 but day 7, I felt like a whole new person! Now on day 12, I'm finally getting the benefit of not feeling hungry very often plus I still have a TON of energy!.

Hang in there!..

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Hi Sunny-.

If you're not used to such a low daily calorie intake, what you're feeling isn't that unusual. This is a HUGE change your body is going through. The good news is, your body is really much happier, and in a few days, it will reward you. Like Jasmine said, you will feel better, have more energy and the weakness and hunger will disappear. I don't know how much weight you have to lose, but as the pounds start to fall off, you will feel better and better. It's really hard at first but it's worth it! Good luck!..

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Thank you for responding. Hopefully I will feel better soon...

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I was weak and tired for the first 4 days, I even thought I had the flu. Got sick the 4th night and woke up a new woman. More energy and ready to get out of bed. I was so glad to see your post as I thought I was the only one who felt that way. Day 6 and I am a new woman and will start exercising this weekend. Hang in there!..

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Yes. What the others said. Also, if you feel at all dizzy, Nutrisystem recommends that you eat a dill pickle or have some chicken broth. The salt helps...

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What are people doing about the early headaches? Mine is just killing me. I feel like I'm going to die, lol..


The Bird Girl..

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I take an excedrin, eat a stalk of celery with some salt on it and drink more water. If I'm not working I take a nap. I like the nap solution the best...

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