Looking for a Medifast health coach?

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A health coach who is compassionate and understanding. One who understands the struggle and the journey and is willing to work with you. (Don't get me wrong I don't want you to baby me just help me.) Someone who is going to be available and not disappear..

I would like to e-mail personally my health coach every day and maybe if it is possible a phone call once a week to check it. If anyone out there is a health coach with these qualifications and would like to be my health coach please PM me and we can get started. Me well I am a struggling to stay OP more than 3 days, I want to lose this weight more than anything and am READY !!! Thank you..

I posted this in the Medifast connection but thought the veterans might know someone to recommend...

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I just sent you the information of my Health coach, LISA (Lmccart3). We talk a couple times a week, if I need too and email alot! She is a stay at home mom so she is readily available! She has helped me in so many binds, feels like I have known her forever!..

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Speaking of Health Coaches. I signed up for one, got an email from Take Shape For Life saying that someone would be contacting me and have never heard from anyone. How long does it take before you hear from anyone. I really do need someone, plus the email told me that my autoship had been cancelled and that my Health Coach will introduce me to the Be Slim Club and Rewards. I've tried emailing them back to find out but have gotten no response..

Thanks to anyone who can help with this..


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I sent you some information about my personal health coach! I think Lisa is great and If you check out the August Rush thread...She is well LOVED! Her screen name in Lmccart3!.

Anyway, I emailed you her information - Sometimes TSLF can be way to slow and some coaches just don't get on the ball and get things rolling - but LISA will!.

Hope you can get somewhere with this info!..

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Ilopez- there are tons of great health coaches on the boards. The trick is to find someone that you "fit" with. Go shopping, and ask around. Welcome to the Medifast family and good luck on your search!..

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Ilopez - Welcome to the Medifast family & good luck with your HC search. Mine is wonderful too. And yes there are a number of HC on the boards other folks have said. Don't forget that it's about following the plan 100%, if you have questions or weak moments - give your HC a call or post to the boards. We are here to support you...

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What is the "Be Slim Club and Rewards" and take shape for life info? Would love to hear about what they are. Can anyone inform me? Thanks!..

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Can someone tell me how people become a health coach and how it all works. Are health coaches reimbursed for their time in any way? I too asked for one weeks ago and have never heard back about it. I personally like the message boards but thought a coach might help too...

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I have had great experiences with Mary (maryd1112), Dan (dej353), and Stephanie (jjjmgol). I would recommend doing a search and seeing their posts and how they participate in supporting everyone. That is one of the things I have been very impressed with these three people. They support many, many people on the boards and I dont think they are compensated for this at all. Good luck in your search. You deserve the support you are looking for...

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Stephanie is my coach and she's great. I've seen a lot of Dan's posts too and he seems really supportive. Always has great advice for folks. I don't know Mary so no opinion on that one...

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Oops...didn't realize this was an older thread. Hope you found someone great!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.