Hello I just bought a bottle of salmon oil pills from VitaminShoppe what does salmon oil bills do fo?

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My first question is: Hello I just bought a bottle of salmon oil pills from VitaminShoppe what does salmon oil bills do fo?.

My next question is: Hi guys I'm looking for some input... I'm compete in powerlifting and strongman... so I'm not to concered about looks(im dead sexy already... just kidding)... bench 475 squat 700 and deadlift 610.. all in PL gear but no "gear"...

Thats about all... I train 4 days a week... I'm 5'8 235lbs and about 15% to 18% fat... ive taken M1t's before once for a cycle but I feel injectables are a little better choice... so I was wondering what you guy would suggest...

And I'm in canada.

Thanks in advance churchy..

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Your question was: Hello I just bought a bottle of salmon oil pills from VitaminShoppe what does salmon oil bills do fo?.

Its not for me to judge plenty do the same. A word of caution though if Canada is anything like the UK and you are a member of a sanctioned PL federation you could get tested randomly off season..

That said I'd go with a long acting test cycle and maybe throw in some oxy - I hate the stuff it's very toxic, and makes me agressive but the later and the fluid retention help produce big srength gains. You'd also need pCT which can also be tested.

Read up on it first and you don't want to be on oxy for more than 3 weeks so perhaps use at the point in your macro cycle where you are going for pb etc..

That said you could do with talking to someone in the know about current testing it's way sensitive and can pick up trace of banned substances way out, don't forget the PCT can also be tested..

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Agree with pikey... you can also get injectable oxy in uk - not sure about us/canada.

But id get advise from other people competing alongside/similar to you rather than us..

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Thanks alot guys I will be getting more info for sure... I'm thinking of starting around the end of october so it will be about 26 weeks till me comp in april... and thanks for the backing about PL ... I'm not sure if here in canada they have random testing, they are having a hard time getting enough money for testing at nationals... and for the advice it's very taboo in canada... I know lots of guys on them but none of them want to talk about it... it's a big weird country I live in..

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Just to go in a little deeper... the reason I put this up here is to get more input and opinons from people that have been geared up before or currently... the why I look at it is I'm trying to g et as much info as I can.. as well and what people think of differnt things... I read on here somewhere not everyone has the same reaction to everything... so if I can get a lot of different peoples input, along with the info ive gathered, I can make a more informed and better choice for myself..

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Hi Church415, welcome to this forum! I think you could do well with some Tren and Test. Agree with the Oxy too but it is a harsh mother....

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