How do I make Medifast food taste better?

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Hey all. Im new and I am kind of scared. I am usually someone who can resist things when I really want to but this Medifast is a lot tougher that I expected. Day 1 tried and cheated when I got home. Day 2 did good but got home and cheated again. That medifast food all tastes the same.

Is there any recipes that fill you more than others? Thanks for all advice...

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Hi and welcome... I suggest you pour over the recipe section..

I have found so many wonderful ideas about how to change up the food..

I just made chips out of the Cream Of Brocolli soup by just adding 3 tbspn water.

And spreading in a pie pan with a bit of cooking spray. I microwaved for 2 1/2 min- I did not even season it and it was fine!.

I love to make Ice cream from the pudding- yummy!.

I also tried the Medifast eggs for the 1st time and was pretty happy with them- they are very good!.

So... go search the recipe boards..

I am not syaing it is easy cuz it is not and I have struggled myself but when I follow the plan I am very happy and satisfied- it is more of my emotional eating that gets in the way!.

Best of luck to you!..

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Tell yourself to give it one week without cheating and see what happens. I did that and lost 6 lbs. the first week. That alone inspired me not to cheat for the next week and lost 4 more lbs. Knowing that you can throw your fat burning state off by cheating and won't get it back for about 3 or 4 more days has kept me from cheating. Once past the first 3-4 days of straight 5 and 1 it gets a lot easier. You can do it-just tell yourself this is it, your going for it!..

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Try to remind yourself when you look at the food you're about to cheat with why you're doing this in the first place. The reason most of us are here is the compulsion to eat when we don't need to. I know I was a eat for taste person, it made me feel good but looking in the mirror was what I didn't like. This program works very well if you adhere to it and make up your mind to alter your habits, not just diet. It's a lifestyle change..

Stay strong!.


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You can do this. I found that I did NOT use any of the recipies until I was firmly comfortable with the 5&1. Your taste buds do adjust! I lost 70+ in the first 6 months...

It is tough until you actually get yourself into Ketosis. That means NO CHEATING for 3-5 days.

I started again the 1st of the month and had a few ROUGH days the 1st week. I was starving. But then I remembered the one thing that I found helpful was to split up the L&G meal. It makes you feel fuller than just a Medifast meal.

Add 3 oz of chicken to the Chicken Noodle soup. Makes it more satisfying. I also will split up cottage cheese or egg beaters into 2 seperate meals as they are a lot to eat in one sitting. If I have 1/2 for lunch they take that demon stomach growl out of my afternoons.

Once I got back into ketosis I find it hard to eat all the food once in a while...really - it does happen...

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It sounds like when you come home is the hardest time for you. Is there anyway you can make your Lean and Green meal either the night before or before you head to work so as soon as you come home you will have a meal ready to eat. If I don't plan the day before my dinner for the next night, it would be too easy for me to cheat because I am so tired when dinner time comes. Try to plan that meal ahead of time and then have a pudding for dessert so you really feel like you are cheating when you aren't..

Today is the end of my first week and the other posts are right, the first 3-4 days were the hardest, now it is just routine. Also, I stick to the ready to drink shakes and bars during the day because there is nothing to make or cook then I have the puddings, hot cocoa etc after dinner.. I like looking for Lean and Green recipes! It helps to spice things up!.

Blessings, YOU CAN DO THIS!!!.


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You can do this :-).

Mark is so right when he says in his response , you have to just really make up your mind to do this. I have found that to be so true in this my first week. It was truly 95% mental committment, and not much to do with the food. I'm not saying it's easy to withdraw from eating sugar, and starchy carbs...but you can do it. It doesn't matter if the food all tastes the same to you right now...just stick it out for the first few days totally OP and you will see, that the food actually does taste different, and you won't feel like cheating. We can do this together.

Hugs to can do this...make up your mind to do it matter what...

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Hi there! Lots of great suggestions already, but I want to emphasize that the first 3-5 days are the hardest - when your body is adjusting & getting into ketosis. I, like vs4ever, now have a hard time eating all the meals, I'm just not hungry. But I've found that I HAVE to eat all 5 to continue to lose..

Some other ideas are to do something else when you want to cheat. Get on the Medifast boards and read other postings, or even blog your struggles - sometimes just writing about it helps me. You can also go for a walk, or I love kmuppet's suggestion I saw a while back: paint your nails, and don't touch anything until they're dry..

Again, once your body gets into ketosis, and those pounds start coming off, you will be motivated to keep OP (on plan)..

Good luck, you can do it!!!.


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What helps me is momentum...I love the straw/lem.

Tea with a Medifast bar.

Diet coke and ranch crisp (snack).

Hang tough your worth it! Soon you will be wondering if you could get that 5 Medifast meal in!..

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I'm going into my 6th week tomorrow...I've lost 27# so far. I have to agree with others the first 3-5 days are the hardest. The thing I realized was that I wouldn't get into mild ketosis if I didn't stick to the plan 100%...and then what did I spend all that money on? That has kept me OP ever since too. Just give that fully one week...When I got the first week done I knew I could do it for at least one more week...and it gets easier all the time. Can't say it's EASY all the time...many hard points...but it gets easier than the first week.

Make your list as to why you wanted to start this program. Look at that before you walk in the house in the evening. Try to get all the stuff out of the house that's tempting...or put it somewhere that you won't see it....then get online & chat when you are tempted!.

Good luck on your first week!!.


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Just hang in there, do one day at a time, stop worrying about the # on the scale, take control and do one day, check in here 50 times if necessary, but when you have completed that 1st day completely'll be fine...keep eyes focused forward...don't look dow ( at the scale)..

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I find that if I let myself get too hungry that's when I'm most likely to break into the peanuts (so funny this is now my "cheating" food). The program recommends that in the first two weeks if you find yourself too hungy to go ahead and eat/drink an additional Medifast meal. You can also eat some celery, pickles or my favorite, sugar free jell-0. I also keep some Weight Watchers cheese sticks available (of course, on a limited basis)...

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Hey sweetie...go look at the new before and after photos of a man who lost 80 lbs in five months. Inspirational. His wife also lost 100 lbs in the same amount of time. Hang in there we can do this...

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This is something put together by an old MFer. Been around longer than I have, but it has some truly fabulous recipes in it. Every once in a while, someone drags it to the top of the Medifast connection board, but it's been a while since I've seen it..

So, here is the Medifast Survival guide in pdf form. Hope you find it useful..


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