Have you tried the Flavor Infusers from Medifast?

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Have anyone tried the flavor infusers? if so which flavor did you like..

I'm thinking about ordering this in my next shipment..

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I've tried all three flavors and can't drink them. They burn my throat and make me cough. I'm out about $44...bummer. I can only exchange them for an item of the same price and they are priced at $21.95 which means you can only exchange them for the same item..

I'm sure other people can drink them and don't have problems. $44 is a lot of money to be wasted. IMHO.......

Comment #1

I love the strawberry and mixed berry flavors.... they do seem to lower my appetite...

Comment #2

Just tried the white grape peach..didn't think anything could be too sweet, but I was wrong...

Comment #3

I just got the strawberry lemonade. I like it. It's sweet, but I like it. ninny140..

Comment #4

I like the strawberry lemonade,,,only tried ti and the mixed berry....but the strawberry is my favorite,,,i love it....If you thiink it's to sweet just use more water,,,..

Comment #5

I just received my first box. I ordered the strawberry lemonade and had one today. I really liked it. I prepared it according to the package, but I think I will use less water the next time. I like my drinks really strong. It gave me a terrific energy boost today; I was really dragging because I didn't sleep well last night.

It gave me the pick-me-up I needed without the sugar. I'm definitely going to order more. The white grape and peach sounds just like something I would love, so that one will be next...

Comment #6

I love the straw/lem I have about 2 a day. They really help me!..

Comment #7

I have tried all of them. The strawberry lemonade tastes the best however, they do nothing for me. I think is a lot of money and I have seen no difference. I guess you would need to try them and see if they help. Personally, it was a lot of money for flavored water. I got no "metabolism boost" as they claim...

Comment #8

I love the infusers. They are sweet, I use one for 32oz of water. It flavors it just a little and it is not sweet then. You can put a little of them in a shake. Use them in the vanilla or whatever combo you may like. If I use just a little I fold the pack down and paper clip it.

But I really think they do keep you going. I almost always order them. Especially when traveling I mix them up in the large water bottles and keep them in the cooler. I say give them a try...

Comment #9

Strawberry Lemonade is YUM! Not fond of the Green Tea but I don't really like Green Tea anyway. The Berry is a little "Red" tasting.....kinda like dye or something..

I have shared these with friends that don't do Medifast and they love them too. I am a sucker for the idea of burning calories while drinking! They don't count as a meal and are somewhat like a SF Crystal light product or something.

Good Luck!..

Comment #10

Oddly enough, I was drinking one when I read this message..

I have had all three flavors - Strawberry Lemonade is by far the best - the others are okay.

I have a 800 ml sports bottle and I put one pack in that. I think that is much more water than they usually suggest you mix it with. I like it that what. Whether they help with cravings and weightloss, I really don't know..

It is a nice change from just straight water - if you had to pick one to try do Strawberry Lemonade...

Comment #11

It is funny how you described the Berry - I didn't know how to word it myself but you are right it does taste "red"...just an odd artificial taste. It's tolerable but the Strawberry Lemonade is actually good to drink - no bad after taste...

Comment #12

That was my reaction exactly. I tried doubling the water and didn't like it, so I went back to sweet..

I have grown to like the sweet taste. I have 2 inufusers and 1 momentum chai latte every day...

Comment #13

I found they were too sweet for me until I used 32 oz of water for 1 packet. It gives the water the flavor without that sickly sweet flavor. I love the white grape peach Antioxident infuser...

Comment #14

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