Having trouble staying positive on Medifast

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Hello -.

I just am looking for some positive pick me up. I have decided to recommit to the diet after the birth of my daughter (1 year ago). Last time I was on the diet I lost weight like no ones business. I was taking off about 2-4 lbs a week. Since I have started 2 weeks ago - nothing has come off. I am starting to get a bit frustrated.

I have even added exercise so I don't lose muscle like last time. And nothing!.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to stay positive and to start to see this weight come off? I am looking for any suggestions. Thank You!..

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Hi and staying postive is tough! First off let me check a few things, ok? One, are you drinking at least 64 ozs of water? Two, how are your carbs? Below 100, closer to 85 is better. Three, how much exercise. No more than 45 minutes moderate exercise, right? Four, are you on any meds or anything that might impact your loss? You don't mention how much you need to lose. Have you considered contacting NS? You can call the regular order line and choose the nutritin support option..

Now as for trying to stay positive. I make lists of why I want and need to do this. I list everything. Make sure it is really specific. You know instead of 'for my health', list hte health things you are most afraid of. List the vain reasons.

But make a seriously long list. Even the silly stuff, like so I am not embarassed to step on the scale at the dr's office. That sort of thing..

I would give Nutrisystem a call. Really. They might figure out something you (and I) haven't given any thought. Best wishes!!!..

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Thank you for the advice. I can answer your questions:.

Yep I drink more then that in water a day. My carbs are ave about 77 a day. I work out about 30 minutes a day on my wii fit - yoga, strength exercises, aerobic, and balance exercises are all thrown in. and thank goodness no meds what so ever. I have contacted nutri support and hope to hear from them. Thanks for the ideas.

Thank you!..

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It looks like from the daily menu you posted to Nutrisystem that you only ate 4 Medifast meals - is that right? Skipping Medifast meals is a great way to stall your losses...

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Pam had great suggestions she listed above. But I will just add...if you certainly will not get to goal. I speak from experience. Hang in there girl, get you answer from NS, do what they suggest, and just keep following the plan as written and you will lose the fat...

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It seems to me that if your carbs are under 80 and you are exercising lots your weight loss will stall. Your body isn't getting enough nutrition! Try increasing your carbs....are you getting in all 5 meals + L&G? BUT yes, contact Nutrisystem for the best advice!.

Good luck in your journey!..

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Make sure you space your eating times by 2 1/2 to 3 hours apart. That really kept me on track this first week. Weigh and measure your L&G. If I can do this program, anyone can...

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Have you checked your inches? Sometimes you may remove inches first. How about clothing are they feeling looser? The scale is only one tool for us to measure loss and so are the others. Keep the faith and know it will come back off and have alot of patience. I am a slow loser with sometimes less than 1# but I know if I am doing the program right it will eventually catch up. I wish you lots of luck and remember you are worth the time it takes to get healthy...

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Some excellent suggestions above. When my loss started slowing down I decided to stop weighing daily and trust the program. As time went along, the weight came off. I am in a slow period right now and I stay positive by focusing on developing positive habits in exercise (starting yoga) and other facets of my life (returning to creative pursuits-quilting, learning Spanish). I guess you could summarize my "staying positive" strategy as following all the program guidelines, having faith in the program long term, and focusing my attention on positive change in other areas in addition to weight management..


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Staying positive IS important to weight loss. If you get depressed or frustrated, it actually affects your metabolism. It has to do with the production of cortisol in your system. But that is a bit scientific, and not what most people want to hear about... However, science aside, it is important to stay upbeat.

The rate at which you will lose weight depends on a variety of factors. One of them is how much weight you have to lose. If it is a lot, the pounds should come off faster at the beginning, if it is not a lot, then things will move more slowly. Another is how well you are following the plan. There are small things that can throw us off track - one is too many condiments. You say you are keeping the diet around 1000 calories a day, so I suggest you look at the actual foods you are eating for your L&G meals.

MEASURE everything - use a digital scale and measuring cups. When I stick to plan and portions, my calorie count rarely goes over 1000, and I have plenty of energy.

Exercise - the more you do, the more muscle you develop, and muscle is heavier than fat. So, doing 30 minutes a day CAN add muscle depending on what level of exercise you are doing. I have started gradually, with primarily stretching exercises and plenty of walking, intend to upgrade a bit later when the weight loss slows down and losing inches becomes more important. If you are comfortable with the exercises you are doing, I would suggest continuing at your current rate, without adding any routines and without increasing the intensity of your workouts. This will eventually work for you, you just have to be patient.

Get out the measuring tape. It is a good idea to have your starting measurements as well as your starting weight. Then, when the weight loss slows down or hits a plateau, you can measure and see progress there. This helps keep you from being frustrated with the process..

I am recommitting after regaining all the weight I lost in spring 2007. So I know how hard it is to do it. I actually had a false start in the fall, which did not succeed, so I regrouped and now I am back for the long haul! My own metabolic rate is slow to start with, so I do not have any expectations of rapid weight-loss, and to tell the truth, I think it is slower this time that the first time I did MF. Maybe the fat got smarter, and is going to take longer to be forced out...

Hope all this helps. You have a great support system here, both from Medifast and from all of us who are going through much the same things that you are. Looking forward to seeing you on other boards, perhaps even in a challenge team.....

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