Having problems eating the Medifast oatmeal and soups?

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I just can't seem to choke down the oatmeal or the soups and usually end up eating nothing. I think this is going to make me cheat in the long run. Any ideas on how to improve these or replace them?..

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I don't know if you've picked up on any of the recipes, but if you haven't, definitely find some of those. Let me know if you need some!!!.

Don't cheat! Next time, order only what you like...

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The first Medifast meal I ate was oatmeal, the second was soup and I almost broke down and cried they were so awful. Someone mentioned to let them set for awhile to reconstitute and that helped a lot. Now the oatmeal is my favorite thing to eat. I still struggle with some of the soups, but the longer you let them soak the better they get. I make chips out of the brocolli soup and like them a lot. You just add a couple of tbsps of water until you get a sort of batter consistency.

Pretty good and satisfies the urge to chew. There are some recipes for muffins made from the oatmeal on the recipe thread, so go there and check that out. Hang in there!..

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I actually like both but that aside there are different things you can do with them. People make "cookies" and muffins out of the oatmeal... have you tried adding some splenda and cinnamon to them? And with the creamy soups people do make the chips, the Cream of Tomato "pizza" is delicious! And with the chicken rice or noodle, you def have to let it sit for awhile and reconstitute and I also add some better than buillon to them! Everyone one here says if you don't like it now, save it for later because our taste buds change and they may be your favorites in 2 months. Keep up the good work!..

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For the oatmeal, I add cinnamon and usually add a little water to them and cook like a pancake (I think some people add baking powder or something like that - I just add water) - I don't like the consistency of the oatmeal if mixed like the package indicates. I haven't tried doing anything different to my soups except I do let them soak longer now and I will be definitely trying to make chips out of the cream of broccoli soup because I don't care for it too much as soup...

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I brought curry powder to work with me for my soups today- I could hardly choke down the ckn and wild rice but people say they are great with tabasco or curry powder so I'm about to try it for lunch right now! Oatmeals are my FAV now. I used to hate them because they tasted like total paste- but if you add more water and you can still microwave them so are so filling and sweet! Your taste buds will change...give it time. Remember bite by bite you are changing your body and your life!..

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I agree about the soup. I put mine in a bowl, cover with hot water and seasonings and put a plate on top for about 3 hours. Then I add more water, and then warm.

I used to loathe the soups, but now I can eat them...even the chili I can eat when I add taco seasoning to it...

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I spice up the soups with dried herbs (like Daphne mentioned, curry and a little frozen spinach in the c&wr soup is really yummy). I add extra water to the oatmeal and a dash of cinnamon, I like it. You can also make muffins and pancakes out of the oatmeal. Check the recipe board for inspiration and directions..

Hope you can find ways to enjoy your Medifast food..

Comment #7

How long have you been on plan? Sometimes our taste changes a week or two into the program. But I know what you mean. I find my favs and stick to them... You CAN eat the same thing 5 times a day (except for bars), but that gets a little boring..

Everyone has different opinions on the packets, but I'd browse the recipe forum for ideas. Lots of creativity there.....

Comment #8

I've tried a TON of the recipes in the few short days I've been on the plan because I couldn't stomach them either. I don't really find the recipes working for me, but I've read that if you don't like them you can call customer service about swapping foods and just order the ones you like to make sure you stick to the plan then once you get bored or strong enough give them another shot, at some point you may start craving it, but at this point I've found in the beginning it's all about eating what tastes good in the Medifast pantry to make sure you stay positive and OP. If you're as determined as I am though to LOVE it all, just search the boards for all the recipes. Or check out the "Medifast Survival Guide" posted by a member and it is like 30 pages of recipes. Good luck!..

Comment #9

I think the trick with the soups is to definitely soak them...I let my chili soak all day and add some seasonings and salsa. I add some cinnamon and a little bit of my soy milk creamer (from Trader Joe's) to my oatmeal. I find that the creamer takes away that funky aftertaste that the oatmeal has. I also make pancakes out of my oatmeal. Good luck and I hope you find some recipes you enjoy!..

Comment #10

I pretty much thing that the oatmeal would be better used as wallpaper paste..

I just choked one down for lunch because I want the box to go away!!! Muffins it is from now on. I can see how they would be good as a muffin, COB and COT soups are best as a bread or chip (IMO)...

Comment #11

Easy!! I make chips every day with the soup....even the chili, I grind up in the blender and use...and I couldn't make it without the oatmeal made into a waffle every morning...i even ordered more of the cob soup and the oatmeal...the waffle is wonderful!!!..

Comment #12

I don't see whats so bad about the soups. I like the Chicken Noodle , the Maryland Crab...the Tomato soup (ok, this one is a little bland)I do have to add more water to the Crab soup because it is a flavorfull soup. I microwave the Chicken noodle until it is bright golden yellow ( bubbly) then I stir and add a little more water, stir again and enjoy. to me, it is really tasty. I top ranch soy crisps to all my soupsThey add taste and texture not to mention it makes you fuller...

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I hated the oatmeal. I couldn't even eat it. made me wanna yak! but I followed a modified oatmeal muffin recipe (search for modified oatmeal muffin recipe) and YUMMY. it's now one of my fave meals! tastes like a slightly sweet bread muffin and I spritz it with I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Spray....yummers! I use regular size muffin pans and one packet makes 2 muffins. I even made 3 packets at one time and just popped the extra muffins in the fridge then heated them up slightly in the microwave..

Good luck!..

Comment #14

I do the flax meal muffins and the cookie recipe on the oatmeal box.. Could not do the oatmeal in it's original format... blech..

But the muffins and cookies rock! And great to make a few batches for when you are on the go to have in your handbag...

Comment #15

I make pudding pie crust out of my oatmeal becuase I can't stand it. The recipie is on my blog..

The soups I only do COT and COB and make chips or I put the chicken noodle on top of lettus with a little newmans own lighten up sesame dressing and have oriental salad for lunch...

Comment #16

I found that with the Oatmeal and even with the soups (except for the chili) is that I just add hot water (more than the directions ask for) from the coffeemaker at work and then let it sit for a couple of minutes. At first I really didn't think I could eat them either when I microwaved them according to the directions. But the maple oatmeal and the chicken noodle soup have become a couple of my favorites...

Comment #17

Now on Day 7, I have decided that I will only eat the eggs when the oatmeal becomes monotonous. But the oatmeal does taste like wallpaper paste!.

So I make it a little thinner than package directions, add splenda which is against my personal credo and try not to mentally compare it to real old fashion oatmeal which I adore...In my mind I call it hot cereal..

I am opposed to artificial sweeteners both for the taste and for the health ramifications. Fake food is actually the hardest thing overall to deal with here..

OTOH, I'm morally, ethically and personally opposed to be being fat!.

So I'll try to adjust my principles and figure out how to eat my oatmeal!..

Comment #18

Hi Rides,.

Try stirring up the eggs really good, then letting the mixture sit for 15-30 minutes. It comes out a lot better that way. Also, try eating with a little salsa or hot sauce. It helps. I actually like them now..


Comment #19

I've been adding fresh scallions and freshly ground black pepper to the Medifast chicken noodle and Medifast cream of Chicken soups. Adds a bit of color and makes it look more appealing, for one. But I think it truly makes a difference in the taste. It kinda reminds me of when I used to get wonton soup from Chinese restaurants - that little bit of scallion makes the broth soooo tasty.

When I'm not makin the Medifast peach or blueberry oatmeal into pancakes, I add Saigon cinnamon to it (McCormick). I like it better that other cinnamons - it's a bit finer and sweeter, not as bitter as some of the cheaper cinnamons. I think it makes the Medifast peach oatmeal taste a bit like peach about YUMMY...

Comment #20

Who says you have to eat the soups and oatmeals.. I practically live on Vanilla shakes and Hot cocoa and a bar a day.

Find someone to trade with ... there are people out there that like the soups and oatmeals.. maybe they have a shake that they hate but you like...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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